Beth’s Foolproof French Macaron Recipe

Beth’s Foolproof French Macaron Recipe

– Hey guys. Valentine’s Day is just a few day away, and one of my favorite
things about this holiday are all the desserts. So I thought it’d be fun to come together with a few of my favorite
food channels here on YouTube and bring you this playlist
of Valentine’s Day treats. And for my part, I’m going
to show you how to make a fool-proof French macaron. So I’m often asked, “What is the difference between a macaroon “and a French macaron?” Well, a macaroon is made with coconut, and sweetened condensed milk, and sometimes you see
them dipped in chocolate. In fact, we have a really
great recipe on Kin Community that will show you how to
make a traditional macaroon. A French macaron, or a French “macaruhn”, as they’re called, are
something a lot different. In fact, these cookies are
the hardest cookies to make. I have to be honest. However, I have come up
with a fool-proof recipe that if you follow my six tips, you cannot go wrong. You too can master the French macaron. Here’s how you do it. So the first step is… Is you’re going to
combine some almond meal and some powdered sugar. Now here comes tip number one. You want to take this mixture and run it through a sieve with a spoon. The reason being is you
want to make sure that that mixture is as finely
ground and powdery as possible. That is going to give you that smooth, beautiful top to your macaron, and make your cookies really light. If you don’t do this tip, you’re going to end up with a macaron that’s going to have little
bumps on the top of it and not look as pretty. So definitely take the
time to do this step. You will find after you do this, you’re going to be left with some kind of whole pieces of almonds. That’s okay. Those you can just put
in a bowl to snack on, because they’re too big to
actually work for the cookie. So the next step is we’re
going to beat our egg whites. Now here is tip number two. You want to make sure that your egg whites are at room temperature. That is really critical for creating a really nice, fluffy,
stiff-peaked egg white. Now, if you set out on this recipe and you forgot to take
the eggs out of the fridge to get to room temperature, you can create a room temperature egg by submerging them in warm water. Let them sit for about five minutes, and you will have room temperature eggs. You’re going to combine your egg whites with a little bit of salt and some cream of tartar. You are then slowly going to
add your granulated sugar. Then it’s time to add your food coloring. So because we’re making
these for Valentine’s Day, and we’re making a raspberry
buttercream filling, I like to add a little red food coloring. So here’s tip number three. The food coloring does
have a tendency to fade as your macaroon bakes. So you want to take it
maybe one or two drops past the desired color just to assure that you’re going to get the right color when your macaroons are
actually baked and cooled. Now it’s time to add the
flower and sugar mixture to your egg white mixture. And this is where it can all go wrong. Because if you over mix,
you’re going to end up with a macaron that’s flat and doesn’t have the
little ridges around it, and that is really the
mark of a true macaron. You want to get the ridges. The ridges are called feet. And if you get a macaron
that has feet on it, you have really succeeded. If you under mix, then
you’re going to end up with a macaron that
cracks on the top of it, and that’s also not good. So you want to go somewhere in between, and you will know when you
reach the right consistency when your batter doesn’t
have any more ridges in it. Like you don’t really see
the bumps of the almond, and it’s still kind of viscous enough that it almost feels like molten lava. So you pull your spoon up, and you can see it sort
of still dripping down. That’s when you want to stop. You don’t want to take
it any further than that. So that is really tip number four. The mixing. Do not over mix, or do not under mix. You want to be somewhere in between and that’s when you’ll get the ridges or the feet on the macaron. This part does take some practice. I will be honest. It probably took me a few tries before I got to the point
where I got my feet. That’s the thing with a macaron. They’re beautiful. They’re lovely, but they are finicky, and it’s just going to take
a little bit of practice. You’re then going to transfer your batter into a pastry bag that’s fitted with a tip that’s about a 1/2 an inch in diameter. You then want to make sure
you have two cookie sheets ready to go that are lined
with parchment paper. I will say this. You really want to go
get the parchment paper. It’s definitely better than
trying to pipe these out on a cookie sheet that’s been greased or sprayed with cooking spray. You don’t want to add any
fat to these macarons, or your meringue will not work. So definitely go for the parchment paper. You’re going to pipe out one inch mounds. And then here is tip number five. And this is a really good tip
that you don’t want to miss. You want to take those trays and bang them on your countertop just
to release all the air. What I’ll usually do
is bang it on one side, flip the tray around,
bang it on the other, and you’ll start to see
little air bubbles pop. That’s what you want. Now for tip number six. And tip number six is another critical tip that it can all go wrong
if you do not do this step. You want to make sure that your macarons sit out for at least 20 to 30 minutes. I know, you’ve come this far and you want to throw them in the oven. But you really don’t want to do that, because if you do, those
macarons are going to spread out, and they’re going to get flat, and you’re not going to
get the little ridges or the little feet if you do that. If you let them sit out for 30 minutes, and they dry and start to
get a little bit tacky, that is then going to help
those macarons rise up instead of spread out. When they rise up, they
will get those little ridges and those little feet, and you will have the true marking of a true macaron. One other thing I will
say before you bake these. I know that there are people that say put both trays in and
then swap them out midway, and then that way they’ll bake evenly. I really don’t think that’s a good idea. Remember, these cookies are finicky, and they don’t like to be moved around. They kind of want the
oven all to themself, and I give them that privilege. Remember, it’s better to leave
the tray to sit out anyway. So while you’re baking one tray, the other tray can sit out. Let it bake for 20 minutes and then swap them when they’re done. Doing it this way, you’ll end
up with better-formed cookies that have even heat throughout and will actually produce just
a better, prettier cookie. While your cookies are baking, you can then get on
with making the filling. The raspberry buttercream. I love this filling, because
it’s a little bit tart, and I think with a cookie
like this that’s very sweet, it’s a nice relief to add something that’s tart in the center. It just adds for a nice counterbalance. In your mixer, you’re
going to start to beat up about a half a stick of butter. You’re going to let that go just until it’s really whipped up, almost five to seven minutes. You’ll want it to be a nice
pale, fluffy white almost. Once your butter has reached
a very pale yellow color, you are then slowly
going to add your sugar. Whip that all up just
until well-incorporated, and then you can set it aside. Now, to create the raspberry flavoring, we’re going to take
some fresh raspberries, put them back in your sieve, and take a nice large bowl
and place that under it. You’re then going to work the
raspberries through the sieve, pressing them up against the
sides to extract their juice. Once you have about three
tablespoons of raspberry juice, you can stop, but don’t
throw away those raspberries. They make for a great addition
in your morning smoothie. So you can just pop those in the fridge. Then you’re going to
add the raspberry juice to the butter mixture, and whip it all up and you will see you will have a beautiful
raspberry buttercream. You are then going to take that mixture, put it in pastry bag
fitted with a smaller tip, about a quarter of an inch in diameter, and then at this point, you’re
going to fill your shells. So, you’re going to take
all of those macaron shells that you made, flip them
over on their backs, and then pipe out about
a 1/2 mound of filling. You’re then going to put
the other shell on top, and you will see you will have a beautiful French macaron cookie. So there you have it. A fool-proof recipe for French macarons if you follow my six tips. So give it a try. Let me know how it goes. I want to make sure you guys get the same results that I did. I’m here to help if something goes wrong. So leave me a comment and let me know. And also, remember to check out the other videos in this playlist. There’s some other wonderful desserts that are perfect for Valentine’s Day for sharing with somebody that you love. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! (upbeat music)

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