Chocolate Chickpea Cake (Gluten free) Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 314

Chocolate Chickpea Cake (Gluten free) Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 314

Hi this is Alia and welcome back to my kitchen If you’re watching my videos, you should know that I love desserts. I love to eat desserts. I love to make desserts. I love eating chocolate. Dark chocolate. Any way, I have really badly of sweetness So today, I’m going to show you how
to make a dessert that is healthy Yeah, it is actually very healthy. It’s chocolate cake without flour Yeah, flour is usually seen. You have seen many flour’s cake. But, also without butter. No flour, no butter, and no Sugar. Really! No flour, no butter, no Sugar and it’s one of the best chocolate cakes you have ever had. You don’t believe me, so watch the video. Let’s start! First, let’s get the ingredients ready. Here we have beautiful dates, pitted which means you already removed the hard pit in the middle that we place in a bowl and cover with hot boiling water Let the dates sit for 30 minutes and they will become soft Now, let’s deal with the chocolate! We are going to melt it in the microwave Use only 30 second shots, then mix in between otherwise, you can burn the chocolate! Oh, and make sure you use dark chocolate 60-70% cocoa content it really makes a difference in the taste! Chickpea time! Drain a can of chickpeas from their water and just keep the chickpeas. In a blender add the chickpeas the dates with their water the melted chocolate the eggs, and we are using 2 pinch of salt, baking powder, vanilla extract and cardamom, my favorite spice ever you can also use cinnamon or ginger instead! Blend it all… blend, blend, blend, until smooth and that’s it! Quickly prepare your baking pan Butter it first for the parchment paper to stick then butter the parchment paper. Now, pour this gooey, smooth, yummy chocolate batter yep, this cake is THAT easy!!! Bake in a preheated oven at 360 F / 180
C for around 30 minutes or until done. You know it is ready by gently touching the surface of the cake it should feel firm Let the cake completely cool down before removing it from the mold First run a knife around the edges of the cake
to make sure it’s not sticking to the pan Place a plate on top and flip it! YAY check this out! very gently remove the parchment paper from the surface of the cake et voila! Dust with cocoa powder… and yes, here comes the yummiest richest most chocolaty gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free cake ever!!! When you guests say “WOWWW YUM” just say: “bon appetite”

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  1. hey 🙂 i'd love making this cake, but i'm a bit worried it could taste like chickpeas..? also, since i cook my own chickpeas, do i have to salt them like i would if i were to just eat them on their own or i cook them unsalted? thanks ! 

  2. Love it .an d beautiful part is d engredients, woow no sugar no gluten, smart cake that s what should be called .u r brilliant.but I was wondering do u take the skin out of the chickpeas.or?

  3. Simply perfecto 🙂 . Love it and gonna make it today for my uncle who is heart patient and also diabetic problem .Thank you sis you are the best

  4. Simply perfecto 🙂 . Love it and gonna make it today for my uncle who is heart patient and also diabetic problem .Thank you sis you are the best

  5. Un grand merci Alia, cette pensée pour les intolèrants au gluten est la preuve de ta générosité, vraiment hate de l'essayer ♡♡♡

  6. Salam alia. I'm a moroccan but i'm Born in Holland. Tbarkelah 3like bzaaf 3la hadik al7alwa…sawebtha ou jate 3ajiba…chokrane bezaaaaaaf. Lah i3awnek. I always watch your videos during the ramadan. ..gifs me ideas for iftar…Thanks.

  7. hi Alia, how do u do?? hope u're ok well i have a request could u plz do a dessert pizza with a sweet dough and fruit??

  8. I look forward to making this, though it is not sugar free.  Dates are sugar.  Just thought I'd bring it up for those who are diabetic and insulin dependent like I am.  Will need to increase my insulin to eat this.

  9.  Merci beaucoup Alia. Je pense que je peux reussir ce dessert. Pas besoin d' avoir un doctorat culinaire pour sortir du four ce petit chez d' oeuvre. Merci et a tres bientot.

  10. i did it this morning and it is very very good, i add (After i tested) some maple syrup on the top for little more sweet taste. love it, and i realise it is like a fudge so you can have small pieces (longer fun time with chocolate cake!) . thank you !!!! more recipes please !!!

  11. forgot tell you, that instead of chocolate i do put cocoa powder and some veg oil (that is real chocolate is about) i cant have real chocolate due to sickness so this solution tick the box for me. thanks again!!!

  12. Wow!  Great recipe.  Seems like you've changed your presentation style a little.  It's nice.  I really like your channel! ; )

  13. I served it to some friends (they eat gluten and sugar normally). 
    You should see their reaction! it was just great!!! 

  14. I am so glad you are starting to feature healthy dessert recipes!! I am totally in love with all your healthy tagines and healthy meat recipes. in fact I have tried most of them. But with desserts I just watched videos… I am very keep into raw or paleo desserts and I see you are featuring desserts which start to appeal to me! I will give a try to this cake tonight! Thank you so much Alia!!!

  15. Omg alia thank you so much for the recipe!!! I missed the last edition of fatafeat magazine and they had desserts with chickpeas and i really was wondering how to make them! THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! =D <3 <3 <3

  16. Chickpea and chocolate is full of magnesium and that is very important for our body. Amazing recipe!!

  17. Love Alia and love her recipes and style but sadly it's thumbs down for this cake: I baked it twice, once with fresh chickpeas and another exactly as in the recipe, ended up throwing both cakes. We couldn't get passed the chickpeas' flavours, if you can then this cake might be for you. I am leaving this comment here only because I wished someone did before wasting time and chocolate (ouch!)

  18. This is one of the best flour less chocolate cakes I've come across, like wow it literally blew my mind. I'm definitely going to try it and best of all I have all the ingredients in my kitchen :-). Do you have an e-mail address to share the pictures with? (Don't have fb or twitter)

  19. Masha allah your videos are awesome! My husband is Moroccan and i've been looking good recipies to learn Moroccan cusine more and your videos are great for that! 


  21. I tried this cake. There is only a slight taste of chickpeas which is good but the consistency of the cake wasn't really for me 🙁

  22. Looks yummy! It's a pity that it is not vegan! I'll try the same recipe replacing the eggs with one ripe banana or stewed apples.
    Nice video 🙂

  23. i saw this vedio on facebook . and i quickly opened youtube to subscribe your channel . i like what you did .. its realy amazing .im from Morocco . please i jst want to know what is the last thing that you had added before mixing , thank you

  24. Oh and the amount of chocolate is two whole bars…thats a truckload of sugar and fat right there…so it's really a cake which is just a bit higher in protein

  25. Technically its refined sugar free as theres plenty of natural sugar in dates, but its delicious, I forgive you ;). And yes the majority of population only understands sugar being white, so they wont notice the substitution made. Good job!

  26. This cake is not sugar free- there is sugar in the chocolate and dates are consentrated in sugar. There is fat in the cholocate. Still making it for a friend. I love the idea just not false advertising xxxx

  27. Right.
    2 eggs = 12g fat + 200g dark chocolate = 80g fat + chickpeas = 10g fat.
    So that's around 100g of fat.
    Fat-free? Hardly.

    You should also say "NO ADDED SUGAR" not sugar free. Dates are high in natural sugars, and the chocolate has added sugar.

  28. As as eggs, cocao, and chickpeas are whole foods, and contain oil/fat, we do not consider them oil or fat, but whole foods. When a recipe says no oil or fat, it means we have not used a product extracted FROM a whole food that is not part of the food itself being used. Also, "sugar" is known as the extracted portion from another whole food was well. When using dates, we do not extract the sugar, but use the whole food, so we say no sugar. It's all about definitions of oil/fat and sugar.  People may disagree with the terms, but that is what most naturopath use as definitions. No false advertising at all.

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