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  1. I want the Ambient Massage song as my ringtone and Chase's goat yell as my text alert. Are there any Good Mythical Ringtones? ThErE sHoUlD bE 😁

  2. We've reached a low point in YouTube where an experiment going wrong that hurt nobody gets played 10 times during a segment and they act like it's the end of the world. SMH. Find something better to do with your lives.

  3. I feel that if Chase said to someone on the streets he was Rhett and Link’s son, that no one would bat an eye and believe him 😂. He looks like a mix of both of them.

  4. You guys have a main show, an after show, a show on Saturday now and I still want more content. Am I crazy!?? I love you guys so much !

  5. Never understood why flavored water gets such a bad wrap. I drink the Nestle Splash or Fruit 2O all the time. The Asai Grape is my favorite.

  6. I don't like flavored water, but they really should do blind regular bottled water. I already know, but the rest of you need to know which reigns supreme.

  7. Bleh.. Unpopular opinion apparently, but the only time I ever had Hint I couldn't even finish it. Just tasted like laundry detergent smells. Almost as though it was perfumed rather than flavored.

  8. You guys should taste test all the flavoured water drinks from Japan. Their clear milk tea is so trippy along with other weird ones.

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