Cassava Cake Recipe – Original Pinoy Taste / Panglasa (2019)

Cassava Cake Recipe – Original Pinoy Taste / Panglasa (2019)

Rich and creamy Merienda from this very
humble root crop, just by adding several dairy products a few basic equipment, yes
we can make it read who without open find out welcome back to our small kitchen your
Kuya and uncle here in Holland, Romulo. If you’re new to this channel
if it’s the aim of this channel to showcase our Pinoy recipes to the
world, I am on how about we do this in English someone in your home we will
make me that it may be the nothing nothing put up here so boom with oh my
dear English style if you prefer to watch this in Dutch or in Spanish just
click above on the I icon for the video what are we cooking tonight it is a very
popular Christmas dish or very popular party dish, it’s a cake, it is cassava
cake. I’ll be showing you the ingredients now the ingredients are very easy to
acquire no matter where you are in America in the Middle East or especially
when you’re in the Philippines I am in Holland and I was even able to acquire
fresh cassavas, we need the following sugar, evaporated milk or condensed milk
coconut milk or coconut cream and condensed milk, we’ll be needing also
butter and it’s optional it always enhances the flavor salt just a bit of
salt and we also need eggs and cheese for this toppings and now we begin with
the task. This is the disadvantage of using fresh cassava because we have to peel
them I’m a country boy so I’ve learned in my
barrio how to caramelize to make the removal of the peel in this year or
better yet cut them in small pieces and it’ll be easier to hold and to peel them and don’t forget to wash them well
remove now comes the difficult task creating the Jukka or the cassava this
is where frozen cassava is preferred but this is fresh and this is exciting I don’t need to go to the gym tonight I’m
hoping to build some muscles now we need to squeeze the cassava they need water a
bigger Starbucks and this this is difficult so and learn a technique from the Africans
we’re using cloth like this small amount and roll it and squeeze it as if we were
squeezing laundry you didn’t have to do this if you bought
the free or the frozen product to be honest with you I I would read by a fist
press one we’ll be mixing now the ingredients 2
cups of this one look I have extra I’m gonna freeze this for our next recipe it
will be sooo much much more interesting dishes that I can make from this we’ll
add 2 eggs yeah I’ll be keeping the rest approximately
one forward isn’t that illegal and keeping one for to this approximately
1/4 for the toppings later let’s add 3/4 cup of sugar and evaporated milk if you
don’t have evaporated milk fresh milk will do and the liquefied butter as
always in a tea okay it helps to add a bit of salt it
enhances the flavour and this is where you need patience mixed and when I say
mix mix it very well very very and while you makes you might as well inspect it
for the babila remove any hard particles or any spots that may have fallen as an
option we can also add greater to young coconuts here I went to the store but
it’s Sunday today it’s closed so we can do that without or we can do this
without the grated coconut Plame alternate spotless a Swami I covered
them with aluminum foil and apply butter to keep the mixture from sticking it
will be easier to remove later if you don’t have an oven at home you can also
steam this in the same manner as you would
allegedly it suggested to bake this a la la Marie or a la bonne Maria that means
adding water to the baking tray and this bacon for 45 minutes if you don’t have
an open at home you can also do steam it while waiting for our cake to bake what
can prepare the toppings Parmesan cheese would be ideal but if you don’t have
parmesan cheese cheater or any cheese you might have access to with Joe and
then let’s mix egg yolk plus the rest of the creams and milk that we have set
aside perdus purpose one fort of condensed milk evaporated milk and
coconut cream and be this well very variable our cake
is then in the oven for 45 minutes now at 170 degrees Celsius so it’s time to
put the toppings don’t worry about the volume it may look watery but if it
doesn’t dry within 15 minutes give it more time
it can even be wrong of course with slide in Holland without cheese no
seriously we’re the only country in Asia that uses cheese in our cuisine true
only the Philippines is true God kept tipo de queso parmigiano is pretty bleep
arrow cos dis pune bling well kill people is debian no importa now we’re
going to give it 15 minutes more to caramelize the toppings it’s been more
than 15 minutes and it’s time to bring out our cassava que nuestro postre the
joka yeah allow it to cool down completely before
slicing or better yet put it in the refrigerator first and this is our
cassava cake dish from the homeland thank you for joining your Kuya tonight
for sharing our recipes to the world and if
you enjoyed one change of the Dead liked it subscribe and video share you be the
next time thank you for watch your step mati

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  1. Wow I love cassava cake so much, kuya it's so sweet and tasty,I like you to speak English that's why I'm responding hahaha natutuwa talaga ako sayo kuya.

  2. wow ang sarap nyan fave kopo yan…kailangan pala e squeeze at kunin yung juice nya…ang galingnyu po talaga mgluto at mg bake

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