Chocolate KitKat Cake | RECIPE

Chocolate KitKat Cake | RECIPE

hello everybody welcome back happy Thursday so today we are making a cake at I think is so pretty so it’s a KitKat cake which is basically a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and their kick cuts around the outside of the cake and it secures with a ribbon and then we have some fresh strawberries on top I love look at this cake it’s super super easy to do and the cake has actually hide a lot of flaws if you have any flaws with the buttercream of the cake so if you’re a newbie at baking and you’re not like super super confident with like your buttercream or like your cake carving skills this is actually a great cake because the kick cuts make everything looks very clean and everything so if you’re looking for a cake to make for a special someone on Valentine’s Day and you’re a little bit nervous and you want to turn out right this is just awesome option and it’s my favorite club cake recipe so what let’s get started and actually before we get started I want to let you guys know that paddington no actually has its own Instagram account it’s taken me a while so I was wanting to do it but I’ve just started it now so he is at Paddington underscore palm so go and follow it I know about you just not taught him a lot but I haven’t had enough time to snap and my wife is crazy so I decided to put all of his photos and videos on Instagram and I’ve been stockpiling some and so many cute photos to come so if you’d like to see more pep Eunice obviously he’ll be on my channel a lot but if you’d like to see some Adelie penguins make sure to go give him a little follow and give him some love in keywords – cool anyways let’s get started and make the cake so first we bake the cake in a large mixing bowl mix together the flour of sugar and baking soda and salt in a separate bowl do all the instant coffee and some hot water then at the cocoa powder and vanilla and whisk together then pour this into the dry mixture add the vegetable oil and vinegar and mix until everything is well combined grease two 9-inch cake pans Lucas and spray and then divide the butter between the two pans of a gues 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes [Music] then cool them completely in the pan so once it’s really cool slice the edges off both cakes to create smooth even edges I’ve got 1/3 of some chocolate buttercream between both layers and I’ll have the recipes the chocolate buttercream included in this entire recipe which is linked in the description box below now cover the entire cake in the remaining buttercream break apart some Kit Kats into individual bars and stick them around the entire perimeter of the cake the cure this was acquitting revenant tying them into a bow at the front of the cake then you pop the cake with plenty of strawberries I kept the greens on so I thought it was pretty but you could totally cut them off and you are good so thank you so much for watching I hope you liked this recipe make sure to stay tuned next Tuesday I have a very very delicious breakfast recipe and then we’re getting into Valentine’s Day recipes I have a secret surprise for you guys coming the week after so make sure to stay tuned because there may or may not be oh I don’t know it well you guys are supposed to be surprised but stay tuned because I won’t tell you next Thursday so I love you guys so much I hope you have a fantastic weekend and if we kind of take out definitely send me a photo on Instagram and tag me at pencil bunny because I love seeing all your food all right can we take a bond and I should have follow them if you haven’t already at Paddington home Oh you

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  1. Would I be able to use your chocolate cake recipe to make cupcakes? I love your videos, they bring a smile to my face ❤️

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