Bon Appétit’s Claire Saffitz Challenges Jimmy to a Layer Cake-Decorating Contest

Bon Appétit’s Claire Saffitz Challenges Jimmy to a Layer Cake-Decorating Contest

-Before we get to the cake, I want to talk about your show,
“Gourmet Makes.” It’s a very fun idea. Can you explain to everyone
what it is? -Yeah, it’s a really fun show. We tape in the test kitchen of
Bon Appetit. You can watch it
on our YouTube channel. And in every episode I attempt
to reverse-engineer and then re-create
a homemade version of a classic candy
or snack food. It takes like
three to four days. -Like, give me an examples of
what things you’ve redone. -We’ve done Twinkies, Twizzlers,
Sour Patch Kids, Snickers. It really runs the gamut. -And also you’re usually
trending on Twitter with the hashtag — and I just
want to get this right — I-W-D-F-C-F-T-B-A-T-K. Which stands for “I would die for Claire from
the Bon Appetit test kitchen.” [ Laughter and applause ] That’s amazing. -It’s pretty nice. -Why do you think —
Why did it get so popular? Why do you think
people are into it? -Well, I fail a lot on the show. So I have to always, like,
back up, correct course, take a different direction. So I think people like that
kind of behind-the-scenes look at all the trial and error. -Yeah. You brought us an example
of one of the things you made, A Pop-Tart.
-Yes. Yes, that’s them right here.
-Tell me about this. Now, you — these are — so this
is the Kellogg’s one, right? -That’s original. Uh-huh.
-That’s the deal. -Mm-hmm.
-And this is your jam. -That’s right. -Look at that guy. -And it toasts
just like the original. That’s always part of
the challenge. -I know, but I like them raw.
Oh, my God, it’s great! [ Laughter ] -A lot better.
-What am I gonna say? It’s bad? -Right.
[ Applause ] -It really is great.
-Right. -Alright.
Now we’re talking about — You’re a very talented
pastry chef. Today we’re talking about
layer cakes. Where do we begin on this? -Right, so we have everything
here needed to finish assembling and decorate our layer cakes.
-Yep. -You have two layers stacked.
-Yep. -Yours is filled with dulce de
leche. Mine has raspberry. We have a couple different
fillings and frostings here. So we’re going to get started.
-Yeah. -Pick up this tool. My favorite kitchen tool,
the offset spatula. Now, which filling
do you want to use? You can use a different filling
than what you have. I’m probably going to use
raspberry jam. -Alright, so I’ll do this.
-Yeah. Be pretty generous. -Dulce de leche.
-And then here’s a little trick. This thing turns.
-Oh, my goodness. -So you’re gonna start —
-Alright. Yep. Okay, good. So I got this.
-This is speed decorating. -Yeah, so I got that.
-Yep, yep. Spread it in an even layer.
-Yep. That looks good right there.
-Okay. -I would serve this.
-Ooh. Pretty good. Okay.
-Right? Not bad? -So then take your third layer.
-Third layer of cake. -Now, this layer is going to go
upside down. So just actually as you have it. Other way.
-Oh! -So the flat side is on top.
-Because? -You have a level,
really flat cake. -Level playing field. Gotcha. -Okay, now what is
your frosting? -I got to bring
my other offset spatula. -Yeah, big guns.
-No. Is that what we bring? What are we doing?
-Yes. -What is this for?
-I’ll show you. That’s for later.
[ Laughter ] -Okay.
-You want to use chocolate? -Yeah, sure. -Okay, I’m gonna go
with vanilla. This is cream cheese frosting,
classic. Can’t go wrong. -Hey, my wife always puts
cream cheese in frosting. -Okay, put a lot on. This is how — I’m going to show
you how to decorate. -Okay. I’m watching you.
-You start with a lot. -Yep. Gotcha, gotcha. -And it’s easier
to take frosting away rather than add on.
-Really? -So start with a lot. And then you want to just —
-Usually mine is ice cold. [ Laughter ] -That’s good, that’s good. I
think that’s enough, yeah, yeah. [ Laughter ] Alright. And now you can
kind of start turning. -Yeah. -And then work it
all across the surface. -Yep.
-Okay, a little freeform. -It’s starting to look like
Ronald Reagan or something. [ Laughter ]
It’s very interesting. It’s a nice head of hair,
my cake. -Right, right.
-It’s so beautiful. It looks like a person.
It’s like a Lego head. -And then work it across,
down around the sides. -Yep, work it.
[ Laughter ] And you said —
-It looks great! Keep spinning, keep spinning.
-Oh, yeah, I forgot. I don’t have a spinner at home.
I don’t have a spinner at home. -Maybe switch to this —
-What?! [ Laughter ] Alright, so am I doing
this right? -Yes.
-Alright, good. And you say that homemade cakes should look like
a homemade cake. -Yes.
-They shouldn’t look perfect. -I like when deserts
don’t look too perfect. So maybe go ahead and grab
your French scraper. -Don’t make me grab
another tool. This is insane.
[ Laughter ] Alright, what is — what —
-This guy. -Alright, so this — -Yeah, so hold it —
Here’s the trick. Hold it against
the side of the cake. -Yep.
-And then spin the cake. -Yep.
-And that’ll help smooth it out. -Yep.
-So you have a nice smooth — [ Laughter ] Oh, my God, oh, my God.
It’s going to fall off. Okay. Alright. -Okay, good. Sorry.
That looks pretty good. -So now I challenge you
to a decorating contest. -How much time on the clock?
-30 seconds. -30 seconds, alright, go!
I’ll do Oreo. ♪♪ [ Laughter ] Alright. How much time? How much time?! Someone tell me! [ Laughter ] Well, this is —
-Oh, my God. -I don’t understand
what I’m doing. [ Audience counting down ] Thank you.
-Oh, my God. -8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Happy new year!
Happy new year! [ Buzzer ] Claire Saffitz, everyone,
the clear winner right there! Come on.
[ Cheers and applause ] You are fantastic. Check out “Gourmet Makes” on
Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel.

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  1. "Why do you think uh, people are into it?" Lmao and Claire's answer. Like yeah but… the hashtag is really just that we love her so much bc she's an adorable strong human being and we all admire her so much

  2. I only watched because of Claire. Fallon is so not funny, especially when he was trying to purposely make his cake look bad. #comedyfail

  3. He was trying to hard to be "funny" by messing up. Not funny at all. I absolutely love Claire though! Claire deserves to be on TV with someone who actually cares and will cooperate!

  4. Everything that comes out of Jimmy's mouth feels exaggerated and unnecessary, down to the "YUP"s in between directions

  5. This is my favorite! I love both these you tube channels so much and nothing’s going to top Jimmy F. Trying to decorate a cake lol

  6. When you're used to the casual sophistication of BA videos, this hamming-it-up-for-the-audience shtick is so cringey.

  7. I've always had a hard time trying to explain why I dislike Jimmy Fallon. But putting him next to a person who is so genuine and lovable kind of explains it for me. She is everything he is not.

  8. i know everything’s not about money but I want to live in the timeline where Claire makes more than jimmy fallon

  9. Actually just irritating that he's not watching what she's doing at all and deliberately making a mess. Like… That's not what cooking it about

  10. do people actually find it entertaining to watch him go for cheap laughs instead of trying? traditional media can be so…😪 also I'd die for Claire FTBATK

  11. Jimmy is so annoying. Purposely doing things wrong for the sake of a laugh is pathetic. He does it in almost all his segments.

  12. Jimmy you sound like you had a rough night and like you really don’t give a damn what she had to say. I watch almost anything with Claire in it but cut this off less than halfway through

  13. I will never understand why some hosts dumb themselves down just to make people laugh. There is no possible way jimmy is THAT stupid to hold a scraper like THAT when Claire is right next to him demonstrating how to use it. There was NO need for that much frosting. I’m really starting to hate these talk shows because all they do is act fake.

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