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Hi Cupcakers! Today I’m going to show you how to make
a cheesecake brownie with caramel. And if you haven’t tried this
combination let me tell you it’s delicious. The cheesecake and the caramel make for a delicious mix. And to make it even more delicious I made it with
a brownie in the base for a intense chocolate flavor. I like heating it a little on the microwave before serving it. With vanilla ice cream this is the perfect dessert. This way we’ll have a temperature
contrast and the taste that I love. I recommend that you try it, it’s very easy to make. Before I forget, starting next
Tuesday we’ll upload 2 recipes a week. One on Tuesdays, and the other one on Fridays like always. So every Tuesday I’ll have a new recipe for you. If you want to know how to make
these irresistible cheesecake brownies with caramel, stay because the recipe starts now. To make the brownie we’ll need: black chocolate, you can use any kind. The one I’m using is 70% cocoa, so it will have a intense flavor. We’ll also need all purpose flour, unsalted flour, brown sugar and eggs. vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. We start by placing the butter with
the black chocolate in a big bowl. And we take it to the microwave to melt it. You can also melt it by Bain Marie. The chocolate must be melted and mixed with the butter. Once melted we put it aside at room temperature. In another bowl beat the eggs, I’m doing it without a mixer. I recommend doing it this way so they do not foam too much. In this case the dough doesn’t have to
grow too much during the baking. Since the brownie doesn’t have to be spongy. So just beat them until they are mixed together. Once they are mixed, add the brown sugar and mix again. You can also use white sugar. But with brown sugar the brownie will be spongier and juicier. Also I love the caramel flavor that it gives it. Now add the vanilla extract and mix. Now little by little add the melted chocolate. Since it was at room temperature it should still be warm. So it’s important to stir while pouring it. This way we avoid the eggs from cooking and lumps in our dough. Now it’s ready to add the dry ingredients. With a colander we’ll sift the flour. Add the pinch of salt and mix with a spoon or with
a spatula until there are no traces of flour. As you can see I’m doing it slowly as not to add air to the mix. We want to mix the ingredients but not to add air. Once ready, separate in a bowl
2 tablespoons for the decoration later. Now we can place the dough in the pan. I’ll use a square 20 cm pan with a sheet of baking paper. This way it will be super easy to unmold the brownie. Pour the mix we just did. As you can see it’s a thick dough. We’ll need a spatula to spread it. Little by little we’ll smooth out the brownie mix. Now it’s ready to place the cheesecake on top. To make the cheesecake we’ll need:
cream cheese, 1 egg, sugar and vanilla extract. First beat the cream cheese at high speed for 2 minutes. No more than 2 minutes or it will melt. Just beat it to soften it and to make it creamier. And it’s better to do it while it’s cold. Just out of the fridge. After the 2 minutes add the sugar
and keep mixing for 1 more minute. Now we can add the vanilla extract and the egg. Keep mixing one more minute until all
ingredients are well incorporated. Now pour the cheesecake mix on top of the brownie in the pan. With a spatula spread the cheesecake so it’s even and smooth. Once it’s spread put some brownie dots that we saved earlier. Also put some caramel dots on the surface. With a spatula or a knife make some waves on the surface. You don’t need to do it all the way
to the bottom, just the surface. What I like about this technique is that
you can make the shapes that you want. Since it doesn’t affect the taste,
it will be just as delicious. With the designs spread the caramel
and the brownie all over the surface. But don’t over mix it. Once done, tap the pan so it all sits well. Take it to a pre-heated oven at 180°C with
heat on top and the bottom without fan. If you can’t turn off the fan, then place the oven at 170°C. In my case it was ready in 40 minutes. Just out of the oven let it cool in the pan completely. Once it’s cool you can unmold it. Just pull the baking paper and it will come right off. You can also use a long spatula to do so. You can cut it in portions and start
enjoying this delicious dessert. I’ll make 9 portions this time. But let me tell you that it is a big portion. You can cut it in 12 portions and they will be still large portions. But I’m telling you it’s delicious, do not
be surprised if someone asks for seconds. Once they are divided you can serve
them in a plate or a small tray. Look at the brownie part. It’s juicy and I think it’s perfect. And the cheese part is mixed with the brownie and the caramel. Truth is that this cheesecake brownie with caramel it’s a delight for the senses. When you cut a piece with the fork
you can see how tender and juicy it is. And it’s not raw at all. It’s just that the ingredients we used let us have a tender brownie without it being raw. If you liked the recipe hit the like button and share
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See you soon Cupcakers!

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