Chocolate Mug Cake Trio (Molten Lava Cake & more!) – Bigger Bolder Baking 98

Chocolate Mug Cake Trio (Molten Lava Cake & more!) – Bigger Bolder Baking 98

Hi Bold Bakers! This holiday season, I’m
very happy to be partnering with Ghirardelli to bring you some big and bold chocolate recipes.
This week, we are making a trio of chocolate mug cakes; each one more decadent than the
next. So let’s get started! A lot of you know that one of my favorite
baking tips is to use good quality chocolate every time because it yields you great results
in your recipes. Stay tuned throughout this video where I’ll share with you some more
secrets on how to have successful mug cakes. Ok let’s kick this thing off with a mug
cake that is gluten free, very decadent, and you probably didn’t even know you could
make it in a microwave. It’s molten lava cake. We’re going to start out in a microwavable
mug. Now the mugs that I use are small, they’re about 6 ounces and they’re the perfect size
for my recipes. Into my mug I’m adding my Ghirardelli 60% Bittersweet chocolate chips
followed by your butter. Now, just pop this into the microwave until the two ingredients
melt. Doesn’t take long. Into your melted chocolate, add in your cocoa powder, salt,
and vanilla extract. And then whisk all together with a fork. One of the reasons I love these
mug cakes is because you don’t need special equipment and you can even just mix it all
together with a fork. How easy is that? In a separate, medium-sized bowl, I’m going
to crack in my egg and add in my sugar. And then I’m going to whisk them by hand until
they get nice and thick. What we’re looking for is trying to get this egg nice and light
and fluffy. If you have an electric hand mixer, you can even use that but by hand it does
take a lot of elbow grease. But this is the texture that we want; lovely and bubbly and
this is what will make your lava cake almost mousse-like. Now add your fluffy egg mix into
your chocolate and then gently fold the two mixes together. You’ll see as you’re mixing,
all the bubbles that come up and your mix gets thicker, it’s almost mousse-like. So
once it’s cooked, you’ll have this lovely, smooth texture. Look at that. Look at how
decadent that looks and it’s not even cooked yet. The last secret ingredient in this mug
cake is chocolate chips in the middle. Now we add these in just to ensure we have a lovely,
gooey lava center. I like to give them a little bit of a push down and hide them in there.
This looks fantastic. Now remember, these recipes are not just for the holidays. They’re
for all year round. And they’re actually perfect for entertaining. So I have put the
recipes for one mug cake and for six mug cakes over on my website,
along with lots of other instructions. Ok this guy is ready for the microwave. Now the
timing that I give to cook it is based on my microwave, which is 1200 watts. So depending
on your microwave, your timing may vary. Our mug cake is out of the microwave and it
looks fantastic! You see all those lovely bubbles on top? That’s what beating the
egg created; just a nice, light, airy mug cake. It looks so good and it smells delicious.
I’m going to set this guy aside, let it cool down for 5 minutes and then we can decorate
him. I like to keep this dessert simple so I serve it with some vanilla ice cream on
top and then some shaved chocolate for some added effect. Ok I want to show you why I
was making such a fuss about this mug cake. Just look at that, it’s absolutely gorgeous.
Even though you might think it’s just a little mug cake, it’s definitely a classy
dessert and I think it deserves a lot of credit. But I’m not going to fill up on this mug
cake because we have to move onto the next one. Our next mug cake up is a well-balanced marriage
of fruity and sweet. It’s a classic white and raspberry mug cake. We’re going to start
out in a small bowl. Add in your Ghirardelli white chips and some milk. And then just like
before, I’m going to pop these in the microwave until the white chips melt. Once your white
chocolate is melted, add in some flavorless oil, flour, sugar, and raising agent. And
then whisk them all together with a fork. A lot of you out there will be happy to know
that this is an egg-free mug cake. I get so many requests for them so I hope you really
like it. Once your cake batter is lovely and smooth like this, we can put it into our microwavable
mug. Just before we add in our cake batter, I’m going to add in a generous spoonful
of raspberry jam. It’s like a little sweet surprise when you get to the bottom. And that’s
it. Look how sweet it looks in its little mug. This guy is ready for the microwave. Our mug cake is out of the microwave and as
you can see, it looks fantastic. All the bubbles on top, it’s risen, it’s firm in the middle
when you push it down, it’s perfectly cooked. We’re going to set this guy aside, let it
cool down a little bit and then we can decorate him. I like to decorate my mug cake with fresh
raspberries and some white chocolate curls. Don’t forget, with all of my mug cakes,
they can be made up to two days in advance and kept in the refrigerator so you can cook
them off whenever you want them. Oh my gosh, this white chocolate mug cake is really good.
I’m not going to stop at this mug cake because there’s more to come. Our next recipe up is a harmonious blend of
salty and sweet. It’s a chocolate and peanut butter mug cake. In a small bowl, add in your
flour, brown sugar, cocoa powder, flavorless oil, water, vanilla extract, and a pinch of
salt. And then whisk them all together with a fork until there’s no lumps. You might
have noticed that this mug cake is also egg-free. It is so good. This actually smells like brownie
batter, looks like it too. Since this is a chocolate and peanut butter mug cake, I’m
going to add a big tablespoon of peanut butter into the bottom of my mug. And then just pour
your chocolate cake batter on top. The reason I mixed these mug cakes in a bowl was because
I wanted to put something in the bottom of the mug but you can actually mix it in the
mug if you want to. This mug cake is a thing of beauty. Now I’m not going to lie to you,
this is a generous size mug cake but I’m sure you’re able for it. We’re going to
pop this guy in the microwave, and as with all of my mug cakes, cook him very gently
because we want to make sure he stays nice and moist in the middle. Check it out! Our chocolate and peanut butter
mug cake looks and smells amazing I can’t wait to try this guy. I’m going to let it
cool down a little bit before we decorate him. To serve my mug cake, I like to pipe
on some whipped cream mixed with peanut butter. And then I top it off with some toasted peanuts.
This mug cake is rich, it’s creamy, it’s a little bit salty, it’s everything I love
in a dessert. I really hope you guys like them. Whether you’re entertaining others
or just treating yourself, everyone deserves a mug full of chocolate love. Be sure to share
your photos of your holiday baking with the hashtag “sweetest secret.” I would love
to see them. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you back here every Thursday
for more Bigger, Bolder, Baking.

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  1. It is very hard for me too find chocolate chips where I live.Could you please do some chocolate mug cakes without them?

  2. Hi Gemma i gave a try to the chocolate peanut butter mug cake and paired it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream… it turned out bomb it was my very first mug cake. now i wont think twice before giving your other mug recipies a try. love from India ❤❤💗

  3. can you do a recipe with multigrain flour? I tried one of the mug cakes with it and it didn't taste well. what should I increase so that it tastes more cakey n less grainy?

  4. I first wanted to make the last one only but then I made three of the recipes and each one made three servings and I cooked up nine mug cakes at total. Guess what,I ate it all myself(in 3 days)😀❤️️

  5. tried the peanut butter cake (skipped salt, added a tsp of powdered sugar & mixed peanut butter with the other contents). Tasted very yummy, both crumbly & slightly sticky too 😋

  6. hey gemma this is like a really late reaction but the peanut butter cake is awesome amazing and super delicious it is the first mukcake that works by me thanks and go on😉👍❤❤

  7. hey! i tried out the molten lava mug cake and i felt that it was a lil dense.. :/ plus there was no lava.. what could have gone wrong?

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  10. Wanted to make something but had no milk or butter on hand. The third recipe was just perfect. Soooo rich and sooo goooood! Microwaved it for about 90 secs. Turned out really great. Thanks Gemma!

  11. I am very exited I have the same exact chocolate and all the ingredients I am making one today😝😝😝😝😝😝

  12. Hi Gemma 🙂 Greetings of the day ! I would really love to make this chocolate lava mug cake but the recipe uses an egg and I'm not allowed to use egg. Can I use mashed banana instead ?
    I am asking you this because on your website you had mentioned that lava cake just cannot do without eggs.
    Could you please guide me on this ? Thanks ! 🙂

  13. Hi Gemma. I tried the microwave lava cake using bananas instead of eggs. Turned out to be a soggy mess. It was more like a chocolate banana paste , the cookie dough texture, I could say.
    Could you please suggest what could have possibly gone wrong ?
    That would be a great help 🙂 Thanks !

    P.S I have a 900 W microwave. I microwaved it for around 5 min and 10 sec. I used half a banana and I used 3 tbsp of dried apple powder instead of sugar.

  14. I tried the chocolate peanut butter one and there was oil on top so I held it over the sink…and it fell out of the mug

    Wow I'm smart 😂😂

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    Please suggest an egg substitute for this mug cake,
    Bold Baker 🙂

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    and if it does can you give me suggestion so i dont mess up
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