Apple Dessert that looks like a real apple!  No mold challenge

Apple Dessert that looks like a real apple! No mold challenge

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today we’re making an apple well really it’s a vanilla mousse with
apple and cinnamon in the center but the challenge today is to make it using only
everyday equipment that most people would have in their kitchen …
no molds allowed! The first thing we need to do is peel our apples then cut them
into cubes and place all of that diced apple into a bowl. To stop the apples
from going brown you need to immediately add some apple puree and stir that
through and all these recipe quantities are on the website and
I’ll link to that below for you. Add to that a little bit of cinnamon and some
vanilla and mix that through. Stretch your balloon to open it and then spoon
in a tablespoon of your apple and cinnamon mixture, you’ll need someone to
help you with this because you don’t have three hands I assume. You will need
one of these for each apple that you’re making.
Once the mixtures inside let the balloon close and if it doesn’t look round like
this one’s a bit odd to give it a squeeze to shape it into a circle shape
and then twist the top and you want to place that in the freezer. To make the
vanilla mousse you’ll need egg yolks corn flour sugar gelatin cream milk and
vanilla. Pour most of the milk into the pan with the vanilla and then mix the
rest of it in with your gelatin. Make sure you’re stirring this while you’re
adding the milk don’t just pour it in and then stir later and then once that’s
all mixed in leave that so the gelatin can soften. To the egg yolks add the
sugar and the corn flour and whisk those together. Whisking it together like this
first just helps make sure you don’t get any lumps of corn flour then pour that
in with your milk and your vanilla and give it a good stir. Put that onto the
stovetop and stir continuously until it thickens it’s important that you keep
stirring it the whole time. Once it’s thick keeps stirring it for
a minute longer over the heat so that that egg yolk can cook completely and
all the starch granules in the flour can burst so it doesn’t have the floury
taste. Remove that from the heat and add in the
gelatin stirring until it’s dissolved. Put it into the bowl of an electric
mixer and then add your cream and stir it until it’s smooth then you want to
wait until that reaches room temperature then turn your beaters back on and whip
the mixture to aerate it and then we’re going to tip that into a soft drink
bottle. Grab your balloons with the apple in out of the freezer one at a time and
inflate them to about the size of an apple. Twist it and then put that over
the top of the bottle so these have like a little ball of frozen apple in the
middle of them … allow it to untwist and then tip up the bottle and squeeze it to
tip in some of your mousse. Feel and check that it’s full and once it’s full
just pull it off the balloon and tie a knot in the top which is always tricky
and once you’ve done that you can put it back into the freezer and you want to
leave it there for at least a few hours. To make the stems, melt some chocolate in
the microwave and then pour that into a piping bag. If you put some alcohol into
the freezer it will not freeze because alcohol lowers the freezing point of
water. I have a few ice crystals in mine because my freezer is set to the coldest
setting but it won’t freeze solid. You don’t actually need the icicles you just
need it to be really cold and then all you do is pipe in the chocolate and it
sets instantly and because you’re not piping it out onto a flat surface like
baking paper or something you end up with a stem that’s rounded rather than
one that’s flat on one side. If they’re a bit long you can of course just snap
them to make them the right length and then it looks like they’ve been snapped
off the tree. For the glaze we’re going to need sugar sweetened condensed milk
gelatin white chocolate and water. The first thing you need to do is add
of the water in with the gelatin and give that a stir and you can just leave
that to soften like we did when we were making the mousse. Into the bowl add the
sugar and the rest of the water and your sweetened condensed milk. Heat that in
the microwave stirring regularly until there are no more grainy bits of sugar
and the sugar is completely dissolved. Then add in your gelatin and stir that
through until you can’t see any more lumps the hot mixture should just melt
that. Then add in your white chocolate and once that’s all added we’re just
going to leave it for a few minutes so that the warmth of the mixture just
melts the chocolate and then you can just stir it through and once it’s
smooth add in the colouring of your choice decide whether you want to make
red apples or green apples or some other strange colored apples it’s up to you! Before you use this glaze you will need to let it cool down to room
temperature or it will just melt a layer of the apple and fall off. Take your
balloons out of the freezer and cut off the top and then just peel back the
upper area there so that you’ve still got the balloon on the bottom so you’ve
got something to hold on to without touching the frozen mousse. Take your
knife and flatten off the top then use the point of your knife to dig a hole
and spin your Apple as you do so that we get that indent in the top of the apple
where your stem should go. Use your knife to shave off any sharp edges that you
have so it’s nice and rounded and smooth and then just peel off the rest of your
balloon. Stick a skewer in the top so that you can lift the apple and then do
the same thing with the rest of the frozen desserts and then you want to
store them in the freezer until you’re ready to glaze them one at a time. Take a
paintbrush and some diluted red food coloring and add stripes around the
outside of your apple. Apple’s are rarely one solid color so that’s why I’m doing
this to give a little bit of variation. Then dip the apple
into the glaze just turning it and pushing it down to make sure all the
sides and the top indent there have glaze on them. Then lift it up and just
gently hold it turning it so that the excess glaze can drip off back into the
bowl. Then put that onto some baking paper.
Now the glaze will continue to drip down slowly … I’ll just put this in
fast-forward so you can see that happening … we don’t want this pool of
glaze at the bottom, so before that sets what I want you to do is lift up the
Apple give it a twist and a tune and then put it into a new spot. Now all you
need to do is add the stem of your apple and leave it in the fridge for about
three hours for that mousse and the apple in the center to defrost and
become nice and soft and ready to eat. Now to see what it looks like on the
inside the wait is over 😁 We have our apple and cinnamon center
surrounded by a vanilla mousse and the white chocolate glaze. Mmm that tastes good …
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you on Friday.

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  1. It’s my birthday today Anne 🎉🎉 I really love this dessert it’s fabulous ! You’re so talented ❤️

  2. What if there is powder in the balloon? Or if it is latex and someone is allergic to latex? Like is there any sort of residue?

  3. Actually I do have 3 hands.

    One of the three is called a foot.

    Don't worry I'm not going to bake with my feet I'm not a monster

    And yes, I still have both feet. This joke is terrible I'm sorry.

  4. Going to a friends wedding, I'm gonna learn how to make this, think it would be perfect for the potluck

  5. I love love LOVE all the love, dedication and effort you put into your videos, it's really noticeable! This is TRUE content making! By far one of the best content creators and food youtubers in the channel! Thank you, Anne!

  6. Oh… At first I thought it was some kind of preserved apple, and the challenge was to avoid it going moldy.

  7. If you think about it, a balloon is a mold. Anything with a hollow point where you can pour something into is a mold.

  8. Am I crazy, or did you use the same method of creating chocolate shapes in alcohol as 5 minute crafts used in their video, but in your recent review of their hacks you said you don't see the point to it, laughed at it and you even said why not just do it on baking paper? Literally watched that video today, so this is a bit hypocritical.

  9. Im watching ur videos coz of ur accent and the calmness of the video makes me feel relaxed. I doubt I would actually bake anything…but if I ever try to bake something I will rewatch the videos haha

  10. Why do you have to “bloom” the gelatin?? What for what will it do if you don’t ? Like a side by side comparison.

  11. “Using only equipment that most people have in their kitchen”
    “You’ll need someone to help you”


  12. How do we clean the balloons? Also I live in a third world country and cleanliness isn't thought about much here… Would condoms work better? After washing away the other stuff of course?

  13. What can you use if you have a life-threatening latex allergy? I can't even be around latex balloons any more.

  14. Could always use a cup, jam jar, whatever is on hand, then put a rubber band or string to keep the balloon from slipping.
    You know, for those of us forever alone 😭

  15. Instead of holding open the gallons maybe use a shot glass and just stretch the gallon over it and push the remaining balloon into the glass

  16. I love watching you but I would not dream of making what you do, but it is very intertaining and interresting, you are very artistic and lovely personne.

  17. Loved the whole creativity and the recipe but why color the mousse with food coloring if you had to dip it in the glaze ?

  18. What kind of balloons are those? If I handle a balloon my hands smell of rubber for hours, I wouldn't touch a desert that smells like that.

  19. Using balloons like this is dangerous. Lots have people have latex allergies, also balloons have powder inside. None of this is food Safe

  20. You know how Anne is a pro gamer?
    She d͉̱̠͎͚̎̒ͬ͝ ̑ͣ͆i͇̩̳̙ ̞̱͚͔̫̀͊p̢͕̰͍̭̻͎͆̃͑̈́ͅ ̣̰͚̳s͏̬̪̼

  21. “Using only equipment that most people have in their kitchen”
    "use an electric mixer"

    Anne I dont have $100 for that

  22. Me: oh, so when you said you were making candy apples today, you didn't mean *actual*… yeah, okay, I get it now.

  23. So I can't eat cinnamon due to a severe intolerance…is there something I can substitute it with that would taste just as delicious?

  24. The only problem with this is, is some people with super sensitive taste maybe able to discern a rubbery taste on the outside. Due to using a balloon for this. Isn't there a slight risk of the rubbery taste in that balloon to leech into that dessert? But I've got to say, it does look darn amazing though …. 🍽

  25. Hello Anne!
    Can you specify what kind of cream do you use? I mean the fat percentage.
    I'd guess its 30 or 36 % but please confirm 🙂

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