ASMR Dessert: Banoffee Cake (Banana, Caramel Cream, Biscuits) | Whispering

Hello my sweet beauties!!! Welcome to my channel! This is SaltedCaramel ASMR… and today my sweet beauties, i have for you a Banoffee cake! It’s a cake that most of you most likely, have at least once tried in your life because it is very popular. It contains banana, caramelized milk, chocolate, biscuits , many other things. We will see it together. Before starting eat i want to say hello to Puglia – Italy and the girl that asked me to say hello to Puglia. So, thank you so much for your support, my sweet beauties and let’s start eating our delicious dessert. Emmm…i have a small plate here and a spatula. I want to cut it into pieces… hopefully. You see? It’s kind of big. I want to remove it… Okay… Oh, wow… Okay… that was… successful i can say! Now you can see it better. It is really really impressive, i have to tell you! Okay… i will try with this knife. Let’s do this … ooo … it’s crunchy. Okay i think it was not a good idea. I think it’s very soft. Yeah… “it’s Banoffee Katie”… yeah… Okay… yes! Okay i want to try this first of all. Chocolate covered banana… mmm … … and almonds… Let’s cut another piece… Okay my sweet beauties… i ate obviously more than the half cake. Emmm… it was very good. It was light actually. Maybe because of the cream and the… the bananas and the biscuits. It was nice, it was light. I could easily eat more but i think that half a cake is okay for one sitting. Anyway my sweet beauties, i really hope that you liked it, i really hope that you enjoyed it and like every time my sweet beauties i’ll see you in my next video! Love you sooo much! Bye!!!

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