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  1. Hi, so I really like your recipe but I wanted to know if you could just put them on a cookie sheet instead of putting it in a piping bag? I don't have one and when I tried to make one like here on youtube it went terribly wrong. Could I also maybe roll it into a log before or after refrigerating it and then cook it?

  2. Seems yummy 😋
    A bit confusion – After freezing for 20 min we’ve to directly bake it or have to wait till it comes to room temperature n then bake ??

  3. These look amazing 😉 will try them ! Plze share sugar cookies I haven’t found one simple recipie Lol are these cookies soft or crunchy 🙏

  4. I followed the formula weighing all ingredients. I attempted to pipe using a #2A piping tip. Dough was too stiff to go thru the tip. I guess u need to build up my firearms next time.

  5. Всем привет! Кто любит этот канал ❤️ ставьте лайк! 

    Ребята подпишитесь на меня пожалуйста, очень надо 🎄 Поддержите меня, если не сложно

  6. I just made this simply cookies. Result was good and very simple . But I need more a little bit sweetness. And also I don't know why but cookie dough are pretty much dryness, I was trying into a piping bag, but too dry , not like video . So took out from Piping bag, and put manually with my hands to flatten and baked. That is OKed. Exactly I followed recipe count on amount and everything….but kind a hard cookie dough. Is that some different room temp or different States Dryness or what ?? Is anybody else has any idea ?

  7. For a real danish style cookie , leave away vanilla and finely chopped coconut fiber ( 1/3 of a cup or to your taste ).I don't use cornstach nor salt either .

  8. I tried another recipe I found on YouTube but they were too soft and came out like cake, so I will try this one because it has different ingredients and just might come out better

  9. In your directions it says to sift the corn starch, flour, and salt together. So why then, in the video, did you add the salt in the batter? This has me a little confused.

  10. With no leavening agent and no eggs they are very similar to shortbread cookies. Maybe just baked a little shorter time. I have a feeling they are delicious! Thank you!

  11. Okay… And what if I choose to deep fry them instead, dear chef? Would it ruin them? (idea of tons of calorie ain't repulsive for me.)

  12. This video would show up as I’m eating this exact cookie for the first time ever. And I didn’t even google it. Bye!

  13. The mixed dough looks so buttery and light! The cookies must be delicious! I’m a cookie 🍪 monster! Love ❤️ this!

  14. The dough was not so soft and it was very difficult to pipe with a bag. Also when I put the baking tray in lower rack some of the cookies got burnt. Please guide

  15. I made these cookies, the taste was amazing. However, they were very difficult to pipe. Next time I will weigh out the ingredients, instead of using cup measurements. Hopefully it works out 🤞🏻

  16. I noticed on the video that you turned the pan during baking. Was this turned in the middle of the fifteen minute bake time??

  17. I make it but got surprised bec the form its like melting while inside the oven. Whats wrong with my cookie? Any help?

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  19. Hi Mam🙂
    Another great yummi recipe fr you. I gave it a try and turned out awesome. Didn't last long a day though. All gone😀👍thanks for yr delicious cookies recipe. Have a great new year😘

  20. yummy ! I made 2 batches, 3 peanutbutter cookies, 2 oatmeal cookies and 2 pineapple bread and of them are gone 🙁

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