Hey guys, welcome to miss trendy treats. My name is MIssy. Today we are celebrating the end of the summer and beginning of the school year with some really cute apple cake pops I’m going to make two separate cake pops, I’m going to show you how to make one with little eyeballs on it and then the other one is just going to be a plain apple what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna break up your Cake or your cupcakes and – promise you – we’re just going to break it up with our fingers or you can use a food processor And we’re going to just make sure there’s no leftover clumps in here. I Take my frosting in a spoon, and I’m just gonna scoop out a little bit of frosting at a time And then mix it in with the crumbs and use my hands to pull out little balls Just gauge with your hands once you can wall ball and no longer falls apart that it’s ready So try not to worry about them being perfectly round at this point. Just trying to make sure that they are around the same size in the fridge for about 15 minutes So I just took these out and what I’m going to do is I’m going to shape them into the apples that you can do is you can just leave them and if they are just Roll them roll them and make you just round or if you are a little bit more adventurous You could go ahead and add a little sheet tool Just pinch the bottom a little bit to give them a nice eppley shape And if you decide to go with just the round shape make sure that you make a spot at the top for a little Infant or where your stem will be just use your finger and press it in For this next step you’re just going to need to melt your candy melts and then take your lollipop stick To just the tip into your melted chocolate and insert it into the base of your apple about halfway These back in the fridge for another 15 minutes Just until the candy melts have hardened inside of each of them so I’ve melted my candy knobs am I dip my cake pops into my candy mouths and then place them into my cake pops and to drive I Just have a little bit. I sprinkle some cornstarch on to the countertop Roll out this fondant, and I’m going to use the end of this tip to make the leaves of my apples And what I’m going to do is I’m gonna break those chumps off like to roll roll between my fingers I dip it into my candy mountain and then place it on top of each of my athletes And I’m Gonna do it my leave into my candy melts And then place it right next to the step here is if I want to throw out there I’m going to be using some of my Crisco oil We told my fingers to keep the tootsie roll from sticking to my fingers as I’m applying it to the top of the apple My favorite part adding faces to these guys I’m going to be using the eyeballs that I bought from the store These are made by Wilton and I’m going to add them to the front of each apple using my toothpick dipped into my red Candy melts and applied to the base So cute all they need is some smiles and some eyelashes Harder to put the smile the Eyelashes on I’m going to use my black decorating icing fitted with tip number two And I’m going to buy the month We’re out there back-to-school apple cake pop treats that we made today Oh, you posted pictures of these on my Facebook Twitter and Instagram accounts And you can subscribe to my channel if you’ll be kept up to date with my weekly Wednesday tutorials Thank you for watching this tiny treats. Bye. Bye guys. We’re gonna make our mix really crummy I will be doing every twisted You put back in the fridge for another 50 anneliese dip it into the red Granma, Tika And here comes my favorite part there you

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  1. I love making cake pops so I was drawn to your channel. I looked at your creations and Subscribed. I also have a channel…….The Baking Diva. Would love it if you would take a look and Subscribe. We can never have too many YouTube friends to share recipes with and support each other. Thanks

  2. I think I mentioned before, I LOVE your kitchen!!! The colour scheme is the same as to what I am thinking when we renovate. These are so cute!!!

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