Cake Decoration ๐ŸŽ‚ Ink Box Challenge: Nikki Simpson vs. Josh Payne | Ink Master

Cake Decoration ๐ŸŽ‚ Ink Box Challenge: Nikki Simpson vs. Josh Payne | Ink Master

– I only work with
Martha Stewart products so this is ridiculous. Tastes pretty damn good though. At least we got that going for
us. (Upbeat rock music) – Hi, I’m Nikki Simpson. – I’m Josh Payne. – And welcome to the
Ink Box Challenge. – [Josh] What do you think is
gonna be in this damn thing? All they do is curve ball us
every way they possibly can. – I feel like I’m Brad Pitt
in the middle of a dessert and there’s something
bad that happens – What’s in the box? – That’s how I feel. Well I hope whatever it is just explodes in your face. – Is there a chance there’s
a good artist in there for you to win this thing with? Cause it’s probably not
happening otherwise. – [Nikki] Oh, it’s fine. I am not worried. I know my team’s gonna be sick. – [Josh] At least it’s black. It’ll match your funeral outfit for losing this whole damn thing that you got rocking
so that’s good. – My funeral is for
you, baby, okay? (upbeat rock music) – You wanna see this thing? Inside? – Can I shake it around? – It might be a puppy. (yelling) (laughter) – You ready?
– [Nikki] I don’t wanna look! – Let’s do this. (intense music) – Oh! (gasping) – Yes! – We get decorate some cakes. – Oh, can I just
smash it in your face? It’s gonna look
better than anything you can do anyways. – We’ll see how this plays out. Ladies first. – Yeah, go for it. (laughter) – Welcome to the Ink Box
Challenge, inside the box each of you have a
cake, icing, icing tips an icing spatula,
sprinkles, and an apron. You have ten minutes
to decorate your cake however you’d like. Ink Master fans will determine
the winner, good luck. Uh, oh. You better work hard cause
this is the only thing you’re gonna be winning this
whole damn challenge so. – You do like to cook. I know that about you. But, can you bake? – Baking’s done, but I can
decorate like a (beep). So I got that covered. (rock music) – [Josh] How I know
you’re an amateur is aprons come first. – I play dirty, so put
your (beep) apron on. We got like, fancy little tips. Oh boy. – Of all damn things, how
did they choose a cake? – [Nikki] Kinda love it. (laughter) I love it. – What am I gonna
make on a cake though? – [Nikki] I don’t know, I
might as well make a trophy cause I’m a (beep) winner. (laughter) – You wanna count it down? You know how these
challenges work. You don’t get time
to think about it before the clock starts. – Give me a second. – When the clock starts,
then you gotta figure it out. – [Nikki] Give me a second. I actually put thought
into my actions. – You’re cheating,
you’re already cheating. And that’s why
this whole thing– – [Nikki] How am I cheating? – [Josh] Cause you
find out the challenge and you got to do it as
soon as the clock starts– – Alright fine, let’s (beep) go. Alright, let’s go, right now. – [Josh] Ready to go?
– Yep. 3, 2, 1. (intense music) – [Josh] Oh, this is
gonna be the longest 10 minutes of your life. You want some help? This is frosting,
that you can put on. It’s a color too. I don’t know if you saw that. – [Nikki] Oh, it’s a
Betty… Crocker one. Damn it! – Do you not listen… at all? And if this is any
premoition for how– – [Nikki] Do you
stop talking, at all? – [Josh] No, no, no. – [Nikki] Clearly. (intense music) What ya doing over there? – Deciding. – [Nikki] You still
haven’t figured it out. – [Josh] Just start
making some shapes and something will happen. This is the way I tattoo. You just kinda chuck
some shit out there and hope it looks
good when you’re done. – Yeah, I can tell. (intense music) Oh, are you doing a skull? – [Josh] You worry about
what you’re doing over there and I will show you
what it’s like to win. It’ll be the first time
you’ve ever seen victory. – Oh really? Because I didn’t
have a better artist hold my hand through
the entire competition like you did. – Hey, guess what
season we’re on? Coaches again. I learned how to use a coach. (upbeat rock music) Aw, this is some shenanigans. The tip I want doesn’t work
with the frosting I want. – [Nikki] I know. (Nikki yelps) (laughter) – Oh, you are so apt
in this whole thing. Lucky for you, I spent my night last night watching Cake Boss. By the looks of things,
I can go take a seat– – [Nikki] Worry about yourself. – [Josh] What’re you going with? Some cute little swirly whirls? You just scrapped your
whole thing in the middle? – [Nikki] Yeah I did,
I figured it out. – It’s very Jackson Pollock. – I figured it out. Don’t even worry. – [Josh] Get some like, negative
shape wind bars in there. They love those. Maybe slap a koi fish
in there somewhere. (rock music) I might need new frosting. I’m eating all of mine. – Are you not working
on your thing? – [Josh] I mean, you
have a gray obelisk. I have a lovely
design going already. – [Nikki] Go away. – Oh, you’ll get rid of
me here in like two days when you go home and
I go to the finale. (upbeat music) So what is the dumbest
they made you do for a flash challenge? – [Nikki] I had to spark
two live wires together and try and make a burnt
out image on canvas. – How did that go for you? – It went horribly. – [Josh] Didn’t you
like, kinda just run off sheltered and scared? – [Nikki] Yes I did; I
threw a temper tantrum and I’m not afraid to admit it. – [Josh] Is that a
premonition for how this is all gonna play out or? – [Nikki] No, I
learned my lesson. I know how to play now. – [Josh] Don’t quit? – [Nikki] Yeah. I ain’t quitting right now. (upbeat music) Is it really timed
like, only ten minutes? – Did you even
compete on this show? Do you not remember anything? – Shut up. Don’t waste your
time, get to work. – [Josh] I hate that
you’re making a grave because this was gonna be yours. – Okay, I’m
one step ahead of you. Get used to that because that’s how this
competition’s gonna go. – Spicy. What in the hell
kinda cat shit green are you making over here? – I’m making brown (beep). It’s called color theory. – [Josh] Black
and yellow’s green so we’ll start there. If you want a lesson, we
got about 3 more minutes that I could– – [Nikki] Really, does
this not look brown to you? You’re this blind, I’ll feel
really bad for your team. – [Josh] It’s a good thing
you put all that white down first to cover
it with other colors. Is that the way you are gonna teach people to tattoo too? Put a really bad base down and then poorly put on
color over top of it? – What are you gonna do? Deal with that (beep) dude literally nothing
for a background. You’re just gonna
slap shit on there? I have a scene happening. – [Josh] I can be done in
less than four minutes. – [Nikki] Yeah, because
you don’t give a shit. Why do you think they
matched us together? Why do you think
you’re my opponent? – [Josh] I wanna say it’s
because of our talent but I have this sneaking feeling it could be because we’re two
very loud talking assholes. – Yeah, but we let our
tattoos do the talking. – [Josh] That is true. Is that a Hershey volcano
exploding behind the can? – [Nikki] This beautiful tree. (intense music) – [Josh] How you
doing over there? Time’s got to be getting close. – [Nikki] Two minutes! – [Josh] Oh, getting nervous? You looking over here at
what a real cake looks like? – Oh, there’s brown underneath. – What’d I tell you about wasting all that
time putting white? – (beep) Oh my God! Oh my God! – [Josh] Do you want help? – [Nikki] No!
– [Josh] I’ve got time. – [Nikki] Stop it. – I am covering you with every ounce of
frosting that is left when this is done. (intense music) Time check, we have
about 30 seconds. I’m excited to know that
if I totally fail as a tattooer, I might crush it
with kid’s birthday parties. – [Nikki] Decorating cake is
way harder than tattooing. (intense music) – [Josh] Oh, fancy! – [Both] 5, 4, 3, 2… – [Josh] Don’t touch
it, frosting down. Welcome to victory. That is called art. – [Nikki] Yours is so pretty. – [Josh] I can decorate a
cake with the best of them. – [Nikki] Look at my
beautiful landscape. That is called your future. You’re already dead, son. Is that your name, Josh? – [Josh] Plus Josh. We’re in art critique cause you’re gonna have to sit
through one and maybe you’ll be able to help defend one of your losing
teammates that’s coming. These are lines. And this is called
wall to wall saturation without missing gaps, and I
left room for it to breathe unlike this muddled mess
that’s all gonna blur together. – [Nikki] Well the difference
between you and me is I worried more at home
about tattooing than sitting in my kitchen trying
to become Betty Crocker. – [Josh] At the end of the
day, we both know this. It’s not what we think. Someone else is judging us and this time it’s
the Ink Master fans. You guys out there get
to be a part of this. Leave your comments, take
your time, remark it. Pretty much, I guess, just,
we all know the inevitable. Just say Josh won. – [Nikki] I know you’re
talking a whole mess of shit but I want to– – [Josh] Do I have to get
closer to see what this thing– – I wanna show you
it’s, it’s right there. – [Josh] The good
thing is, is your cake actually might look better now. Ink Master fans, thank
you guys very much. It was a blast. – So much fun, look
at that beauty. (rock music)

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  1. that girl is so aggressive and obnoxious. fat bitch. The dude is cool as shit though and definitely more talented and cute too.

  2. I must say, Nikki had some nice comebacks at Josh. She must have worked really hard on that after the burn BoneFace gave her in season 8 xD

  3. Nikki needs to stop with the fillers. Her lips look like a fucking bumper. Weight gain aside, that doesn't make your lips fatter tho…

  4. She literally looks the same. Everyone is acting like she looks super different but I recognize her immediately? She looks good too. Let people live their life.
    Anyway this was fun, they both have hilarious asshole banter chemistry. I like Josh's cake better.

  5. I hardly recognized her at first! Lip injections, boob job, new sternum piece, and her haircut make her look so much different from ink master season 8. She is still beautiful though ๐Ÿ’— just look different

  6. Josh won. Beautiful design, icing on the edges could use a little help but who's paying attention?

  7. as a cake decorator i love this but it also hurts me to watch those fake ass icing tubes get used by these awesome artists. literally both set up for failure by those tools lol.

  8. Let's all be real here. No matter who you think is more annoying Josh easily took the cake here๐Ÿ˜‚

    …I'm sorry

  9. why do they all get lipjobs? …is there one woman in the world that has fake lips and looks pretty? i just dont get it

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