Hello! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Today we are gonna be doing Harry Potter Cauldron,
like, witch, cake pops. The reason is because I got so many requests
for something really Halloween-y. So if you just want to make witch cauldron
cake pops, this is it, and more people wanted, I got so many more requests for like, More Harry Potter, More Harry Potter, the
frogs weren’t enough! So, let’s get started! The things that I will be using today to make
these will be: Big mixing bowl, This is a pre-made cake, it’s a yellow cake
using box cake mix, normal buttercream frosting, lollipop sticks, decorative icings
in 4 colors, black, red, orange and green. A couple of these little fancy tips,
just the small size so you can do little designs. Black chocolate melts,
these are not dark chocolate, these are actually black, so if you go to the Wilton
chocolate melts they will have black. And, 1 of my favorite candies, Nerds! I separated a bunch of green Nerds for decorating
for later. The first thing I’m gonna do is crumb, crumb up all the
cake. This is how you do it, cut it into pieces,
I like to cut it into 4 pieces. Pick up some pieces, like so, and then just
rub ‘em together to make little cake crumbs. It’s like grating cheese on
itself. And then if you have bigger pieces, just break
it up with your little fingers. Break-break-break-break-break-break! And the ratio that I like to use is 1 box
cake to 1 little tub of frosting. So now you’re just gonna take your hands,
and get in there and get messy, massage everything together so it’s 1
consistency, looks a little like this. Just for reference, nice and sticky. Take a little bit, and roll little balls,
and then put ‘em on this wax paper. And just roll little balls. Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm. And they don’t have to be perfect circles,
because after you put them in the freezer you can kind of re-shape them to be
perfect. But get them into that general circle shape. We got all our little cake balls, now we’re
gonna put them in the freezer for about 40 minutes. And you can use this time
to get all your decorating stuff out and ready! Meee! Now what we’re gonna do is take these little
lollipop sticks, and you’re going to dip them into a little bit of melted
chocolate, meah. Like this, and then you’re just gonna stick ‘em
about 3/4 of the way into the little cake pop. The chocolate is acting like a glue to make
sure that the cake pops stay on. The last time that I did this, I dipped the
pops in frosting first and the frosting did not hold very well. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! But then I did a bit more research and they
said that you should really use the melted chocolate and I was like, ah, that
makes sense! Da-dew! Now that we’ve got them all in there
we’re gonna put them back in the freezer for 5 minutes. Ding, they’re done! And ready to dip! Here
we go! Dipping it straight down, and then we’re just
going to stick it directly back onto the wax paper, because that will be the top
of the cauldron. We let these cool for a few minutes, and,
check them out… They’re so cute! We’re gonna start with the red frosting
and we’re gonna paint flames at the bottom of the cauldron. And then on top of
that we’ll put a little bit of orange. These already turned out so much better than
last time, I’m so excited. So yes, the technique of dipping it first
into chocolate is a good technique! With the red, I am using a number 2 tip and
with the orange, I am using a number 1 tip. Ta-da! We did all the little flames all the
way around, they look awesome! And now we’re gonna take the black frosting
and make the little cauldron handles. Eeeee! I have a number 2 on the top. So I first did
1 dot on the side, and then a second 1, to kinda mark where I’m gonna
start and end. And then draw a circle over it. Boom! And now, the last step, is putting all these
little Nerds on top, we’re gonna take green icing with a number 2, put it on
top and then just sprinkle on the little nerds. Ta-da! We made Harry Potter Cauldron Cake
Pops! These are so cute, they turned out so well!
So much better than last time when we did Mario Mushroom Cake Pops! Those 1 up pops were looking pretty sad. But these look so cute! Thanks you guys for suggesting it! If you
have any ideas for any other Nerdy Nummies, please leave me a comment down
below and I will do my best to make it happen! OK, thanks for watching, bye-bye!

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