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  1. One time for finals (this past year) for culinary we had to make cream puffs. My best friend tried to make the batter. She ummm….. kind of failed, I tried to make it and what di you know I end up making it correctly, well I mean it ended up how it was supposed to. It was fun. Lol

  2. Alix how do you make the chocolate cake with the filing in the middle love your personality very happy we need more of that in. The world today keep smiling

  3. The amount of times I’ve seen this peanut butter pie in the last week is crazy 🤪Tasty REALLY didn’t want Alix to leave 😂

  4. Alix reminds me of my cousin. And although she’s more on baking desserts, she’s honestly losing weight and she’s gorgeous, not like she’s not gorgeous before though

  5. Imagine using brownies as the crust instead of chocolate Alix 😩😋 Fireeee!!! Got a creative mind yo I respect 100% Tasty Creeww

  6. Have you ever put so much effort into something and at the end it's looking trash or taste bad? That's me all the time
    When you try your best but you don't succeed

  7. 3:01 wow didn't expect that!

    I thought buzzfeed won't let any of their employees to have a YouTube channel??

  8. Bruh I have hard time believing a girl as cute, fun, & hilarious as Alix could remain single on Valentine’s Day. Like how?! She’s bae all the way.

  9. 4:58 “I like big bunts and I can not lie you other pans cant deny when a cake walks in with a really yummy taste you want it all in your face you go YUM”

  10. Only. 247,000. Wanna take u out wow I'm shocked I'd thought there would be at least 900,000 to 1 million people

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