Chef Out Of Water Pre-Premiere Marathon • Tasty

Chef Out Of Water Pre-Premiere Marathon • Tasty

it looks like it’s covered in warts it’s like is it burning this is gonna be weird I’m Alexis and I’m the senior food specialist here at Taste State today my co-workers challenged me to make a three-course meal using only one appliance do I get to choose what appliance oh you can leave it I don’t drink coffee and I think I’ve made coffee three times in my life I I don’t I like don’t really know how this works any good chef should be able to cook with with anything so I’m up for the challenge can I do some research okay so apparently cooking with a coffee maker is a thing so this part is gonna act as like we can boil stuff in here and then you can use the griddle griddle but I could use this to try to get some color this is gonna be weird I’m gonna start with the truffles first since I need to chill for a while so I’m gonna chop the chocolate pretty finely so that way when I add the hot heavy cream it’s gonna mix really easily oh I should be heating my heavy cream right now we fit okay so it’s seven ounces of chocolate so I need three and a half ounces of heavy cream it seems like very little I guess we just heat it up and see how hot it gets [Music] it kind of smells like it’s burning fine the cream doesn’t need to be scalding hot and you want it like more than warm to the touch if you stuck your finger in it you’d be like ha how long does it take to make coffee in the morning like 10 minutes more will it work it might be ready I hope this is hot enough if you were in a hotel room and really wanted chocolate truffles you could totally do this I don’t know why what but Who am I to judge I’m going to chill this and wash this out so I’m gonna get the water going for my shrimp I fear that it’s gonna take a while alright alright alright do I just pour it in here like pour it in the big part so that’s why you add the water first before turning it on this is a real learning experience here this is a great idea I’m going to start prepping everything for mission ok the sounds that it’s making right now this is like my childhood I this feels very familiar I feel like this is doing what it’s supposed to it feels hot so I think I can actually go ahead and add the shrimp so we just want to make sure that the shrimp is cooked through and it’s actually turning pink you can see it turning pink this is amazing coffee cooking my confidence level right now I mean I don’t want to get cocky but I feel pretty optimistic they’re actually like perfectly good I actually have to toast the coconut on the griddle before I move on you know I feel good about boiling things poaching things but I don’t know if the griddle is gonna work internet said if I put tinfoil on it it’ll act as like a a pan this feels I feel skeptical so I guess I’ll just let that get a little toasty if it does you know I wanted to do something that I would actually make at home I feel like I would serve this at a dinner party or just make it for myself that’s another reason I feel so excited about this is I’m actually Kame food I feel passionate about Oh oh my god it’s actually working it’s working it’s working look some what you can see some of the brown bits the coconut got a little brown and you taste some of the toasted flavor I’m just gonna make sure this is good I don’t know if I’m allowed to say like give myself a pat on the back but this is really good next I’m going to poach the salmon so I’m just gonna heat it up like I did before and it needs to be enough oil to submerge the salmon and I’m just gonna trim the salmon down so that it’ll actually fit in the cuff but I’m gonna infuse the oil with some peppercorns lemon rinds dill and that all heat up together and infuse so I had this idea to make these asparagus ribbons and I was initially thinking about blanching them but I think actually I could steam them in the steamer basket because the asparagus is so thin steam in it is gonna work better than blanching that stay tuned I’m getting the oil to about 180 before I poach its gonna add the salmon and this is the weirdest thing I’ve ever done so I’m gonna keep an eye on this but it could be done anywhere from like 7 to 15 minutes so while the salmon is poaching I’m just gonna roll the ganache into balls and let them chill again before I roll them into the cocoa powder I’m gonna go wash up okay oh this looks really gross the fat is clearly leaving the salmon but it looks like oh my god it looks like it’s covered in warts there’s like little balls oh okay oh okay but like a beautiful notice look at that I’m gonna do a few more minutes and then wipe off the fat no one will ever know hmm well the salmon finishes poaching I’m gonna roll the truffles in the cocoa powder I haven’t tried these yet but it’s chocolate wait can’t go to wrong the salmon I don’t know I’m gonna go chill tease again and then my salmon should be ready oh the day looks like a sea creature oh we’re good perfect I’m gonna boil off this first let me just flake this okay I mean it looks beautiful it was great new salt but it’s really nice you can do olive oil poached salmon in a coffee maker who knew this needs a thorough wash after what just happened on to part two so for this I’m gonna like simmer some beans in chicken stock and time just to try to add some more flavor I just putting beans in a coffee pot feels wrong we’re gonna salt and pepper and let that do its thing if I put these berries in the top and then add some more chicken stock by the time the chicken stock goes through it might be done I don’t I don’t know [Music] oh my god it’s like all right it’s already it’s done that was so fast oh it still has some texture to it it’s not mushy this is perfect I don’t want to speak too soon but it’s going this is going surprisingly well surprise the new world the beans aren’t really at a boil but they’re starting to kind of split it’s pretty good ah you know the coconut got toasted have really nice color so hopefully these tomatoes can black in and kind of get some they can get some color on them I don’t think that’s totally gonna happen but hopefully they can get some char oh okay there’s some sound oh there’s a little bit of a little bit of darken this is gonna be really rustic my confidence is waning I wish the beans were cooks more so like post as if it was over real heat but there’s nothing else to use this is as good as it’s gonna get this meal could have been done hours ago this is not efficient in any way I’m almost done so I’m gonna Tek some friends see if they want to come up and try it and see if they know that this was all done with a coffee maker we do a lot of crazy stuff at tasty so I feel like they’re gonna have some inclination that something’s up but I don’t think they would guess a coffee maker Wine and Dine you did this to me I did it was a real struggle but I have prepared a three-course meal nonetheless of course one is a shrimp salad I left you with a coffee maker [Music] I think it’s actually really nice it’s like ceviche yeah it’s like something changes you like the cook of the shrimp yeah we’re going onto course to we’ve got some white beans with olive oil poached salmon with steamed asparagus ribbons and blistered tomatoes okay when you left me this morning what did you think was gonna happen pour hot water but this is like a healthy nutritious meal thought you’d paid good money for one more thing that course and then for dessert and how very impressive thank you I was challenged today to make all these three courses with a twist I made all three courses using only a coffee maker I could have eaten coffee clearly you know share this with the team coffee maker clean up and make a queen going into today I was nervous this is crazy this takes so long but if I was ever in a pinch if there’s the apocalypse I can make dinner in a coffee maker I’ll be fine [Music] if this works this is the coolest please work hi I’m Alexis and I’m the senior food specialist here at tasty last time my co-workers challenged me to make a three-course meal using only a coffee maker I’m expecting the worst but let’s see what they have in store this time [Music] okay the coffee maker was one thing but I don’t I what am I gonna do any good chef should be able to cook with with anything so luckily I have ironed many clothes before but let’s have a look the first instruction is use iron only for its intended use so don’t try this at home let’s see what the Internet has to say I just like who are these people that test us out okay so this is clearly a thing so I’m gonna see if I can elevate clothing iron cooking just a little bit so the first course I’m gonna try to make a flatbread with like a caramelized shallot dip so because my dough for the flatbread needs to sit I’m going to get started with that and I do a really easy to ingredient flatbread it’s basically just Greek yogurt and self-rising flour self-rising flour has baking powder in it so you don’t need to add anything else do I like ironing i mean i like ironing more than vacuuming oh no you’re gonna try to make me do something with the vacuum this is going to rest for the second course I’m going to make couscous and lamb chops I’m going to marinate my lamb chops so those gonna get really flavorful and hopefully it’ll mask the fact that they are being cooked on iron this is gonna be really simple it’s just garlic rosemary oil salt pepper it’s pretty classic so I got these tiny little lamb chops and I thought like if steak can be done so could a lamb chop and you want them to be on the medium-rare side so this actually could work also if you look at the chopped compared to the herd it’s pretty perfect so I’m just gonna blow up these so that the marinade sticks it better to it so these are ready I’m going to wash my hands cover them and refrigerate them thank you for the refrigerator for dessert I’m going to try to make a crepe cake but I’m not using a recipe it’s just like feed an egg add a little flour or add a little milk and just do it until you get a smooth consistency so my mom’s Dutch because I grew up with crepes or Dutch Monica she never followed a recipe so yeah this is like my Sunday mornings as a kid so I’m gonna do a few more rounds but that should be good I’m gonna put it on the linen setting which is the hottest and see what happens this feels weird [Music] what do I do I don’t know I’ve never done this before well I don’t know what’s gonna work it’s cooking in a way okay Oh God this is not gonna work but [Music] Jesse this pretty perfect it would be really helpful to have pots and pans I just want to set up little butter mold it looks like it’s cooking around the very edge the crepes might be a little thick but one’s a thick crepe it is a bit rubbery and weird but cooking okay I’m gonna taste it I’m gonna try to make it a little thinner oh well that’s going since technically a hand mixer is an appliance which I cannot use I’m hand whipping cream which it’s not my favorite activity look at the brown it’s happening oh yeah got one done this is so weird that it’s actually making the coffeemaker seem like I’m normal and easy I can’t believe I’m saying that I rather cook with the coffee maker we got very reliant on our appliances the tools and it’s good to be like you know we can make great food wins really okay I’m going to add a little sugar look at that I mean this whipped cream looks really pretty oh no oh no it’s soul okay put this all over here [Music] okay it’s sugar finally maybe rinse it’s not just okay I’ve been making crepes for two hours now but I think I can actually start building it they’re a little lopsided so getting the cream even is gonna be a journey you know I’m really happy that the crepes actually worked I was really skeptical when I first did that parchment paper thing which was a mistake this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen next up are the shallots I’m just gonna keep it on linen that feels like the best move since I can’t use real pots or pans I’m gonna try to fashion one out of tin foil it’s like a little shallot but I just want a burner not asking for much just just a regular partner so usually when I would make this I would actually broil the onions but let’s see how this goes [Music] the sound is good while those are doing the thing I can get the rest ready it’s really easy sour cream mayonnaise a little time for some extra flavor adding the lemon here for some acidity to lemon zest so the shallots are starting to become a little aromatic they’re getting some browning which looks really great but I don’t think they’re gonna get deeply caramelized and I think for this just a little golden brown if I can get that that’ll be fine I mean I think this is the problem with cooking rhythm iron you can’t get really really high heat and you’re so limited by like linen cotton wolf my dough for the flatbread is more than ready so my deal with the flatbread is that I can make it really thin and then it’ll have a better chance of cooking through and crispy enough okay this is very thin so I’ll just put it on if this works this is the coolest thing please work I’m gonna roll out a few more I really I don’t know I mean the coffee maker was really hard but since then I’ve just been like dreaming if all these other things I could make and this feels like the new frontier it’s starting to bubble do you see it [Music] okay it’s the tiniest tiniest Fleck of browning I just need like a few brown spots and then I can flip it there are brown spots thank you I’m just gonna put the dip into the bowl I’m gonna add a few tribes on chopped just for a bit of extra color put the flatbread next to it and we’re done I’m gonna move on to the couscous I think I’m gonna use a measuring cup and heat the water on top of the iron so usually when you make couscous well always when you make couscous if you want to bring the water to a boil I don’t think that’s quite going to happen here but I think I can get the water to be pretty warm I’m gonna add some peas to the couscous just to give it some more body it’s honestly heating up really fast makes me think it won’t come to a full boil but that it could get significantly hot so I’m gonna let it go for a few minutes just chop some scallions and parsley which can be mixed with the couscous I just added a little salt pepper and olive oil just to give it a little more flavor as it cooks okay I think this is ready I’m gonna do it hopefully in five minutes this is will help that’s it fingers crossed I feel like my confidence level is a solid six right now just gonna fluff this couscous a little and absorb the water not quite cooked through I think I need to add more water to it hope this isn’t a mistake hot they’re super thin so hopefully this is going to help my cups see if this works I wonder if it’s gonna get like that kind of nice browned outside or if it’s just gonna look kind of gray okay something’s happening so this little bit of brown kind of slowly but surely I think maybe I just need to let it [Music] okay just gonna go back let’s take another peek I mean it’s cooked it’s browned the backsides a little gray can touch that up but this I it looks pretty good let’s see this Chris Koos [Music] it’s cooked it’s cooked oh my God thank God so I’m gonna add the couscous back to the scallions parsley okay this little chop is perfect until next and then good to go I’m gonna wrap it up plate everything I’ve texted one of my friends Nikki and she’s gonna come up and try this but she doesn’t know that I’ve made it completely with an iron why are you so nervous I don’t know why I’m here did you like make it in a vacuum cleaner or something is this the appliance show this is your first course there’s a flatbread and a shoutout dip yeah delicious your second course is couscous with peas and lamb chops Wow lamb chops it’s a little fried but let’s do this this put on this thing to move delicious so you need hard on and your third course isn’t she’s beautiful this is only for me yeah it’s only for you go crazy but my case she’s dead she is dense dallisa okay so you’re right this is the appliance chef do you want to guess there’s something weird it’s an iron you ironed all of this you just well doc LEM intimidates me even when I have a whole kitchen but you did it with just an iron I’m gonna take this sure thank you so much that took six hours a lot of trial and error and if he batches of whipped cream but I did it it was really cool and weird and I am excited and kind of fear what’s next stay tuned [Music] oh good help me hey I’m Alexis senior food specialist here at tasty my friends have challenged me to cook with a coffee maker I did that a clothing iron I did that too but let’s see what my producer has in store at this time oh boy you have yourself a microwave however you cannot do any research that seems fair I feel like I probably need to elevate it a bit more than a mug cake good luck my friend thank you feel like this is too easy like I’m being tricked microwaves are a really common kitchen appliance that people use to cook with every day I know I could make a meal on microwaves but I really want to challenge myself to make something really unexpected do I feel good maybe for the first course I’m going to make beet dyed deviled eggs as I was going to get eggs someone was like eggs are going to explode in the microwave so I’m going to put the beets in this dish and pour a little water in it so like kind of steams to cook it maybe five minutes three minutes I’ll start start start slow oh there’s a potato function and a beet is kind of similar to potato wait wait I mean this is great that it has the potato function take some of the guesswork out but it takes 12 minutes it’s gonna be a long day I felt antsy I feel like excited to see if this works I’m patient let’s say oh we’re good so I’m just gonna boil the vinegar and water and salt that I’m gonna have the beet what am i doing okay well if I’m the expressed time which is 30 seconds so maybe I’m gonna be doing everything in 30-second intervals so because the beet is tender now I can actually just peel the skin right off oh my god this is gonna be crazy so if I was doing this at home I would do it in the oven roast it doesn’t really matter what size they’re cut into it’s just for dyeing the pickling liquid the pickling liquid looks really beautiful colors really intense this beautiful magenta dude this one I’m so bad at this yeah what am I doing wrong like I just want it to go wait what did you just do but wait but why would I do that didn’t work okay so if you were gonna hard boil an egg but in a microwave seven minutes that feels aggressive I’m gonna go with six minutes we can do it again moment of truth cool it down just a hair I feel so nervous I’m doing a really bad job peeling is it so hot the white feels very very conductive I honestly hadn’t considered if it was overcooked I don’t really good egg I’m just gonna cool these down so I can actually peel them the longer you let the egg sit in the pickling liquid the more pink it’ll get I’ve been really nice for about 25 minutes now but I’m on my last one I’m gonna move on to the lemon bars this is where my confidence starts to wane gonna melt some butter or if the crust so I’ve got some flour powdered sugar pinch of salt I’m going for a faux shortbread crust per usual I’m just wondering if a crust is actually going to cook in a microwave this isn’t like an oven I’m not being able to really bake it so I think the key for this is gonna go slowly like doing in increments and checking just so nothing gets really like fried gonna press this down it’s not the finest crust over for me so a bottom layer pizza probably to reheat pizza maybe I’ll just do two minutes and see what happens it’s kind of cooking baking I think I’ll do two more minutes and see what happens I really want to make sure that the flour is no longer for all if we can get a firm crust that’d be great so I have these amazing lemons they’re our Meyer lemons so this is what I’m gonna use to make my curd and I’m gonna try to make candied lemon peel with these like beautiful smooth lemons oh no it’s burnt the good news is that there is some color on the crust bad news is that I burnt this so let me give it a taste [Music] don’t love the texture I’m just gonna do it again for less time and see what happens it smells really bad in here I’m gonna multitask and at least get the lemon peels and some hot water the thing is I can’t look up any of the stuff so all the timing and the voltage is just what I think is right and I don’t know what’s right so two candy lemons first add the peels to boil in water to remove the bitterness butter is good at this back in research would have been really nice I’m just gonna say that I’m also gonna fork prick the some of the air can get out I think that might have to I’ll do two minutes two minutes and then like one minute and see what happens and then I’m gonna make a simple syrup with sugar and water this feels a little chaotic right now no it’s getting like a dark spot in the middle is maybe this is fine I mean this is like a pale pale pale pale pale crusty put you over here there’s a merica Meyer lemons have a more sweet subtle flavor than traditional lemons they’re amazing Oh sugar and water are dissolved at the peels in and usually you would simmer this over really low heat but again I can’t do that so I’m just gonna let it hang out so we’ve got the eggs sugar a pinch of salt and I’m gonna add a pinch of cornstarch and then lemon juice so far this is like you would make regular cooked I’m gonna try microwaving it in one minute intervals this doesn’t work we’ll just do it again it feels like I’ve like buried my nose inside of a burn popcorn bag it’s hard to imagine that this is going to thicken that’s so usually you’d be simmer in it but it actually looks like pretty thick and syrupy it smells really good whoa so one thing is going well we’re gonna have just candied lemon peel for dessert oh it does the kitchen oh my god kind of chunky but I’m gonna taste it I think I’ll put it through the sieve to get any chunks out I wonder if this is enough now I guess I’m microwave it again so if I was doing this at home I would put it in the oven for a few minutes just to help it set maybe Express I’m going back to express that feels right 30 seconds I’m going to slice up my little candied lemon peel and toss it with some sugar and let it dry I think I’m just gonna chill it and hope for the best we’re finally at the entree I’m going to make tomato chips creamy polenta and halibut and this idea to not roast garlic but kind of got that a similar thing I’m going to lop the top off Oh oh well salt so I would usually just roast this really low and slow for a while but let’s see what happens if we do potato IO sawdust idea to make tomato chips and actually do a little salt the salts just gonna draw some more moisture out of them just because I want them to be as dry as possible when I do put them in the microwave I’m gonna try to make the polenta I’m gonna use milk you could use chicken stock you could do water maybe the milk is bad idea in this case though adding some salt I need like something is fishy here something’s wrong [Music] had to intervene sorry smoking oh it’s like on fire I don’t want to say this is a disaster quite yet but this is really not going very well well garlic was best which changes some things so I’m gonna move on to the polenta and see if this works you know maybe it was potato maybe potato was too intense it’s so hot in here it’s like at least eighty degrees and it smells like burnt popcorn it this is going badly how do I go of this not good my confidence level right now is honestly at a like a three at least I have can’t do nothing for you voila the thing is I can’t let my confidence level dip too far because then I’m gonna start messing up it’s not over yet oh my god I honestly like I this is a disaster what is happening I mean maybe it’s fine no no this is unraveling have you taken me down in three episodes so I’m gonna put one fillet I put some tarragon sometime that’s capers would you like to ask my confidence level it’s about it to sinking right down remember when I was like I’m gonna inspire people to cook in their dorm rooms why better see how this goes I am so nervous like what if I just don’t do it that’s right so can just let these icky Oh speaking of all the smells I’m now the person who puts fish in the microwave yeah I got cocky I knew it was a trick I knew it was too good to be true it feels like tiny bit overdone to me I can put something on the plate I’m gonna cook off some more fish for real this time I feel like it should save one just in case I think my fish is done let’s just see what happens when we put tomatoes on microwave look at those eggs this is really at the moment of truth oh they’re beautiful the eggs feel a little hard not gonna lie the magenta here is like even more intense than some of the ones I’ve made in the past but I really like it this is gonna be really simple mayonnaise a mustard called it it’s not great it’s not right maybe they will be distracted by how pretty there is or not the most eggs my friends they’re so cute oh my god I’m gonna chill these in the fridge and top them with chives and bacon a tent I guess I should see the lemon bars huh the curd looks good it’s not really a pretty even layer here but you guys this is not good I don’t know if we could really call this a lemon bar I’m stressing efficiency it’s fun if I can just get one nice square I’ll be thrilled there’s a square I mean look it’s not if I can just plate things really beautifully maybe it’ll distract them no this is not a thing no one wants to eat this a soggy tomato anyway it’s fine someone’s just gonna get fish what is the plan Bacon’s last thing words of wisdom nope good is there a bacon function bacon in the microwave what I do it’s thing I’m just worried of whoever tastes this is gonna be like oh you’re a terrible cook [Music] guys good rubbery is kind of like the theme of today honestly this is as good as it’s gonna get right now do I get to know who’s gonna try this Oh God well this is my new boss Oh I’ve prepared a three-course meal I’m so excited I’m so excited for you to the first course our beep died deviled eggs with chives and bacon thank you so much I wasn’t trying to eat this elegantly I think there’s no way that’s weird Alyssa all right the Bacon’s really crispy from the egg whites are the Chinese bit rubbery on if the other than that I think it’s pretty awesome okay course to wit I’m a minimalist thing it’s a halibut just tell about the plating is really pretty [Music] should I just leave it’s not my favorite fish dish sure fine fine feels like a pageant honor right for your third course you have a lemon bar with some candied lemon peel on top to learn that can be your own I did in a great way coz the curd is super smooth the first and the third were really good I really don’t know what crazies you had to do to get to this place but not bad well do you want to know what what they put me up laid out you got to turn around did you cook it in this microwave all three courses done in a microwave how did you get the crust no crispy the first one burned which is why in the room smells like this I was concerned about the burning whew smell when I came in but I’m super impressed that you did that in the microwave I was just doing like a stove oh I’m gonna finish it well over there Thanks oh that was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do here I hate microwaves it turns out I never want to cook with one again but I also feel like maybe I have redemption in my future if I can research no hopefully next time will be easier better honestly give me a coffee maker again [Music]

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