Cheesecake Wedding Cake and Setup Ideas

Cheesecake Wedding Cake and Setup Ideas

Welcome to the final episode of the
cheesecake wedding cake. If you’ve been following the first two videos you will
know that these three tiered cakes are going to be delivered in pieces and
assembled at the venue. I felt it was too heavy and there was some unknowns,so I
wasn’t gonna take any chances. Follow along if you want to see how we
did or to pick up a tipp or two. I doweled the cakes before the delivery by marking
each tier then using a sharp wooden dowel to make holes for the straws. Here we are saying our prayers before
the delivery. This has become a tradition for us. The cake survived the one and a
half hour drive with a very heavily air-conditioned care. And here’s a tip,
make sure you bring blankets and a jacket or you may actually freeze
yourself to death. Teamwork is also really important and
this came in really handy. If you have a friend or your spouse or a co-worker
that can come along with you and help you out, especially in a situation like
this, with a really heavy cake, go for it. Ideally we would have set the cakes up
directly on the cake table but the caterer had not arrived yet and we
didn’t want to wait. So we did take a chance that we would have to carry the
cake, and sure enough the cake table was on the very far end. Here’s me trying to
videotape it. Well all’s well that ends well. And congratulations to Victoria and
Alan, and congratulations to us, for another successful cake delivery. If you
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and one of them takes you to my book “Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step by Step”
It’s got all my best recipes and also has how to make a wedding cake. Thank you
for watching and I’ll see you soon. Lots more videos coming your way so please
stay tuned and I’ll see you soon. Happy baking and happy cake decorating 🙂

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  1. Oh gosh you made it look so easy hehe so what you do is leave the straw just a bit out of the cake? I always cut them like shorter but I always mess my cake up when I stack one on top of the the other, then fix my mess lol. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. Wow I was waiting for your 3rd video great job👌.
    For how long we can leave cake like yours outside?

  3. Somehow I missed part 2!! How did that happen!? But in a way I'm glad because I can watch them back to back without waiting! This series came at a perfect time because someone was requesting a cheesecake but my recipe could be better! Thank you😘

  4. Oh Loralie!! I've just watched the whole series and I'm impressed, I was already impressed, now I'm thoroughly impressed!!! The cake slice looks so decadent!! Belisimo!!!

  5. This is really great! I'm getting this same cake made for my wedding but only for one cake as the others will be different cakes.

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