8 Cruise Freebies: How Not To Spend A Penny On Your Next Cruise

8 Cruise Freebies: How Not To Spend A Penny On Your Next Cruise

We are going to tell you eight things
you can get for free on a cruise. We’ve cruised almost 30 times now and
these things are not advertised by the cruise lines. So stick with us to find out more. Ahoy cruises where cruise with Ben and David. But first this video is
sponsored by Vision Cruise. Multi award-winning cruise travel agents with over 30 years of experience in the UK, USA and Australia. The link to book is in the description section below. So number one is how to get free drinks. Well most cruise lines hold certain events where free drinks are on offer. These include things like the captain’s welcome and farewell parties where
drinks are free flowing. You usually find a selection of cocktails as well as some fizz h such as Prosecco. Other things as well like art auctions where there’s unlimited Prosecco or champagne on offer. Plus shops hold some special sales and
events where there are free drinks available and there is absolutely no
need to buy anything but don’t have too many because you might be buying
stuff by accident. All cruise lines also have free water, tea,
coffee and juice available in the buffet and tap water is completely safe to
drink too. But the taste might not be great though. We recommend you bring a
refillable mug or bottle for water and coffee to avoid having to buy it. We always take these off in port with us as well so we don’t need to waste extra money whilst in port. Before, I have packed my favorite teas so I can use the hot water or even taking the cordial squashes. Cordial squash is great especially for the tap water if you don’t like the taste. It makes its taste more like soda. So number two is all about food. On basically every single Cruise Line you can order as much as you want in the main dining room. So why not try 2 main courses or three desserts. That’s not me!. That comes from experience.
It does. Well, just go right ahead and ask your waiter or waitress and they’ll grab anything for you. You are free to order anything you want from the menu without any extra charge. Also if you don’t fancy anything on the menu simply ask this if there’s anything else they can do. Most cruise lines will allow you to go
off the menu and create something that appeals more to you. This is especially the case on luxury lines as well where really try to cater to your every need. You can also usually get soft-serve ice
cream completely free. So avoid paying for those expensive gelato or ice cream shops. The soft service machine is
usually found either in the buffet or on the Lido deck. Tip 3 is not to spend a
penny whilst in port. We like to just walk into port and go to a nearby museum or a beach and just have a nice chill day. You don’t need to spend any money at all. Cruise excursions can cost an absolute fortune. So if you’re traveling on a
budget just to what you want in port. We like to take a look around. As we said maybe visit a free art gallery or walk around a nice park and take some lovely pictures. There is no need at all to spend big money and you can even return to the ship for lunch. Then head out afterwards so you don’t have to buy anything in Port. Do your research before and you’ll find plenty of free things to do and enjo y We’ve seen free walking tours
in ports, all sort! If you do research you can really fill a day
without spending a penny. Absolutely! You can still have a fantastic time as well
so even if you are saving those pennies you still going to have such an amazing
time whilst in port. Tip number four is to take part in all
the onboard activities such as trivia, scavenger hunts and sports competitions. As their winners will usually be gifted something. I love a bit of trivia you get
proper competitive don’t you. I’ve never seen people sweat so much
over a plastic pen! This could be anything from a baseball cap, bag, magnet, keyring or even a bottle of wine! It’s totally free to take part
and it’s always lots of fun. Especially if you’re competitive like Ben. Some game shows also have great prizes too. So why not get involved. We’ve seen the love and marriage game show, the newlywed game show and The Voice at sea. As well as MasterChef at sea and these comes with great prizes So some shops on board will
also run free raffles where you could win a selection of goods so take part in
these too. Most ships hold shopping talks for
future pots and if you’ll attend you’ll sometimes be given a voucher to use in
the port for a free gift. It’s definitely worth doing and you could come away with loads of free goodies. Some ships also hold welcome talks where by taking part you could win a free bottle of wine or a free speciality meal in one of the
extra pay restaurants or even a free spa treatment. Number 5 is free room
service even on the lines that charge for it. A sneaky tip is that usually continental breakfast is free. So if you want some nice fruit pastries and coffee order it with no charge and it’s a lovely way to start the day, Have it delivered to your room and enjoy it on the balcony and if you do want something bigger later on head to the main dining room or buffet for something more substantial. Also known as second breakfast. Absolutely. Elevenses. Next, is a way to get some freebies during a special occasion. Like a birthday or an anniversary. We’ve had some lovely things for free including wine and flowers. As well as lovely birthday cakes during
dinner. They will always make a fuss about you and sing happy birthday to you too. Just make sure your waiter and the staff know it’s a special occasion or tell your
travel agent when you’re booking that you’re going to be celebrating something
onboard. Yeah it’s really lovely we’ve had some cute little cakes and all of the waiters come around and it’s really embarrassing when they sing a song to you. But it’s great they treat you like royalty when the know its a special occasion it’s really, really nice. Yeah they do and cruise
lines such as Princess Cruises even have the option for you to add a special
occasion in your account area before you sail. Tip number seven is to cruise often. Oh wouldn’t that just be amazing. When you join cruise loyalty
schemes the higher you get the more freebies you receive. Some cruise lines
offer free mixers for guests that are part of a cruise line loyalty program so make sure you attend those for some free drinks and nibbles. The more you cruise the better the perks get. Things such as a free goodie bag, ship models, free laundry, canopies in your cabin and free speciality dining perks. We’ve even seen free bridge tours and tours for the most elite of travellers. It’s a great excuse to book more cruises isn’t it David. It really is, yeah. Some of the perks when you get higher up are fantastic. Really good. I mean the one with a free free open bar for an hour. We have seen that a few times. MSC you get free laundry, you get a free speciality meal. Yeah Princess free laundry so yeah saves you a lot of money so finally tip number eight is if you have forgotten any amenities or medication
such as seasickness tablets These are usually available for free at the
medical center or at the guest relations desk. On some cruise lines you can also
grab things like toothpaste or antibacterial gel if you’ve forgotten it. It can be super expensive to buy these things in the port and on the cruise ship. So why not just asking and they maybe have some for you. Absolutely. it’s just like the hotel really guys and there’s loads more for example free kids clubs. You can even enjoy some alone time away from the kids for free. Fitness classes, free treatment samples from the spa and more let us know if you have any tips or freebies that you’ve found in a comment section below we’d love to hear
it include on our video and on our next cruise i love a freebie. Just another quick mention from our sponsor Vision Cruise. They have just won to Feefo awards in the UK and Australia for outstanding service. As an experienced family-run company for over thirty years. book your next cruise with vision cruise as it really helps us and keeps this
channel going information is in the description box below and please do consider subscribing to us we have so much fab content on the way
and we wouldn’t want you to miss out and our captain of the week is Raymond

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  1. Thank you for these tips! I'm going on my first cruise with my husband next month and I'm so excited! Your videos really help me get a better idea of what cruising us like and tips to help save us save money.

  2. You guys are so entertaining we instantly love yah! We are taking a cruise 🚢 on Oasis of the Seas next month. We subscribed right now to you. Cheers 🕶🕺🕺-The Boyz

  3. That's exactly why sales functions offer free drinks, they're banking on you drinking a wee bit much and making bad decisions.

  4. I want to say many thanks for helping with my first cruise and now I have like 140 days to my next and still love all the information you guys give out!

  5. I love the shots you included while talking about museums; those are from the Field Museum in my hometown Chicago. #SweetHomeChicago

  6. Thanks for the wonderful video. I am traveling the western Mediterranean later this year on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the seas and was wondering, Is it safe to drink water from the buffet, main dining room, cafe promenade & sorrentos? My travel agent worried me a bit and told me I should buy bottled water instead. I’ve traveled the Caribbean before and never had a problem. Is European water ok?
    Thanks in advance ☺️

  7. You two are just too darned adorable!! I hope that one of these days I get a chance to meet you both in person aboard a cruise.

  8. Get a quote for your next cruise with our trusted travel partner Vision Cruise. 👉 http://bit.ly/2Rzb33R

    Vision Cruise have agents in the USA, UK, and Australia. They have award winning customer service with over 30 years of. Plus you are really helping us out by booking with them as we receive a small kickback to help run our channel.

  9. On Princess they had a sign by the water tap in the Horizon Court Buffet to tell folk not to put their bottle up to the spigot to fill, due to some folks touching their bottle to spigot and transferring germs. So you have to get water in a clean glass, then transfer to bottle. Good job Princess, now if we can only trust all people that need the water.

  10. No free espresso (real) coffees though. Unfortunately. I have not see free gelato, only ice cream, and there is a vast difference. Gelato is always more expensive in the real world too.

  11. Thanks for tips. I do some of the ideas, not won anything yet, but hubby did win a bottle of bubbly in the hoopla game in the Piazza on Princess.

  12. This last June, on a Holland America cruise to Alaska, I won a diamond tennis bracelet for attending the “learn how to shop” seminar. It was the grand prize of 5 prizes.

  13. Oh good, you made the view out of the portholes match! That looks better 🙂 My favorite birthday ever was the one I spent on Mariner of the Seas!

  14. When I read the title of this video I was worried that I might have to invest in a catheter and colostomy bag for my next cruise. I watched the video and I must say that I was relieved. Great tips guys.

  15. Great tips! Thanks guys! My tip is to make sure to visit the Future Cruises desk. We booked our next cruise while on our last one on Celebrity and received free perks and on board credit. They were running a special which included free wifi, premium drinks package, all prepaid gratuities and $600 OBC. Then we were able to transfer to our travel agent who then got us an upgrade from Concierge class to Aqua class.

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