Angry Birds Birthday Cake – Red Bird Fondant Cake – Vegan Cake Decoration

Angry Birds Birthday Cake – Red Bird Fondant Cake – Vegan Cake Decoration

Hey my Sweet Vs, it’s the Sweetest Vegan here, and no I am not changing
the format of the show. But the video is just a quick poll to gauge you alls interest in seeing me do more cake and cupcake
decorating. i am pretty amateur at is, but I decided to go ahead and post my practice run of an angry birds cake. I
would really like to get better at cake and cupcake decorating. with fondant. I know fondant is usually not vegan, but I use Satin Ice which has no animal products. So I have access to fondant. And I want to get better at flowers and wedding cakes,
so let me know if you all would be interested in more cake decorating. Leave a comment below and I will be reading all the comments and getting back to you as always. Share this video, because I will be gauging by the view count
as well. Maybe people want to see more angry birds or Or cartoons or whatever, thanks for watching. Bye Angry Birds Cake decorating by The Sweetest Vegan.

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  1. thats really good. i have had some fun times with cakes and fondant. but i made my own with marshmellows. it turned out decent and apperently was very tasty.

  2. 😀 Make a Pokemon cake!

    My Birthday is coming up and I need to make my own cake lol, 'cause no bakery here knows anything about vegan food. I might attempt a Pokemon cake. 'Cause I love Pokemon. 🙂
    Possibly Pikachu. Haha.

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