Buttercream Flower Cake How to Pipe a Scabiosa

Buttercream Flower Cake How to Pipe a Scabiosa

So it’s Lorelie again with a Valentine
cake one more time. Oh it’s really pretty it’s a little vintage style cake and I’m
gonna be giving this cake away on Saturday. I’m gonna have a book signing
at a place called Jesters Coffee in Brookfield Connecticut, so if you’re in
Connecticut come on by between 1:00 and 3:00 we’re gonna do a cupcake decorating
contest, we’re gonna have a book signing so I’m going to sign my books, and we’re
going to give this cake away to the winner of the cupcake decorating contest.
And it’s a very pretty vintage style cake. I did buttercream on the side with
greens to make it look very soft, then I did some pink ruffles. and the
buttercream flowers are something I just tried recently, they’re called Scabiosa
flowers. And I put a couple of buttercream roses on there as well. So I
will put links to everything in the description box below the video, so you
can find everything that has to do with this cake. And I’m gonna just share with
you how I made that particular flower. Begin by making a ring of buttercream to
act as a base or foundation for your flower. This is the number 104 tip and
you’re going to make seven petals. For each pedal hold the bag at a 45
degree angle as you pipe. The wide end of the tip is facing down. The thin edge
creates the fine ruffle. Move the tip in an arch as you create each petal. I like
to think of each petal as having three distinct arches. The center arch being
the tallest. As you move the tip in an arch move it slightly up and down to
create the ruffle edge. Now for the second layer of petals angle
the bag at more of a 90 degree angle. Pipe four or five petals in the same way
but smaller. Next fill the center and then pipe the yellow center using a
small round tip. I used a number 3 round, Here It is again I’m going to do it one
more time. I ended up making 14 flowers and I put
them in the freezer to get them nice and firm. The cake I used for this is my
chocolate buttermilk cake which is in my book. The filling and the frosting is my
favorite Italian meringue buttercream and I will put a link to that at the end
of the video. I used a leaf number 352 and the number 10 round for the border a
number 104 for the ruffle and number 21 for the shell, And now for the fun part.
Pile your flowers overlapping them as you go to create a full look. Use a
little bit of buttercream to attach each flower and then just pipe leaves all
around and that’s it. So thanks again for stopping by and
Happy Valentine’s Day don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t done so. You can
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what you want to see next, cuz I’d like to give you what you want. So go ahead
and don’t be shy. Just tell me what you think and I’ll see you soon.
bye bye

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  1. I absolutely adore this cake it is beautiful vintage look is gorgeous, especially like the double piping of the borders . Thankyou for sharing once again.

  2. Hello from Houston Texas!!! Oh my gosh,that is so pretty, when are you ever coming to HOUSTON, TEXAS!!!I definitely have to get your book.

  3. You inspired me to make these Scabiosa flowers. Mine aren't as nice as yours but they still looked good. Thank you for this tutorial. Would like to show you mine but unfortunately I don't know how. ☺️

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