Barbie – Chocolate Cake Surprise | Ep.11

Barbie – Chocolate Cake Surprise Which cake should I cook? Not that one… Or that one… Hmmm…maybe a chocolate cake of some sort Hi Barbie! What you doing? Morning Chelsea Ken’s coming over for dinner and he loves cakes, so I thought I’d make one for him Oooh! Oooh! Can I help? Shouldn’t you be outside playing I’m bored outside And I wanted to spend some time with my big sister! Nice try Sis! I really want to do a good job with this cake, and, well, trouble has a habit of following you wherever you go Please! You can’t say no to this face…? Oh, alright! I hope I don’t regret this! Yippee! Thanks Barbie I won’t let you down! Now, first… Wait! Wait! Ok, I’m ready now! Thanks chef! This chocolate cake looks good, so let’s get started… Ok Chelsea, oven is on We have a bowl, a mixer and a cake tin We are good to go! Let’s see… First thing we need is two eggs I can get them! Ahhh, no Let me get them! You can put them in the bowl There you go, two eggs What do I do with these? Don’t tell me you don’t know what to do with the eggs? Of course I do! I was just joking… Phew! Ok, the next thing we need… (Splat!) There, that should do it! …is chocolate! Yay! My favourite! Now! No eating the chocolate We need it all, and I need you to break it up Ok… I’ll get the flour ready Hmmm! Hmmm! Huh, huh, huh… Do you want some help there? No way! I’m fine You just do the flour Now! How am I going to break this? Hey! I know! Better check my feet Hmmm, just a little bit dirty… That should be fine! (Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!) Done! Me too Flour is in there Now, eggs, chocolate, flour… Ahhh! Milk! Why don’t I do that and you get the brown sugar Hmm, what do we have here… Salt! Definitely not! I do not want to mess this cake up! Sugar… but this one’s white Barbie definitely said brown sugar So what’s this then? Cilli powder… No, Ch-ill-i powder What is that! Well it is brown… This must be it! Got it! So how much do we need? Geez, you’re really being a great help Chelsea Thank you Now, it says we need one cup Coming right up! Alright little Miss, it’s time to mix it all up Ooohh! Chocolate cake! Can I have a taste? Sure you can, here you go Ah, ah, ahhhh! No taste test for anyone I want Ken to be the first to try this delicious recipe! Oh, alright But I can’t wait to have a piece! Chelsea, why don’t you go clean up and I’ll get this mixture into the oven Ken’s coming over soon so we have to hurry! Thank you for dinner Barbie That chicken was the best I don’t suppose you have anything sweet to follow that! Sorry Ken Nothing else… Except this itty-bitty chocolate cake! Who-hoooo! This is my lucky day I love cake, and chocolate cake is my favourite! I can’t believe you had time to do all this today! Well I did have a little bit of help, didn’t I Chelsea? You sure did I was head-chef today Ken, and I have a feeling you’re going to be thanking me after you take your first bite! I think you might be right! Thanks Chelsea Ok, who’s having the first piece? Me! Me! Just kidding girls, Ken is getting the first piece He’s the guest tonight There you go Ken, a nice big piece of cake This looks great! Here goes… Ok, now I want you to tell us exactly what you’re tasting as you’re eating it Well… (Crunch! Crunch!) Oooooooh! There’s something crunchy in here! (Crunch!) (Break!) Ouch! And I think I might have broken a tooth! What! Ooooops! That could be my fault Was I not supposed to put the egg shell in there too? You did what? Ummm… Why does this taste like feet?! Come on Ken I don’t think… That might be because I used my feet to break up the chocolate… Chelsea! You didn’t! Apart from that, it’s not too bad Although it is a little bit spicy There’s nothing spicy in there Actually, it’s not spicy at all… It’s hot! It’s hot! Ahhhhhhhhh! Water! Water! I need water! Ahh, Barbie I have a question What’s Ch-ill-i powder? Ok, two things… Chelsea! You are not allowed in the kitchen until you’re sixteen years old And finally, who wants ice-cream?

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