Camping Cooler Hacks – Field Review

Camping Cooler Hacks – Field Review

here’s the cooler setup we used on our
last camping trip we’re using a white canvas ground tarp
and an additional white canvas tarp on the top the coolers because the lighter
colors do not absorb as much heat in this segment we’ve removed the top tarp
to reveal an economy sleeping bag which we keep the coolers inside this little
tip here will generally add two days to the length of time the cooler on the
left basically a refrigerator the cooler on the right we just use it to store
cold drinks and that’s why it’s on the right in the open end of the sleeping
bag it’s easier to get to here we have the cooler opened up on the
morning of the 5th day the ice Locker on the left had 15 pounds of ice to start
with and it now still has about five pounds of ice in it that ten pounds of ice that is missing their
most of that was consumed in beverages we had very little water in the bottom of the cooler after five days here we’ve got the cooler all emptied out and you can see
there are still about five pounds of crushed ice there and about three-quarters
of those gallon jugs are still frozen and we have drained off a little water
out of the bottom to keep it below that level that grill work here’s one of the gallon containers of
water removed just so you can get a little better look at it now the conditions
during this camping trip with low 40 degrees at night a high of 70 degrees
during the day time we would have been out of crushed ice in another day but
the cooler would have held up as a refrigerator easily for another three

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  1. Put the ice in the "ice locker" side in a garbage bag and you will have 0 water on the bottom. (unless you punch a hole in the bag of coarse)

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