Blind(folded) Dates Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

Blind(folded) Dates Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Am I attractive? You can only use your
sense of touch to decide. – Let’s do it. (laughs) – Is it over the table? (laughs) I’m sorry. – What? – Nevermind. (laughs) I’m Daniel. (dramatic orchestral music) – Hi, Malaya. – Malaya. – Where’s your hand? – Oh, are we shaking hands? – (laughs) We’re shaking hands. – Nice to meet you. – [Man] Do you guys wanna
start off with a shot? – Sure. – Let’s take a shot. What is this? – This is my tasting. – Oh. (laughs) – Jesus. – [Man] Perfect. – That was it? – [Man] Okay, that’s good. (squeals) Okay, you’re gonna play
the whole game blindfolded. Until the very end. – A literal blind date. – [Man] Who’s gonna go first? – Me. – Oh God. – What’s your type? Be specific. – Medium in height, generally athletic, very active, and, you know, outgoing. Willing to do things like this, like come to a studio and do a blind date. So, yeah, you’re already
on the radar, I guess. – Wow, thank you. – What is your type? – Big, tattooed, slightly mean guys. (laughs) Yeah. – Am I attractive? You can only use your
sense of touch to decide. – Let’s do it. Okay, this is a nose. You have big ears. – I do. – Okay, I feel product. – Little bit. – This is a good jawline. This is like a Draco Malfoy jawline. – I don’t look like Draco Malfoy. (audience laughs) I’m actually curious, like
what race do you think I am? – I think you’re Asian. – Why do you think I am Asian? – I don’t know. It’s something about
the sound of your voice. (laughs) – Okay. – What ethnicity do you think I am? – I don’t know, like Filipino kind of, or maybe like half and half. – Okay, interesting. Oh god. – Oh god. – Have you done butt stuff? (laughs) – When I was in puberty I just
like kind of experimented. – You stuck a finger up your own butt? – Yes. (laughs) I feel like most guys end up doing that. – What? – Alright. – Oh my god. – I just wanted to know what it felt like. But after that– – Okay. – I’ve been out of it. (laughs) Completely. (audience laughs) In all honesty, do you think the size of
a man’s penis matters? (groans) – Okay, um, yes. Cause I feel like there’s
definitely a point where it’s not enough. – What happened to like the whole, as long as he know how
to use it kind of thing? – Yeah, but most guys don’t, so. – I think I know how to use my penis. – You think? – Yeah. – Do you have references? – Would you wanna call them? (laughs) – [Man] I think that’s a pretty good idea. (laughs) Is your phone in your backpack? – It is in my backpack. – [Man] I’m gonna go get your backpack. – Who was like your first impulse to call? – My most recent thing, I guess. God damn it. (laughs) (phone rings) – [Woman] Hello? – Hey. – [Woman] What’s up? – How good do you think I am in bed? – [Woman] Daniel, what the fuck? – [Woman] You’re really good, obviously. – Okay, I’ll talk to you later. – [Woman] Why? Okay. But, okay. Yeah, I guess just call me later then. – Alright, bye. (laughs) – She gave you, like it was an immediate
great review though. You should feel proud of yourself. On the count of three, let’s both verbalize
our honest preference, sex with a condom or sex without a condom. Safety or STDs– – Wait, do we– – On three. – Wait, you can’t say it like that. (laughs) – One, two, three. No condom.
– No condom. (laughs) – Jesus. – On the count of three, we both say the average
number of times we masturbate in a week. Three, two, one. Five.
– Once. Whoa. (laughs) – Did you say once? – Yeah. (laughs) – I have sex a lot, so. – Wow. – (laughs) Sorry. (sighs) Oh no. – Will you make out
with me for one minute? – One minute? – One minute. – Blindfolded? I would go like ten seconds. (laughs) I can’t, okay. (audience claps) Okay, great. – What did you think about my lips? – It was good. I feel like I might have
lipstick on my face now. – You think I wear lipstick? (laughs) Before we take our blindfolds off, would you go on a second date with me? – Yeah. I think like we would have
good conversation and stuff. – You think so? – Yeah. Would you go on a second date with me? – Of course. – Aww, thanks. – Yeah. – Okay, ready? – Oh shoot, are we doing this? – Yep. One, two, three. (laughs) – Hi. – Hi. – So, it’s nice to meet you. – You too. (laughs) – So weird. (laughs) So what ethnicity are you? – I’m Filipino-White. – You are? – Yeah. – Okay, so I was right, right? – Yeah. – I got that right. – That’s why I was like,
what, this is crazy! – Cool. What physical feature of mine
are you most attracted to? – I think you have a nice face. You definitely have a nice jawline, and I felt that while I
was like feeling your face. – I think you have very pretty eyes. – Aww, thank you. – Yeah. They actually are glowing right now. Yeah. – Thanks. – Yeah. – So how was it for you
going on a date blindfolded? – I had a lot of fun. – Yeah. – I really did. – Were you more honest
wearing a blindfold on–? – I definitely do think that
I was a little more honest than I would have been, but I’m
glad that that was the case. – Yeah, same. – [Man] Alright, sweet. Good job. – Thanks. (audience claps) (laughs) – Why’d you go up? – What do you mean, why’d I go up? Cause you’re tall. – Well, then, I go up right? – Okay, fine, I’ll go under. – That’s weird to me. – That was weird. – That’s like friends.

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  1. Dude I have never stuck a finger up my bum, don't assume that every guy does it to make yourself a little less weird

  2. She said her type was big dudes with tattoos and is a little mean, that seams like every deuchbag that is abusive and breaks up with them

  3. This video is absolutely amazing. How did you able to have an amazing channel like this 😊 Continue inspiring others by your video.

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