Baking and Pastry Arts – Wisconsin Technical Colleges

Baking and Pastry Arts – Wisconsin Technical Colleges

[Sarah:] The pastry arts program sets you

for just about any sort of baking activity,

whether you want to bake in a bakery at a grocery

or in more of an artisan setting.

[Carolyn:] It’s one year… plus a summer

Most of our classes are labs–baking breads, cookies, pies, tarts, cake,

then filled chocolates like shells that you fill.

[Sarah:] I know two previous students
that are currently opening a new bakery.

[Carolyn:] I’ve always loved cake, and cookies, those
are things I’m really into.

So it’s kind of cool to be in this program,

because there’s a lot of other things that I wouldn’t probably make normally myself.

[Sarah:] I think it would set you up nicely for further

training like the Culinary Institute
of America;

anything like that that has a pastry program,

you’d be ahead of the

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