Aunt Petunia’s Pudding Recipe | My Harry Potter Kitchen | Chamber of Secrets (Ep. 7)

Aunt Petunia’s Pudding Recipe | My Harry Potter Kitchen | Chamber of Secrets (Ep. 7)

hello witches wizards and those who are
yet to receive their Hogwarts school letters welcome to My Harry Potter
Kitchen. This is the youtube series where I’m baking my way through the Harry
Potter books making recipes for all of the Food & Drink we find inside. If you
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every magic Monday – speaking of which let’s head back into the chamber okay so let’s head back into chapter 1
the worst birthday to see what’s up next so Harry is still enduring his
punishment of doing some garden work, he is mowing the lawn, washing the car,
painting the bench and on the next page Aunt Petunia has just called him back
inside and I can see our next recipe “On top of the fridge stood tonight’s pudding,
a huge mound of whipped cream and sugared violets” – We haven’t even had
the main course yet but let’s make room for pudding. If you want to recreate Aunt
Petunia’s famous pudding, all of the ingredients, measurements and method will be on my website the link is down below in the
description. So I’ll let you in on a little secret, when I came up with the
idea for my Harry Potter kitchen this is actually the recipe that I was most
looking forward to. We are about 70 recipes in, but finally we get to
recreate Aunt Petunia’s famous pudding. Now the book tells us that it has whipped
cream and sugared violets but we’re also going to rely on the movies where
we see that famous levitating pudding with green, purple and of course some cherries. There’s a little bit of a debate online whether it’s a cake but I think it’s
more of a pavlova so we’re going to make some meringues today, stack that up with
all of our whipped cream and then add on our cherries and the flowers to finish
but of course it’s My Harry Potter Kitchen so we’re gonna add a little bit
of magic to this one and make Aunt Petunia’s Pudding levitate. First
things first we are going to make meringues and that means we need to
start off by separating our eggs. Now this is a really really important step
so make sure you take your time because we don’t want to get any egg yolk or any
shell into our egg whites otherwise our pavlova won’t rise and be nice and marshmallowy in the middle so this is how to do it. The best
way to do this is to get three separate cups and then we’re going to crack these
eggs one at a time separating the egg whites and egg yolks into two of our
cups and then once we’re happy that our egg whites are nice and pure we’ll pour
them into one main jug – crack the eggs move them back and forth between the
shell to remove the whites and then pop the yolk to one side. Once you’re happy
the egg whites are nice and clear pour them into your main jug and then continue
repeating this process for the rest of your eggs. Okay once all of our egg
whites are separated it’s also really important to make sure your mixer is
free from any impurities too so you don’t want any little crumbs from
whatever you made in there before, no grease because that will also affect the
way the pavlova rises so make sure you give it a really really good clean and
another tip is to wipe it with some lemon juice and then a paper towel just to
remove any excess grease. Okay now we’re good to go we’re going to pour in our egg whites and then
whisk that up until it’s light and frothy okay once you’ve got to the soft peak
stage your mixture should have doubled or tripled in size and then we’re going
to slowly add in our sugar a spoonful at a time as we continue to whisk you don’t
want to add this in too quickly otherwise you’ll deflate your egg whites
so make sure you go nice and slowly allowing it to fully incorporate before
you continue adding some more. Once all of your sugar is incorporated it should
be light, fluffy and glossy and that’s the point when we can add in our extra
ingredients so we’re gonna add salt and vanilla for some flavouring and then two
magical ingredients; cornflour and white wine vinegar. Now these two are
gonna make sure that our pavlova bakes nice and crisp on the outside but when
we cut into the middle it’s gonna be lovely and marshmallowy. Add your salt, vanilla, cornflour and white wine vinegar into your egg
whites and then continue whisking for three to five minutes until it forms
stiff peaks. After about five minutes your meringue should be lovely and thick
and you’ll notice that none of it is dripping down from the whisk so that is
a great sign that it is good to go Of course if you want to do a little
Wingardium Leviosa trick you’ll know it’s ready when you can hold it upside
down so when you look at Aunt Petunia’s
Pudding it is stacked with two different sized circles at the base that is a
wider circle of meringue and then the smaller ones are stacked in a tower in
the middle so for this we’re going to use some baking paper and trace around
two circular baking tins and then we’re going to place those onto another baking
tin and pipe our meringue on top before we bake them. Trace around your baking
tins, you want one larger circle and then three smaller circles. Make sure you
leave a border around the outside as this is where our meringues are going to
expand in the oven then all you need to do is line your baking trays, which are
slightly larger than at your cut out pieces of baking paper, and a quick trick
is to use a little bit of your meringue just dollop that into each corner and
that will help keep our baking paper in place. To help us pipe these into some
nice even circles we’re going to transfer our meringue into a piping bag
and I’ve also got a star a nozzle on the end of that so that’s going to give us
a really cool finish around the outside the best and easy way to do this is to
place your nozzle on and then pop it into a glass and that’ll keep it nice
and sturdy as we fill it. Carefully pipe around the border on top of your baking
paper once you’ve piped out your disks these
they need to go into the oven at 100 degrees Celsius for an hour and a
half and it’s that low and slow bake that is gonna get a nice crisp outer shell and a
really marshmallow filling. Now another trick is to turn off your oven after an
hour and a half but leave the meringues inside with the door slightly open, as
the temperature slowly drops it’s gonna continue cooking but also dry out the
outside so it’s really really crisp, but of course, our inside is still gonna be
lovely and gooey. While the meringues are in the oven we’re gonna move on to
making our pavlova fillings and as the book tells us, that’s mounds of whipped
cream and some sugared violets so we’re gonna start off with the cream and we’re
gonna dye this into purple and green so we can replicate the pudding from the
film. So first off we’re gonna whisk our food coloring into the cream just to
make sure we can get it nice and evenly blended and we won’t over whip it when we move onto the mixer. Add in your food colouring gel and then whisk through
until you have a nice even colour remember it will lighten up as it whisks
and air is incorporated so you want to go a few shades darker than the end
result. Once it’s ready pour into your mixing bowl and add in your icing sugar
and vanilla extract Once the cream is ready we’re going to
pop it into some piping bags with some star nozzles on top and that’s just gonna help us get a nice decorative finish on top of our pudding. Cut the end of your
piping bags off so you can fit a nozzle in and then fill up with each of your
coloured creams, these can go back into the fridge until you’re ready to use
them. After the cream, we’re going to move onto the sugared violets and for this
I’m using real edible flowers. Now if you’re going to recreate this you need
to make sure you get an edible variety because not all flowers are safe to eat.
Once you’ve got them you also want to wash them just to remove any excess dirt
and we’re going to keep them a little bit damp as that’s gonna help the sugar
stick to them so once they’re nice and washed we’re gonna pop them into a bowl
and then toss them with sugar until they’re all nicely coated. Sprinkle a few
of your washed flowers into a bowl, add a teaspoon of sugar and then gently toss
them until they’re nice and coated take them out one by one and place them
on the board to dry. So that is all of our pavlova toppings and fillings ready
to go and the last step is to assemble but I did promise at the start that this
pudding would be levitating because pesky dobby is out there trying to cause
trouble and for this effect we’re going to use white candy floss and break it
off into pieces around the outside and the bottom of a clear cake stand so it
looks like a cloud of smoke. Place your largest meringue disk onto your cake
stand then pull off strips of your white candy floss and tuck it underneath while
dangling over the side, keep ongoing around and fill in any gaps as you go once you’re happy with your candy floss
border it’s time to start stacking now the first layer of cream is going to be
purple with green in between and our cherries on top alternate your purple and green cream
and then place cherries on top of your green swirls. You then want to fill the
center with some more green and purple cream. So that is our base almost
finished the last step is to place our sugared violets on to the purple swirls
and don’t worry if you can’t find yourself some edible flowers you can
also use fondant flowers or hard suagr craft flowers Place your sugared violets on top of your cream and then sandwich your next meringue disk into the center. Okay the base is
the hardest part to stack and once you’ve mastered that the next two steps
are very very easy we’re gonna do big purple swells over the next layer with
small green blobs in between, sandwich on our next meringue and then flip it the
other way so green swirls and then purple dots in between them.
Start with your purple swells working your way around the outside and then use
the green to fill in the gaps and the center. Sandwich your next meringue on top. You then want to repeat the process flipping my colors – that’s
green swirls and then purple to fill the gaps. So we’ve finally made it to the top
tier and we’re gonna finish this one off with a few more about purple swirls and
some cherries in between, you can of course personalize this however you like but we’re gonna try and keep it as close as possible to the movies. Slowly work your
way around the top using the old swish and flick technique and then fill in all
of the gaps with some more glace cherries And Viola! Aunt Petunia’s famous pudding
is complete I’ve been waiting so long to recreate this recipe and I’m very very
happy with how this one has turned out but let me know what you think down
below in the comments especially if you’re gonna give it a go yourself. That
is all for this week’s episode if you want to see more from My Harry Potter
Kitchen make sure you hit that subscribe button and click on the notification
bell so you get a notification – every magic Monday when there’s a brand new recipe
I’m about to eat this one before Dobby gets his hands on it and I’ll see you
next week Aunt Petunia would be proud

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  1. Glorious dessert and beautifully created, Bradley!! ❤👏👏 Pavlova of Aunt Petunia is ingenious. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us. 🥰👍

  2. You are super talented 🙌🏽 I’m not very artistic so I was thinking of recreating Hagrid’s bday cake for Harry, misspelt letters and all, for my sisters birthday

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