Chicken & Pastry ~ Eastern North Carolina Style  ~ Chicken & Dumplings ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Chicken & Pastry ~ Eastern North Carolina Style ~ Chicken & Dumplings ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

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  1. Just in time for an easy serve-yourself dinner needed for a day when we're all coming and going. Thanks for coming to the rescue once again!

  2. In Tennessee we call it chicken and dumplings. Coming from New England, these look like noodles to me too. Still yummy!

  3. Noreen, that looks awesome. Very very similar to our Amish chicken/ beef / ham pot pie or more like rivels. Yea, the pastry name is interesting. A comforting meal and just in time for the cooler weather. Enjoyed.

  4. Good old chicken and dumplings. I make my dumplings with bisquick. It's a delicious meal on a fall or winter day. A one pot meal. Love it. Thank you for sharing the goodness. Have a wonderful evening. 🙂

  5. Another great comfort food recipe share, looks great Noreen! The leaves are changing color here and it is just beautiful. I know what you mean about going outside when it is a little crisp and you smell smoke from someone's fireplace. Such a beautiful dish for a beautiful time of year. Shelby

  6. Love this !! I grew up in NY we called it chicken and dumplings, made with bisquick. When I moved to NC 20 years ago a coworker introduced me to chicken and pastry, now i make it the Southern way, but I use Annies flat dumplings from the frozen food section. Never tried to make my own pastry!

  7. I've lived in NC all my life and have never heard of chicken & pastry. Must be an eastern NC thing. We'd call that chicken and dumplins in western NC.

  8. It's interesting how the same comfort food is called different things depending on where in the country you are from! I lived in Delaware for a few years and in the fall you will always see churches or fairs advertising what they call 'Slippery Noodles'. It usually does not have chicken in it, just chicken broth and noodles…looks lovely!

  9. Chicken & Pastry is an Eastern NC thing. I've lived in NC all my life and the folks down east seem to always call it that. In the western part of the state it's typically called Chicken & Dumplins. Either way…'s still good!

  10. In a previous life I must have been a southerner. I love everything about it. I'm from staten Island New York. This looks delicious. I am definitely trying this. Tommy doesn't like eating this way, but he will try things once. I love your channel. xoxo

  11. Love this dish. We call them dumplings but by any name they are delicious. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Have a Blessed day.

  12. ~Noreen, this looks so yummy! I remember our dad making us chicken & dumplings, quite often, while growing up- Your recipe is a whole new twist to the dish! I love the look of your homemade noodles. My dad made small dough balls and dropped them into the broth and … … sorry, I'm re-watching this video as I'm typing and I'm losing my concentration! Lol
    I can't wait to make this chicken and pastry for my family- I know it's going to be a new favorite!
    Blessings to the family~

  13. My mum would put large dollops of dough made with S.R. flour in beef badly soup and I would save mine a eat it with golden syrup for desert

  14. What a great recipe that is, I've heard that dish refered to as Chicken and Slicks as well. I recon it just depends on what neck of the woods you're from.

  15. I grew up in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. We had a Pennsylvania Dutch-inspired version of this dish called "Slippery Pot Pie". It's essentially the same dish, but the homemade egg noodles are cut in 2" squares, and thrown back in after the broth is complete (as you did here). Small cubed potatoes were also included. My mom did it a number of ways…with on-the-bone ham, beef, chicken, and even beans (when we couldn't afford to have meat). Always noodles, always gravy-like broth. I never turned it down.

    I moved within my state some years ago, and no one is familiar with the terminology regarding that dish. I find it funny. They've also never heard of Sweet Lebanon Bologna (another Penn-Dutch food).

    To me a "dumpling" is a filled pastry…not a noodle completely made of dough. It's just that we never called it "Chicken And Dumplings"…which is what everyone here calls it.

    Thank you for reminding me of how hard my mother worked to feed a family of five everyday, on a fixed budget. I always liked her food, but I appreciate it more as an adult.

  16. Noreen, this is one of my favorite meals. Yummy I've always called it Chicken and Noodles. My grandma and mom are from Louisiana, not sure if they called it Chicken and Pastry as well, I can't remember. The only difference is we(my sister) adds eggs to her noodles(pastry). Have you ever made it adding eggs and letting them dry before putting them in the pot? I like your easy method much better. It seems much easier and faster. When I try to make this dish, my dough always turns green, lol. Thanks so much for sharing this video💕 Christine

  17. Umm umm umm…the broth alone I would bath in and slowly drink my way out of it! The chicken and pastry are a bonus! This looks amazingly DELICIOUS!

  18. 3 30 in the am and im going to bed cuz now im hungry !!! looks awesome noreen ty so much . one of my favorites . gnight n sweet dreams to you and the family !!! always thumbs up from me .

  19. Noreen,  I am from and still live in North Carolina. – we have always called these chicken and dumplings.  However, it dosen't matter what it's called, it is delicious.  Just love this stuff!

  20. Looks good, Noreen! I've lived in NC my whole life and I've never heard it called Chicken & Pastry. Maybe it's a Eastern NC thing. I'm over near Winston Salem, NC and I've always heard it called Chicken & Dumplings. I make it similar to what you're doing here. I just cheat and use crescent roll dough. I take it out and run my pizza cutter through to make squares. But whatever it's called that's some yummy stuff! 🙂

  21. This looks just delicious! Can't wait for it to cool off enough in my neck of the woods, I'm defiantly going to make this!

  22. I add onions to my chicken while I'm cooking that and then at the end before I put the noodles and I put a couple diced potatoes and cook those up for a few minutes and then add my noodles… My grandma called it chicken pot pie. .

  23. Where's the onion and celery??? Also, when reheating, baking it is the way to go. You don't want to stir the pastry around and have it break up.

  24. I just made a ton of chicken last night with left overs.  Now I have to go to the store to buy more.  :p  Thanks for another great recipe idea Noreen.  Is this in your cookbook?

  25. I suppose pasta is Italian for pastry, so in that sense, noodles are pastry! This looks great for the season, will definitely try it:)

  26. Grew up calling them Chicken and Pastry. I always understood it was because it was like the pastry used for pies. Noodle or pastry – it is simply delicious. Gale

  27. I live in the piedmont area of NC. I never heard of chicken and pastry. We call that chicken and dumplings. Sometimes we add carrots that have been cut up and a little celery. I've lived here 60 years. I also know when I first learned to make them we used a pie dough recipe to make the dumplings thus that may be your chicken and pastry ( dough) recipe. Love you guys

  28. I have lived in the sandhills of nirth carolina all myife a d we call your dish chicken amd pastry. The way i have seen the homemade pastry dough made they are bigger like the size of the ones you cut in the outside and no they are never the same shape thats the fun of chicken and pastry. You did a great job. I'm gonna shiw my dad your video and see what he thinks. He loves chicken and pastry and can cook some mmm mmm good pastry. Also if yiu wamt to try the frozen from the store get the Anna's i think thats the name of it. It comes in a red amd yellow box. They are good pastry. Thank you for brimging back good memories of my southern heritage.

  29. This looks amazing! Would love a bowl of this right now, would help this cold if mine that's for sure!! Thanks for sharing as always!!

  30. Chicken N Noodles! I think you said it in a previous comment but I agree that the dumplings chicken n dumplings are more biscuit like.

  31. Damn I love homemade chicken Pastry btw that ain't chicken pastry it's better with anns dumpling strips cream of chicken it makes it better and thicker

  32. Oh my goodness, this dish looks delicious, I'm not sure if I could handle making the pastry, but I may just give it a try. Thank you for sharing the recipe with us.

  33. I'm from VA but have lived in Moyock, NC for 6 years now. I have always called it "Chicken & Dumplin's" and my heavens it looks to DIE for!! I love cooking too, Noreen, and it is so enjoyable watching someone who knows what they are doing in the kitchen! When the weather gets cold, and we long for those yummy "comfort foods" I will be making a pot of this! Thanks for the video!

  34. Yum! Our weather is set to turn cooler and blustery next week and in preparation I have a whole chicken thawing. This IS going to get cooked! I do love my (Kansas/Montana) grandmother's recipe for chicken noodle soup and also my South Carolina grandmother-in-law's recipe for chicken and dumps but this looks like such a tasty alternative that I just have to try it. Thank you, Noreen!

  35. For the last six months or so my viewing of YouTube has been spotty because of things going on in my life. I popped on tonight to watch some of your holiday videos that you have been putting up and sharing on FB. Some how (as usual) I got off on a video sidetrack and ended up here. I was happy to see a video of chicken and pastry, as it is a dish I grew up with and so of course I had to watch. Even with in my Momma's family I have never known anyone else who made it. It was always chicken and dumplings which I never cared for as the dumplings were always large and usually not cooked all the way through. Although from NC, my Daddy moved us out here to Washington State when I was a new born because he fell in love with the area when he was stationed out here with the Army back in the fifties. So with the exception of about six years I have lived most of my life up here in the Pacific Northwest. Your recipe comes the closest I have seen to what Momma (and now me) make. But the differences are definitely there. Momma used what ever type of flour she had, but preferred all purpose because the self rising made the pastry too puffy for her taste. She added a little salt and luke warm water and that was it. I altered it when I had my own kids, and added garlic powder and parsley, but that was all. I might have to try using broth for the pastry for a different flavor. However, I find it strange that you added the fat in your broth to the mix. Momma never added any kind of fat to her pastry mix. She told me that it was called pastry because it was essentially a paste, because there was no fat, no egg, and no rising agent (hence her not liking the self rising flour, but when you are poor you use what you have), so it wasn't technically a noodle. She said when using the self rising flour it made the dough like little pillows, not pastry. This video made me think of her, which is not hard to do. Next month will make ten years ago that she passed from breast cancer… and when I decided to leave a comment and scrolled down I saw that you posted this video on my birthday, made it even more special and kind of made me feel she was directing me to see it. Thank you so much for sharing. A great video, and an added bonus of reminding me of times in the kitchen making this dish with Momma. I am grateful for it.

  36. is that just flour and broth? I bet its very good…coming from Noreens kitchen! I make mine with flour and eggs…usually use thyme as seasoning…Your food ALWAYS looks delectable. Now, I want a bowl…

  37. Love chicken, love pasta so this dish is wonderful. Can not wait to try it. Only thing I would do different is I would only use breasts. I love white meat and do not like dark meat. Keep up the good work.

  38. Noreen, I live in Alaska. I would call that chicken and southern dumpling. Noodles have eggs in them and northern dumplings are more like a steamed biscuit. Can’t imagine where pastry comes from but what ever they call it…..I call it YUMMY 😋

  39. Lol I’m from Wilson nC we call it chicken pastry not Chicken and Pastry. Lol good video tho. Love the enthusiasm in your voice

  40. My mom used to make this from scratch. She would roll out the flour and slice it on Saturday afternoon and freeze it overnight. Then she would cook the chicken Sunday morning. When we came back from church, she would bring the shredded chicken and broth to a boil and drop in the frozen strips one at a time. Later she actually used tortillas and eventually Anne's frozen dough strips. And yes, here in eastern NC, it's always called chicken pastry, even in restaurants. Chicken and dumplings is something different. And chicken and noodles is soup.

  41. Chicken and Pastry is what we called it in Harnett County, NC. Nobody made the pastries we always used Anne's pastries out of the box. Much wider and longer than hers.

  42. This is bringing back my childhood memories. I grew up in Greenville, North Carolina and we had this at least once a week. All of us kids loved it so much. I moved to va and no one has ever even heard of chicken & Pastry. I can’t find the Anne’s pastry noodles here. They are the only ones I’ll eat. (Every once in awhile they have a brand that is gross and just clumps together.) thanks for showing us how to make these homemade noodles. I love cooking my childhood favorite Carolina meals for my husband and son. They will love this!

    My family always added eggs to this recipe.

  43. Chicken Pastry is an eastern NC thing, yeah. My mom and dad grew up in Wayne and Duplin counties respectively, and i grew up in Cumberland county outside Ft. Bragg. This is a regular dish we'd have often in my house

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