Cake Design for Birthday and How to Make Moss for Cakes

Cake Design for Birthday and How to Make Moss for Cakes

In this video I’m sharing a gorgeous
spring birthday cake design idea. To get inspired before designing a cake try
taking a stroll outside and see if it helps to get your creative juices
flowing. Hi it’s Lorelie, welcome back to my channel, and if it’s your first time
welcome to Wedding Cakes For You cake tutorials. and if you want to build your
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and ring the bell. This spring birthday cake starts with my
orange butter cake recipe with English lemon curd filling and Italian meringue
buttercream. You can find these recipes in my book Wedding Cakes with Lorelie
Step by Step and it’s on Amazon. The Swiss dots are made using a paper cone
filled with Italian meringue buttercream and a small opening. Chocolate ganache
and cocoa powder helped to create the brown for the wreath and the stems. One
way to make Moss for your cakes is to use green shortbread cookie dough. Smoosh
it onto a cookie sheet bake it at 350 until browned and then crumble up some
of the cookies and sprinkle over the intact cookies, then use a brush to flick
some lime petal dust for highlights. And now for the cake decorating. I’m just
gonna let the music play and let you watch and at the end if you have
questions just leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer. If you like my videos subscribe, like and
share and don’t forget to leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.
I will see you in the next video.

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  1. Happy Monday! Have you ever made Moss for cakes? I really love this way to create edible Moss. It's delish. Here is the link to my Shortbread cookies recipe. You can make it with or without the nuts and you can add any extract to flavor. For the bird cookie topper in this video I used Lavender extract and royal icing flavored with a squeeze of fresh Lemon.

  2. Lorelie this is stunning! I could watch your videos all day long! How long did it take you to make and decorate this cake? Thank you for sharing your time, beauty and technique's!!!!

  3. I love watching you pipe. It's literally watching a master at work. Love the idea for edible moss. Such a good idea. I wouldn't mind watching those leaves in slow motion. The ones on the wreath before you piped the flowers. ❤

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