Blind Date with Dan Rue & Briana King | Truth or Drink | Cut

Blind Date with Dan Rue & Briana King | Truth or Drink | Cut

– Grade yourself in bed on a
scale of one to 10 and why. – Oh 10. I do fucking yoga. – Okay. Holy shit. (symphonic music) – [Interviewer] Hi. – Hi – [Interviewer] Who are you? – I’m Briana King. – [Interviewer] Are you single? – I am so single, I’m very single. – [Interviewer] Do you like being single? – Yeah, I love being single. – [Interviewer] Are you
ready to meet your date? – Yeah. Hello. – How you doing? – I’m Briana. – Briana, I’m Dan. – Nice to meet you, Dan.
– Nice to meet you. (laughs) You all right? – Yeah, I just need like
one minute and 30 seconds and then I’ll feel normal. I don’t know what people
ask on first dates. – I mean I don’t know, like,
so, what’s your occupation? – Majority of my time I’m
teaching skateboarding. – Really?
– Yeah. – That’s actually sick. I’m considered a comedian, I guess. So I like to make people laugh. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay I’m gonna actually pull up a shot. – When was the last date? – When was the last date? I went on, honestly,
about three months ago. – Sick. – Yeah. And you? – I guess like this week with this really awkward person. – Okay. Where was he from? – She.
– Oh, she? – I can’t call her out, like she’s fine. – So you like to flip the
script, if you know what I mean? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – That’s cool. – [Interviewer] Ask each other,
“Do you find me attractive?” – Oh God! Yes, I find you attractive. Do you find me attractive? – You’re very beautiful.
– Oh my goodness. (giggles) – In all honesty, do you think the size of a man’s penis matters? – I’m gonna have more
fun if it’s not small. – Okay. – And we’re all good, yeah. So I guess it does, yeah.
– Okay, cool. Well, she like big penis guys. – Who do you think has had
more sexual partners, you or I? – I’m just gonna say me. – Oh my God, how many
people have you slept with? – My number is not that high,
it’s not really that high. I would say probably like anywhere between 50 to 100 in my life. – Cool. Next. – What’s your favorite
sex position and why? – Oh my God, I don’t know names. – You like it doggy style? – Yeah, but like, but it’s not doggy style because I’m still like laying down, but like, you know, like… – So you’re laying down
like here’s the bed. – My favorite position is probably hitting a female from
the back doggy style. – Sick. – I’m sorry. – Match. Well. – Match, super match. – Hee hee.
– Hee hee (laughs). – What are your dealbreakers? – My dealbreakers?
– Yeah. – I just, I guess white
women, I have a preference. Next question. – [Interviewer] But is race a dealbreaker? – I love black women. Every guy has a preference. It has nothing to do with skin color, I see no color, I just see beauty. – I’m not even gonna get into that because I can’t see a shore,
but I hate when people say I see no color, but like it’s okay, I’m not even talking about that right now because I’m not ready. – Grade yourself in bed on a
scale of one to 10 and why. – Oh fuck, okay. Oh, 10.
– A ten. Yeah. – Why?
– Yeah. – I do fucking yoga.
– Okay. Holy shit. (laughs) She does yoga. We didn’t know that. Now we know she does yoga. – Oh God. What’s your best pickup line? – [Interviewer]
Just…you’re waiting there. – You’re having a drink at the bar. Hi there. – Who’s talking? – I see you from afar. – Yeah, I’m pretty long. – You’re pretty long?
– Yeah. – That’s crazy. Long and beautiful. – I already read it from the back. ♪ Back, back, back, back ♪ – I dare you to kiss me. Don’t drink to get out of it. You’re gonna give me a peck? – I mean like if you’re
like, if you’re down like. – I mean… – Consent is rad, consent is rad. – Hold on one second.
– I get down. Can I get a pen? Pen? – Do you wanna kiss, question mark, happy face. If yes, sign here. – (chuckles)
– (whispers) I was dressed. – Okay. – Oh God. Why are you making me go
all the way over here? – I made her come to me. Here, come here. Come here, come here. – I’m coming (laughs). Okay, okay.
– Now it’s time. (lips smack) Now you go. See? Voila. (team claps) (claps) Can I get some rounds? It was beautiful, this was
the best blind date ever. I had a great time. – [Interviewer] Would
you guys consider going on another date with each other? – Hell yeah. – Yeah, I’d love to go on another date. – [Interviewer] Would
you guys play this game outside of the studio? – Yeah, it’s a fun game. – Yeah. – [Interviewer] We’re giving you one. – Yay! – That’s your thing girl. Hit it girl, I got ass on you guys, damn. – (laughs)

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  2. I enjoyed them honestly. Everyone has their preference. Definitely bring them both backkkkkkkkk!!! The girl definitely NEEDS TOOOOO

  3. "i love black women" followed by "i see no color, just beauty"
    Sir. That makes no sense.
    You either into everyone or you're only into one. Make a choice bruh.

  4. So much hate on this Dan guy… what the fk… he's so cool, and acknowledges boundaries of discomfort she might experience… cut some slack on this Dan guy… P.s. Briana's surname should be QUEEN because she is an absolute QUEEN xo. Wish women like that lived in Sydney…:'(( …. feelsbadman.jpeg…

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