Cake Decoration Tips : How to Cover Cake Sides with Fondant

Cake Decoration Tips : How to Cover Cake Sides with Fondant

Hi, I’m Karen for Expert Village. Now we’re
going to be covering our cake. I’m going to cover each panel of the cake separately, so
we’ll need four, we’re going to start with four six by four and a half inch panels for
this cake. So what you’ll do is you’ll just measure your cakes side, and then you’re going
to cut it out of the fondant. So we’ll roll this, you’ll want to put plenty of the confectioners
sugar so that it won’t stick there. And we’ll roll out the fondant to approximately four inches or six inches
wide, and then we’ll cut our panel pieces. Should be about an eight of an inch thick
when you’re rolling out. And if you start by giving yourself a strait edge like that,
and right now this is about six inches, so I think I’ll do the four and a half inches
here. So I’m going to cut a strait edge a strait bottom. I’ll measure the four and a
half inches. We’ll move that out of the way. And I’ll measure six inches here, and cut that. I’m just going to put this aside
for a minute while I work on this piece. And then very carefully you want to pick up
that panel and place it on the cake like this. This is where this tool comes in handy. I
use it to press and smooth the fondant. You want to come right out to the edge. Now the
fondant is soft and pliable so you can make adjustments to it. You can pull it and stretch
it. And then make your next panel.

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  1. Did you put anything between the frosting and the fondant?

    I saw on some other videos they used piping gel, did you use anything like that?

  2. I agree with Katyllw. She made this WAAAY harder and more time consuming than is necessary. Just measure the top and add both sides together. Roll out a large piece of fondant according to your measurements. Then just drape and cut off the excess. It's easier and looks soooo much better because there's no seams.

  3. i know your right but i think that she wanted the seams because it is a gift box cake and gift boxes have seams

  4. While I respect the people who post videos online, calling yourself "expert village" tends to make others have higher expectations. This is mediocre at best. There are far better instructionals on here. Also, "Fon- Daaant" gets really old and annoying really fast.

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