Buttercream Wedding Cake with Buttercream Flowers

Buttercream Wedding Cake with Buttercream Flowers

Welcome to Wedding Cakes For You YouTube
In this video you can watch as I create a three-tiered wedding cake from scratch.
So stay tuned! This is the orange version of my vanilla butter cake recipe which
is multiplied by six to make fourteen, ten, and six inch, three layer cakes. The
recipe and the measurements are in my book Wedding Cakes with Lorelie
Step-by-Step. I’ll put a link below the video for you and also in the video so
you can go check out the books. The filling for this cake is a white
chocolate buttercream. This is the Italian meringue buttercream with a
twist which you can see on this channel. You can also download a free copy of My
Top Five Buttercream Recipes at weddingcakesforyou.com The links are below
in the description box for you. This is a simple syrup and this is optional. If you
decide to use it you can just brush it over the layers and it gives you an
extra little boost of flavor. Then a layer of buttercream, Raspberries, fresh
or frozen, and then more buttercream to seal in the Raspberries. Do this for each
layer. The cakes are then lightly frosted to seal in the crumbs. Repeat this with
all three tiers. Day one and two are now complete. On day
three the cakes are frosted. You can use a 789 frosting tip which
I’m using here to put the final frosting on the cakes. Then you smooth it out with
a bench scraper or spatula. I just started using this tip and I’m loving it. You can create a rustic beauty using a
spatula and doing a stucco effect like I’m doing on this cake. Mark the cake for a visual aid before
you decorate. The mounds of icing will be the main arrangement. Dark purpley blue
hydrangea is piped using 101 over a mound of green. Light-blue mock-up of a stock flower is
piped with a Mum tip The Mums are piped onto wax paper and
frozen for about 10 minutes before placing them onto the cake. The Mums are peeled away from the wax
paper and placed over the mound of soft buttercream.
I also piped white tulips with goldenrod yellow centers as an accent. They’re made
with the Russian piping tip. I’ll be sharing in the future a mini version of
this wedding cake with you for with more specific instructions on how to make
these buttercream flowers, and also how to arrange them on the cake. This cake
was especially heavy, so it’s a good thing we were both keeping up on our
weight training. Scott may need a little help there with his bodybuilding poses.
The cake made it safe and sound to19 Main in New Milford Connecticut. The
bride and groom chose a beautiful monogrammed topper. As always delivering a wedding cake is a
great cause for celebration with a cocktail or two. Thanks so much for
watching don’t forget to subscribe and click the notification bell for my
upcoming videos. See you next week 🙂

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  1. Que hermoso pastel !!!
    Haces verdaderas obras dé arte en tus pasteles. Felicidades.
    Saludos desde México.

  2. Finally, I have found the wedding cake I was looking for. A real cake made of buttercrean with a romantic decoration.

  3. WOW!!! This is Awesome 💓 A very beautiful cake 👍👍👍 … Elegant and Classy Wedding Cake 😍 Thank-you so much for sharing this video… I wish I was Your sister to be like You ❤

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