Candy Pokeballs! Make Edible Pokemon Pokeballs – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Candy Pokeballs! Make Edible Pokemon Pokeballs – A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction’s Pokémon
Pokeball Candy Bomb Tutorial where I’ll be showing you how to make this gorgeous little
no-bake pokeball candy bombs. We’ve also got a cute tutorial on a Pikachu cakepop. So if
you’re having a little bit of a Pokémon event, these two go absolutely perfectly together.
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I’ve got a couple of just little white sequins sprinkles. They’re a bit of an optional extra
but you can use them just to accentuate your little pokeball buttons.
I’ve got some optional little Pokémon printables. So when we smash these out, they’re just printed
on a little bit of card or paper. But when we smash these candy bombs open, not only
are you going to get candy inside, everyone at the party is going to get a different Pokémon
character which adds a little bit of extra fun to these sweet treats. If you do go with
this option, please make sure that you let your guests know that these are non-edible.
We don’t want anybody eating a paper Pokémon character!
I’ve got some mini-M&Ms. That’s just going to be my chosen candy for inside these candy
bombs. Some melted white chocolate.
Some melted red candy melts. I’ve got some melted black candy melts.
I’ve got my silicone cakepop mold. Now somebody gave me this to bake cakepops in. But for
those of you guys that follow my channel, you’ll know that the actual traditional way
to bake cakepops is actually to take cooled crumbled cake and then ganache your frosting,
squish it all together and give yourself a really nice chocolate-y truffle-y ball rather
than just a ball-shaped cake. So I had no other use for this silicone cakepop mold and
I’ve been sitting there thinking ever since of ways that I can put it to use so it doesn’t
go to waste. You can’t do this with a metal mold. You will need a silicone mold or a circle
chocolate mold. I’ve got a pair of scissors.
A toothpick. A paintbrush.
A zip lock bag. And just a couple of spoons.
So let’s get started. Now the first thing that we want to do is
we want to start filling each half of our pokeball. This is where our spoons come in.
So I’m just going to take some of that red candy melt and I’m going to use the back of
my spoon just to sort of just spoon it in. Now don’t put too much in there. You’re just
putting about a quarter of a teaspoon or a half a teaspoon, but we’re going to do 2 coats
so it doesn’t have to be too thick and don’t worry if you can’t see a little bit of that
red silicone coming through. We’ll do a couple of these today. Also make sure that you do
about 20% more than what you think you’re going to need just to allow for any breakages
or any cracking. And then we’ll repeat that process with our white.
The one thing that you do want to watch while you’re doing this is you do drag that chocolate
all the way up the sides so you’re getting sort of a nice, sort of a thick side on the
edges of your pokeballs because that’s where they’re going to be most likely to break.
Alright now before it dries too much you just want to use your fingers just to clean up
around the edges of each one of those so that you’ve got a nice neat even rim. We’re going
to pop those in the fridge and then come back and add another coat.
Okay, so we’re back from the fridge, those are really nicely set. So we’re going to give
them a second coat and the reason that I give them 2 coats is just to make sure that we
get a nice even distribution and it makes them a little bit faster to set and ensures
we have a good even coating. You don’t want to go too thick with that chocolate
or with that candy melt, because you want to be able to smash into this without too
much difficulty, and you want to make sure there’s plenty of room in there for all that
delicious candy and for our little Pokémon characters so they’ve got a little bit of
space. So once again, just cleaning up around the
edges and back in the fridge for another 5 or so minutes until they’re completely set.
Now, we’re back from the fridge and those ones have now completely set. I love these
because you can make them a few days in advance so you don’t have to make them all on the
day that you need to use them. So to get them out, you just want to sort
of stretch out that silicone. Now this is why you can’t use your metal molds. So I just
sort of peel the silicone back, and watch them because sometimes they’ll just pop right
out and go flying across the kitchen bench. So you can see there, you’re really just pushing
them out, and by scraping that chocolate all the way up to the sides, you can see we’ve
got a really lovely thick edge. That’s not going to crack and it’s not going to break
which is exactly what we want, so just pull all of your little pokeball halves out of
your silicone mold. Alr Now, you want to take some of your candy and
just tip them into one half. Now, I’m looking at that one. This one here is a little bit
more shallow because there’s a bit more chocolate in there. So I’m going to go with the deeper
half so that I get more candy. And you can use any candy you like. Nerds would be great
in here. It just depends on what you want to serve. So we’re going to grab 2 of our
little Pokémon characters and just sit them in amongst that candy.
And then you want to take your zip lock bag and just scoop in some of that melted white
chocolate. Push the chocolate all the way down to the corner of the bag and seal it.
Make sure there’s no air in there. Now, you want to just fashion a little bit of a piping
tip here. So grab your zip lock bag and just take the corner and your pair of scissors
and just snip it off. There’s no exact amount. You don’t want it to be too thick because
you just want to be able to control how much of that chocolate is going to come out.
And now, sort of I guess the trickiest part. So you want to take one half and then your
other half, sit the white on top. It doesn’t really matter what’s top and bottom because
they’re all going to get shoveled around in there or shuffled around in there, and you
just want to hold them together. Don’t worry if you’ve got a little bit of a gap, that’s
totally fine. Try to get them as even as you can though.
So now you want to take your zip lock bag and we’re just going to fill in a nice thick
line of melted white chocolate all the way around that seal. Alright, now from here,
you just want to count to 5. We just want that to start setting a little bit but not
too much. So now you want to take just your finger and you’re just going to swipe around
the outside of that pokeball. We’ll repeat that with our second ball.
Now you want to make sure you’re not getting too much of it on the red there. But if you
do find that you’ve made a little bit of a mess, just grab a nice smooth knife and you
can just sort of drag it along and just shave off any of that excess white chocolate. That’ll
just clean up your pokeball a little bit and it will also take off any ridges.
Alright, so we’ve had a little bit of tidy up and now it’s time to take your black candy
melts and your pokeball and you just want to use that paintbrush just to paint on a
nice center line. Try not to hold on to your pokeball too much. I’m just balancing it just
a little bit with my fingers. So that I’m not touching that too much and melting it,
I’m actually going to let that set before I roll it over and keep going with the other
line. Alright, so there you’ve got your basic pokeball,
pretty much ready to go. What were going to do now is just add on this button. So we’re
just going to paint a nice big circle right in the middle of that black band. So when
you’re happy with your circle, just take your toothpick and a little bit of that white chocolate.
You want quite a decent little blob here. Pop that down and then taking one of your
white sprinkles, pop it in the middle. Perfect! So there’s your little pokeball candy bomb
ready to go. I hope that you guys have loved this tutorial. Make sure that you check out
our Pikachu cakepop, the perfect accompaniment to this pokeball candy bomb. And I know the
moment you’ve all been waiting for is here, you’re going to want to see me smash it.
So to smash these, I always find the best way is to use a big spoon. Grab your spoon,
lay it on the table and we’re just going to smash it.
So there you’ve got your candy, your pokeball, and look, our little Pokémon character, sure
to be a hit with the kids and with the big kids.
Thanks very much for tuning in to My Cupcake Addiction.

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  1. Not trying to be a know it all I got this idea from ihascupquake you can you balloons and blow them up the size you want and then when they hardened you can pop the balloon and take it off you just have to be careful. Just incase you don't have the mold.

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  6. You can do this with a metal mold, you just need to coat it with a bit of butter or oil. You also can do it on the outside if you want.

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  11. When I make cake pops,With candy melts, they come out great, usually I keep then on the fridge, and when I take them out to present or serve, they sweat, do you know how can I avoid that?

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