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if you’ve got a kid’s birthday party coming up this video will be an absolute godsend not only is it a simple and straightforward recipe it’s guaranteed to keep all the kids happy it’s my basic cupcakes on the one pot chef cupcakes are fantastically simple to make and you’ll almost guarantee that just about every child is going to love them so let’s make some cupcakes first things first I have got 100 grams of butter which is nice and soft and I’ve just chopped it up into little bits half a cup of castor sugar or white superfine sugar and about a teaspoon of vanilla and using my electric hand mixer I’m just going to beat these together until they are nice and fluffy that’s looking good into that we’re going to add two eggs and just beat them in that’s mixed together and it looks a bit like it’s curdling but I promise you it’s fine don’t panic into that we’re going to add one and a quarter cups of self-raising flour now if you can’t get self raising flour where you live or if you don’t have any just use plain flour and add in one and a quarter teaspoons of baking powder I’m also adding in a quarter of a cup of milk and just mix that all together until it’s smooth and combined that’s looking good right let’s transfer this into our cupcake cases as you can see I’ve got my cupcake tin here oh actually it’s one of my little wobbly silicon ones and what I’ve done is I’ve lined each hole with one of these little cupcake cases and I’m transferring about two tablespoons of mixture into each hole now I know that doesn’t look like a lot but I promise you this stuff is going to rise like crazy and if you make the mistake of filling each one up to the top you’ll end up with this giant huge muffin with 12 funny little stumps underneath we just want them to rise up we don’t want them to muffin up a mushroom up on top so just transfer the mixture into each of the holes these are ready to go into the oven preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes or until the cupcakes have risen slightly and they look nice and likely golden on the top cupcakes are out of the oven and they’re looking absolutely gorgeous a whole kitchen smells fantastic we’re going to leave them in the tray for about five minutes to cool slightly then we’re just going to pop them out and transfer them onto a wire rack to cool in the meantime let’s get started on our butter frosting to make our butter frosting and first we’re going to need obviously some butter 75 grams of butter which has just been slightly softened teaspoon of vanilla and one cup of icing sugar or powdered sugar or whatever you call it in your end of the world and just using the electric mixer we’re going to beat these together until smooth being the butch masculine man that I am I want some pink cupcakes so I’m going to add a couple of drops of red food dye just a couple of drops don’t go too crazy and just mix that in with a spoon we have some gorgeous pink icing ready to spread on top of our cupcakes so the cupcakes are now cooling so let’s put the icing on top of them now the cupcakes are cool all I’m doing is taking each one individually and I’m just putting a small blob of the icing on top and just using a butter knife I’m just spreading it all over the top until it looks nice and pretty and here we have one of our delicious cupcakes finished and ready to eat and you’ve got that beautiful icing on top and the lovely cake underneath so let’s have a taste mmm YUM mmm that’s absolutely delicious with that lovely buttery frosting on the top and that’s soft moist cake underneath everyone’s going to love these well I hope you enjoyed this recipe check out my other videos at one-pot chef show com and until next time see you later

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