A Dip in the Frozen Drink | Continent 7: Antarctica

Red diver, uh– take
a look at your green. Make sure that’s not caught. Understand red. NARRATOR: 20 feet
underwater, Coast Guard divers are trying
to check the props and rudder for damage. Hey, red, turn to your left. NARRATOR: But one of them
is caught on the ice. Red diver’s trying to
assist him right now. Put your arm up. Green diver, squared away. Is he good? OK, both divers? OK, red. OK, green. OK, both divers. There they go. Now the fun begins. Where are you guys headed? Uh, we’re just gonna
check [bleep] out. I only have one rudder. If I lose it, I
can’t steer the boat. Hey, dude, you want
to check out over here? Yeah. This isn’t the normal world. This is Antarctica. And we have to do
dangerous things. The overriding pressure
on my shoulders is fulfilling that mission
to resupply Antarctica. Now we look in– Prop looks good. Hubs look great. Let’s check out the rudder. Sir, uh, everything
looks good down here. All right, just keep it here. Put the engines on
30 minutes standby. 30 minute standby on. Woo-hoo! We’re good. Looking great. Red diver, do you see the
marine life 20 feet from here? Woo-hoo! Got a big orca back here.

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