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  1. I cant take Gus dapperton seriously. He looks like one of those annoying tiktokers. Dude has been trying so hard to be relevant for like 3 years now.

  2. This video is the best. Totally how one wishes they could be during the hard times of a relationship. Keep it up, love the joy

  3. I’m I the only one who has been singing this song saying bubbles in my “Ass” now instead of bubbles in my eyes now

  4. for the people who say she can't sing (the guitarist is awful btw) + she has an accent she tries to hide it in the live versions so she sounds different

  5. I literally get so happy at the 3:05 part with gus’s vocals in the back,, makes the sound more vibey also the visuals at the part I LOVE IT

  6. 샤룽해💕마이리를큐티뽀짝프리티팅커벨😍😍😍이번 뮤비는 더 귀엽다̆̈.흑흑 심쿵사로 관짝에서 듣는 중 ㅠ

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