Best Pastry I’ve Ever Had

Hi guys! Hi. We got a tip from our Airbnb host
who just happens to be a pastry chef in Paris. Come on! On where to find the best pastry in the whole city so that was a place we need to visit. It’s called Angelina. We’re walking by the Louvre,
it’s behind us right now actually. So we’re walking through this gorgeous garden
on our way to Angelina and I cannot wait. Me too. We have just come from Angelina and wow! Oh my god! That was unbelievably delicious. I am so glad that we went there. I think that was the best pastry I’ve ever had. I would have to agree. In my life. It was so unique. It wasn’t just sweet but it had this really complex taste and it almost looks like little
tendrils of noodles or folds of the brain. And then in the inside it had this cream filling. We couldn’t finish ours – we had to,
you know, get them to go. It was way too rich! And they’re also…they’re known for that. It’s called the Mont-Blanc pastry. So different. It’s really good. What’s it taste like? I don’t know. The outside had this taste that
I still can’t quite put my…my finger on. It was almost like almond
and like marzipan and chocolate but there was something that
I just can’t figure out what it was. And you won’t because it’s a secret recipe. Yeah and they’re known for that and they’ve kept that secret recipe for over 100 years. And they also are known for their African hot chocolate so we got that as well. Wow was that rich. It was so thick that as you were pouring it
you could just tell it was like liquid chocolate really. I think there was actually
a blob of chocolate that went in. Yeah! It had barely been diluted at all, truly. So rich. I loved the decor in there. It was from the Belle Époque and just
so charming and authentic feeling. It didn’t seem as though it had changed at all and knowing that Coco Chanel
used to go there almost every day because apparently she loved their
hot chocolate as well and I can see why. Yeah. We saw the table that she used to sit at
right by the mirror. Apparently she liked to sit by the mirror. Below the light. Below the light so that she could discretely
kind of watch what was going on around her. So we got a shot of whoever was sitting there
unbeknownst to them. Apologies to that guy. But this was so memorable. I’m so glad that we got to go. I’ll just never forget it. It felt really charming and just lovely. Just a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Apparently Angelina started in 1903 and it was actually an Austrian confectioner
who started it by the name of Rumplemayer and he named it after his daughter-in-law Angelina, which I think you’ll agree is a far more
charming name than Rumplemayer for a tea room. One tip, if you do end up there
is to reserve in advance. I had booked us a reservation
and didn’t realize how important that would be but when we arrived there was quite a line and I sort of nipped to the front to just ask
if we have a reservation, do we have to wait? And she said ‘oh no’ like ‘come ahead’. And so I had this great like Rockafeller moment
where I got to go back outside and wave Marc through while everyone kind of stared you down. Felt like ballers. And all you had to do was
make a reservation on their website so that’s a good way to save time. You too can be a baller. But yeah there seemed to be a pretty steady line
so I was glad that we had booked that ahead. Anyway I hope that you enjoyed seeing it as well
and kind of eating and drinking vicariously. It was amazing. Add it to your Paris list. Yes. If you come to Paris then I would highly,
highly recommend going to Angelina because honestly it…I don’t know when I’ll ever
have pastry like that again. Best pastry ever? It really was the best pastry I’ve ever had. If you haven’t already, please subscribe
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