Alcohol Taste Test: Spot The Indian Rum | Ft. Arushi & Akshay |  Ok Tested

Alcohol Taste Test: Spot The Indian Rum | Ft. Arushi & Akshay | Ok Tested

♪ Vatan ke naujawaano ne ♪ ♪ Humko pukara hai ♪ ♪ Aaja re, Aaja re ♪
I mean the moment you open old monk. Its like.. you feel like you are part of the military when you drink that.Who are you? Rum is like true love, no matter how hard you try to hide it, you can’t really hide it. These challenges are the most fun, we get to drink so much alcohol. We get drunk by tasting a little amount of each of them. So Arushi what are here to do today, please tell. So we are gonna try different kinds of rum and we are gonna determine… which of these are Indian and which are foreign? One of them will be Old monk and that is Indian That I can spot for sure, I can smell and tell you. Josh will be named as “Shamsher”, if we couldn’t recognize Old monk today. Oh Man! During winter I enjoy rum because I actually like rum because it makes me feel warm but… I also like Whisky. There is nothing like during winter or summer This not the season of Rum. It very hot blah blah blah… whatever. I’m like a non-seasonal, all-time Rum drinker. Same with whisky. Do you like white rum or dark rum? I prefer dark rum. I don’t know what we we call it nowadays. But I use to call it, “Buddha Saadhu”. When you dark rum, it gives you a feeling of warmth, then you just want to have that. I too like dark rum because I have tried white rum once and I feel it tastes like slippers. Crazy moment with ruummmm… Uhh… Once I was waiting for the cab, suddenly I just dropped on the road. My friend started crying because he thought I was dead. He was crying and saying, ” What happened to Sonali? Is she dead?”. And when he tried to pick me up and he somersaulted and himself fell. I have a really crazy story It was peak winters, my birthday… my birthday comes in peak winters So I drank rum, a glass of rum and removed my jacket because… I didn’t feel cold anymore. Then I had another rumAnd then I was wearing a T-shirt and I threw it away Thankfully sports bra saved me that day – Whaatt!!
– Yeah! It has reached there. Where’s the alcohol? Where is it? We are here to drink alcohol. We have been waiting for long. Have you kept the shade card of Asian Paints? Like gradient… Do you know why there are only five rums in this video? Because you cannot keep six rums together at the same time. This is a rule. It has to be “Rum Rum Rum Rum Rum – Oh Whisky” Its like you know drank very little water, drank even more little water… didn’t drink water at all, what is water? Which water is it? Let’s start smelling. Smell Test. And after that we will have both coke and water. Why do you want to add more chemicals and calories to it? Just drink neat. It’s the best thing ever. Ahaa… Scotch tape. There was a brown scotch tape… -that we used on cardboards.
-You used to smell that? Yeah! Dude! This seems like old monk from its smell. Cheers dear! Old monk is here! Arey I love you Arushi, but not questioning eye-contact. Best Arushi is.Old Monk. Cheers! Yukk! I do not like rum at all. But I don’t think it’s old monk. Confession time – to be honest, I have never had neat rum. So I realised today that I have zero idea about the taste of rum. I think this is foreign. Is it Jolly Roger? Jolly Roger is not foreign. I think it’s an Indian rum but I’ll confirm after I drink this. Let’s try the other one. Can you smell? I don’t the smell of this. Yeah! I don’t like the smell.. Did you smell and taste at the same time? NO!! _Smell is strong.
– I think this one’s old monk. This one’s worst genuinely. Yeah.. now I am beginning to think that this one was old monk. Let’s add some coke in it. And I quote, “Rum is for coke what chole is for bhatura… both are incomplete without each other”.It is so smoky that it feels like the smoke is entering inside. It’s so burnt. Oh f**k! This is a very light rum. Hmm. We hardly put any coke or water in it but nothing. Yeah and it’s very smooth. Is it old monk? No man! don’t don’t don’t say… shit like that. This is not old monk. Anyway, this one is Bacardi Black. No! yeah…I think. It could also be Captain Morgan because…Captain Morgan is not in these least five. Captain Morgan has a spicy taste. Oh yes! It also has a different name… it is called spiced rum -Exactly!
-Yeah! We haven’t drunk it yet. This could possibly be spiced rum. Oh we have not drunk it yet I guess. Shit! How many names of rum do you know? I know three. Captain Morgan, Old Monk, Sikkim, Bacardi Black… four Okay! should we try this? It looks more like a whisky. Yeah because it is very light. No but from here it looks darker. Rum gives you a nice slow… makes you very deliberate in your movement, which becomes very gradual. I should stop talking. Rum f**ks me up, bro! Bro, this smells like turpentine. What’s that? Turpentine is used to polish wood I guess. Right? Ohh.. Okay! We call it just polish. Turpentine! These rich people have named polishes too. Dude this doesn’t smell like rum but then it doesn’t taste too strong, which means… I swear to god, this smells exactly like nail polish thinner. -Nail polish.
-Vanilla. -Nail polish.
-Vanilla. Vanilla nail polish. Okay! This is very strong. What’s this? I haven’t drank this before. -More?
-No! Sorry Who pours even after saying no? This guy is like friends’s mom. You tell her that you don’t want more. – She says “Beta! one more”.
– One more! This is Bacardi, I’m telling you. It’s foreign, right? Yes Bacardi is outside. This is foreign. Bacardi is Cuban. – My esophagus, epiglottis and all has burnt from this.
– Exactly! Hers is fine. It burns you as it goes inside but the taste is not as bad as this. This. Beautiful. This could also be old monk but it has to be one of those two. right? Like, why am I so confused? From the smell, it seems like old monk. This is old monk, man. Whenever you go home, after you drink rum, it smells a lot. So if you want to hide it from the family what do you do? I don’t know. I never had to do that. I don’t go home. Let’s drink? Cheers!Sorry! Wow! what’s this? Deduct fifty bucks for his overacting. Old monk! This is surely false, my lord! This cannot be old monk because this doesn’t live up to that. No! I’m telling you this is like old monk. It has that fruity flavor but nicer. This is what uncles drink at clubs with Chakhna. This and this go very well, I think. It should be ahead, it’s Indian. To be honest, I actually kinda like this one better than these. Strong, stronger, strongest… very strongest, now we drink this. I’m so confused right now. After smelling this, what’s Akshay’s reaction? I want to see his reaction Oh god!.. That’s the face. Yes! That’s the face. I’ve become an uncle. This smells like whisky. Ah! I don’t want to try this.This smells like whisky, tastes like radioactive waste. Oh so what you become Spider man after drinking this.I can still smell the rum but I can’t taste it. That’s a good thing. Taste is not bad… it’s not bad. Smell is fuck all. It’s tasty.. really tasty. Don’t pay me for this. This is very bad… really bad, Arushi. Oh shit! This is so bad…. eww! I found this really disgusting. This really burns like fire. So, until now I feel this is Indian because it’s a piece of crap. Very bad! Really bad! Disgusting! Not recommended! Never do it! Please don’t! That was that. I don’t know this. This is out of syllabus. I can’t do this. Keep it together, Sonali!
Keep it together! Keep it together, Sista! – Let’s call it Captain Morgan.
– Captain Morgan. -So that makes it foreign.
-Yeah! foreign. Okay! so we’ll keep it behind because we are sure about that one. This is locked. This will be kept forward. These three I don’t know… dude like, it’s very confusing to see rum in this color – Just by… Oh shit! this is also so…
– This is nice. We added coke in this one. So, it’s nice. This is Indian and the last one is Indian. Rest are foreign. I can write this and give it you. Bacardi is Indian or foreign? – It’s IMFL… but it’s foreign.
-It’s foreign. – Right! so we call it foreign.
– Bacardi is from Cuba. We are calling it foreign, okay. And we think these two are Indian. Who are you? Why are you? I can’t figure out what this is? Who are you? -Indian, foreign, foreign…
-Indian, foreign, foreign.. – Indian, foreign.
– Indian, foreign. Indian, Indian… What was this? -Foreign.
-Foreign. Foreign, Indian This one’s Indian, this is foreign. I don’t give a f**k! Mic drop. Do you have a mic? A mic? I’m gonna pretend this is the mic.We got four out of five. Bro, you’re a genius. You are a genius, man. Yeah! we did it.
Two of them wrong, three of them right. – Yeah!
– Yeah! The boss played well. Congratulations to you guys! I’m only upset that I’ve got old monk wrong. How can I do that? Woww! I’m not Shamsher Today we are going to drink in grief because we guessed only two out of the three Indian rums. ♪ Kabhi khushi, kabhi rum ♪The experience was amazing. Good fun and if you are asking us which one do we recommend for a party. In the beginning of the video if you would have asked us we would have said old monk. In the end of the video you have asked us we are saying old monk. Old monk is constant. Old monk will always remain. Old monk is our friend.
I don’t feel bad for anything else. I just feel bad that I did not guess old monk right On that note, If you like this video… then… spread love instead of sadness or instead of rum and like. – Write “Old monk ki jai!” in the comments.
– Of course. Share it with everyone and subscribe to OK Tested. One more thing, the alcohol was bad but our app is really good. Download it, it has alot of exclusive content. Say ‘Exclusive’.

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  3. Sonali is trying so hard, after so many video these people are habitual and comfortable with camera while for sonali it's reversing.

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