Beginner friendly buttercream tutorial using a cake comb

Beginner friendly buttercream tutorial using a cake comb

hi guys welcome back to my channel so if
you’re a beginner and you’ve been finding it very difficult to get your
butter cream cakes to be very smooth and making this tutorial specially for you
so once your butter cream cake has been crumb coated should put in the fridge
for at least 30 minutes it helps your work to be better it helps you do it way
better so the next thing you want to do is cover the perimeter of your already
computed cake with buttercream like you have to make sure every point every part
of the crumb coat a cake is coated with butter cream before you try to smoothen
it that way it makes your work easier and it makes it like faster to work with
then you should take a scraper and try to the point of using a scraper at this
point is so try to smoothen it as much as possible you don’t want there to be
any bulges or anything and then once you’re done doing that you should fill
in the spaces where like like you didn’t put as much buttercream over you put too
much try to fill in the spaces as much as much as possible then as soon as
you’re done with that if you use a cake home guys like I mean frosting cakes for
more than seven years and I can do without a cake home if you’re beginner
and you’re just starting out you should get a cake home man it makes your work
easier and it makes it faster regardless of the kind of cake home you judges
should get a cake from any type design so the point of using a cake home is
that it creates the symmetric lines around your cake and it gives the
illusion of perfect smoothness even when it is not completely smooth and if you
understand what I’m saying I’m going to show you guys what I mean in a second so
what you do once you do this is to fill in the spaces where like like the
buttercream is missing or it’s not well like it evenly distributed and then go
back again with your cake home make sure you like once you go back to your cake
home like it touches every part of the cake and there is no part of the cake
empty your lines that’s what the cake indoors for you like it makes everything
smooth in symmetrical do you understand so and I
want you to notice that I haven’t touched the top of my cake and that’s
because usually when you do the top of your cake
sometimes it touches like it doesn’t balance with a side so that’s why I like
to do that last so once I’m sure like every part of my cake is smooth by the
side what I like to do then is to put some buttercream on top of the cake and
then spread it around and I like to spread it to the side so that everything
can be that way like she gets like an even symmetrical shape on top and it
should look very professional even if you’re not using chocolate chips or
anything then you should go back again with your cake home and if you look on
the side of your cake like now everything is smooth even where there
are blemishes you can’t really see it so usually when I’m doing a cake and I’m
running short of time like cake homes are the thing like you don’t have to
spend 7 years mostly nut cake because he does half of the job for you so once
you’re done with that what I like to do is I like to accessorize my cakes cuz it
just makes it come together better plus it helps to take away from like you have
to take people’s gaze away from the blemishes in your buttercream so in my
case I like to use like this fabrics from those fabric stores you can buy the
French style you can buy different kind of ribbons it helps bring your cake
together and it makes it look like you really know what you’re doing and if
you’re a beginner and you’re trying to do a design I’d like you to it is always
better if you use an edible prints let’s say for example somebody wants a cake a
particular kind of cake and you know very good before then shares or
something edible printing just makes your work easier all you have to do is
stick it and stick it on simple and usually makes it cheaper for the client
than doing fondant do you understand so you can do a drip on this cake if you
want and like I have a tutorial for drapes and I’m going to put it up and
and the cut-up all you have to do is click on it as well as I have tutorial
for making this body cream if you want to learn how to make this easy Swiss
meringue buttercream and so guys that’s all you have to do and if you’re a
beginner and you’re tryna frost a cake you can watch this video a million times
if that helps you and then try to repeat everything I did and then please get a
cake home please get a cake home it is very cheap thank you guys and I hope you
enjoy the video and could you please give me a thumbs up and send me kisses
in the comment section below it encourages me thank you and I’ll see you
in my next video bye

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  1. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 I always enjoy your voiceovers πŸ™ˆ

    Back to cake comb…..It takes me a longer time when I use the regular American buttercream, so I rather smoothen it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    This is gorgeous

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