Burger Cupcakes | Fleur & Mike

Burger Cupcakes | Fleur & Mike

Hi, guys, and welcome back
to our kitchen. Today, you have something
sneaky that you’re up to. Yes. Today I’m kicking
Fleur out of the kitchen. We are off to Portugal in a few days and it is time for you to go pack
whilst I cook up a secret surprise. Is this the funny thing
to do with my birthday? I’m not saying a word. Hopefully, this is gonna work. Now she’s gone and disappeared. I’m gonna be doing something
kind of a bit fun and quirky. A burger cake. I’ve never cooked one before,
but Fleur vlogged about it recently, which I thought was apt
to do for her birthday. So I’m gonna start with some butter,
some caster sugar, I’m gonna put those in. Half a teaspoon of vanilla,
in that goes. Now I’m gonna start off slowly. By doing it too quick, the butter
and the sugar will go everywhere. And next I’m gonna add a couple
of eggs into the mixture. My baking skills
are pretty non-existent on the basis that
I’ve never really baked before. So this is Fleur’s first ever sample
of my cake-making skills. We’ve got the baking powder
and the flour, all mixed together. Dump it all in.
Give it a gentle little tap. Now we’re gonna gently fold
this into the mixture to make sure
that we keep it aerated. Stir the milk into the cake mixture. Now we’re gonna add a little bit
of milk into the mixture and then I’m gonna add
the chocolate powder to the rest of it. Looking– Whoa, that’s gone
badly wrong, kind of multi task. Rescued it. I’ve saved it. So some of these are gonna be
the lovely vanilla buns and then the last three
that I’m gonna do, they are gonna be the filling,
they are gonna be the meat. So they’re gonna be chocolatey. Now the remainder of the batter, we’re gonna add
some cocoa powder to. Now it says, add a tablespoon,
which I shall, but I’m probably gonna add
a little bit more on the basis that I want it to be
really chocolatey. The best bit. These are ready
to go into our range. So while that is gently warming away and then hopefully
cooking perfection, I’m gonna start on the butter cream. So I’m gonna add the butter,
then half a teaspoon of vanilla. And then I’m gonna
add the icing sugar. Ooh, that was loud. Now we go for our second
cloud of smoke. This is gonna go everywhere. I feel like I’ve got like
dry ice coming out, here now,
I feel like it should be in the ’80s. My iPad is now covered
in icing sugar, as is everywhere. I’ve never been described
as a clean cook and I’m certainly living up to that. So this is supposed to symbolise
the mayonnaise. But no, let’s now– let’s see
whether these have turned out okay. Not meaning to be arrogant, but I’m impressed
with myself for that. They have turned out a lot
better than I thought. So I’m gonna cut
the burger in half. Look at that. These are cooked to perfection. Time now to do the icing
and this is the fun bit, so I get to make
even more of a mess. I’m gonna dust my chopping board, this means this icing
is not gonna stick. Now I’m gonna use the cutter
to cut our lettuce. What I would say is get a cutter that’s a bit bigger
than your burger bun ’cause you want the lettuce
to stick out a bit. Now I’m gonna try
and kind of crinkle it up if I can, so just kind of use your fingers. It’s now just time to assemble
my giant burger. So I’m gonna start by adding
a bit of mayonnaise. Square cheese on top. Now I’d like to say
it’s kind of melted a bit. So just like pull
about a little bit. If you don’t know,
I do not like ketchup. I’m not a fan, but we’re gonna
try and make this look as ketchupy as possible. Burgers should not have
ketchup on, but Fleur likes ketchup. She’d also say, I should be
having a gherkin in there. For that sake, do you know
what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna make her a gherkin because I feel like
she should have one. I’ve got an apricot glaze and the idea of this
is to make it look like a burger. Then I’m gonna sprinkle
a few of these top to try and make it look like
a seeded bun. On you go. Voila, it is done. Fleur’s little burger is complete. So I’m really happy
how these are turned out. I’m kind of intrigued to see
whether they look as good as what Fleur thought
they were in America. But I think
there’s one way to find out and that’s to let
the little monster in. Fleur, you can come in now. Come this way. Oh, my God, they are amazing! Can you guess which burger is mine? This one is, there’s no ketchup. Yeah. – Which one’s for me?
– And which one’s yours? Which one looks
like it will be yours? Well, this one
’cause it’s got a jalapeno in it. Yeah. Well, gherkin… This is the best birthday cake
I’ve ever had, literally. Are you ready?
– Yeah. It’s actually really good. It’s really good.
That’s actually amazing. The cake is really good, Mike.
– Yeah. So if you guys want to know
how to make these amazing burgers… Yeah, she likes them. ..then I’ll put
all the information below and send me your comments
on anything, how I’ve done, whether you have
anything similar that you’ve done. That looks like a food?
– Yeah, looks like a food. It’d be cool to see
what you guys have done. And we will see you again soon. Bye, guys.
– Bye. – Don’t forget to subscribe.
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  1. I love watch you two together ! You should come up with a recepi without looking online, just make it up one ! It would be awesome (: seriously love you guys.
    Kisses from Brazil

  2. Mike you are a natural!! Love to see how much you have changed thru the years! best of luck to you and Fleur!

  3. Woaw that's impressive Mike! And so sweet! 😀 You two are amazing! Enjoy your holidays in Portugal 🙂

  4. I would watch "Chef DeForce" on tv, Mike is just as good as Jamie Oliver. A true natural! Fleur is amazing ofc, but I think Mike deserves a little exta cred for this one 😀

  5. Who would have thought after watching Mike in Fleur's boyfriend tag all those years ago that he would become this confident in front of a camera!

  6. We used to make something similar with Nilla and chocolate wafer cookies. The Nilla wafers would be the bum wile the chocolate would be the burger and it was all held together with mini tubes of decorating icing in the color of the condiments you wanted.

  7. Cool! I want to try these!! I seen some turkey, mash potatoes, green bean looking cupcakes before for Thanksgiving haha..great for kids!

  8. What a very sweet and loving act from your husband to make your birthday memorable and fun. Happy Birthday to you and have a wonderful time in Portugal.

  9. Amazing job there Mike…they are very impressive! Be terrific for a BBQ birthday party and great at a kids party too. Xx

  10. never complain about a man who cooks 🙂 going to try and make these with my boyfriend josh over the weekend! 🙂 

  11. great job mike i love this kind of cooking videos with mistakes and a little bit of mess 🙂 it shows its real, and your personality is great mike!

  12. Mike did a fantastic job with these! Totally right that the best bit is eating the batter. I've always thought burger cupcakes would be too hard, but I think I'll give them a go!

  13. you two are so lovely in front of the camera together 😀 So glad you have a channel now together 🙂 ♥ Sarah

  14. Well done Mike! Loved the flour on your sleeve. There's a great cookbook called The Surreal Gourmet that you should check out.

  15. Don't we all need a husband like Mike?:) haha great job on the baking. Most guys just stick to the grill if any cooking at all?.

  16. A tip for whisking the icing sugar: I wrap a tea towel around the top of the bowl for the first 30 seconds so that it holds all the dust in until the mixture is more combined! Although that spoils my enjoyment of breathing in the sweet air….yeah.

  17. Oh my gosh!!! The little burger cakes are awesome and so cute!:) Mike did an amazing job! 😀 happy birthday Fleur! I love your cooking videos, they keep inspiring me to be more creative in the kitchen and try new things! Thanks so much!<3

  18. You two couldn't be more adorable!! You both are really genuine and charismatic in front of the camera! I love watching all of your videos 🙂

  19. Love it 😀 another great idea for a dessert are BELGIAN WAFFLES 😀 or real Belgian fries 😀 (not as a dessert obv ;d) love you both! 😘💞

  20. Oh man my husband would DIE!!! He is a burgeraholic!!!! If you ever find yourself in Richmond VA, which I can't imagine why but IF you do he would tell you all the best burger secrets here!

  21. Good job, Mike! Love you both.

    Hint: Put your Ipad into a giant "baggy"…ziplock the plastic bag, and cleanup is a snap.

  22. Oh I mean, I've watched Fleur and Mike on their vlogs and now I see them doing things for Sainsbury's..O.O

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