6 Basic Piping Techniques | Cake Decorating

6 Basic Piping Techniques | Cake Decorating

And there are a few different basic techniques
for piping. You can either start with a very French thing
we do in my culinary school would be rosettes. So a very simple things is just to kind of
push down and twist around and you have a beautiful little rosette. And you could do those kind of all around
your cake as a cute little border. Just a few every now and again. Put some sprinkles. If you have your little round this is great. And by the way you can see that I’m not overfilling
my bags. The longer you hold the bag with your hand
that heat from you will start to melt to frosting, so just as little as you can get by with. And keep refilling as you go will keep your
frosting nice and stiff. But all I want to do with this is if I was
creating a border I would push and pull towards me you can see that that makes sort of a tear
drop kind of a shape. And then go back in and push and pull towards
me and same thing over and over again. And try to keep the pressure nice and even. It’s like little beads. Making a little necklace and that’s perfect
as a border. You can go all around your cake. We’ll actually get more into that in another
video. But with this lovely thing, you could do… Let’s see how this comes out. I mean with all of these you could kind of
play around and do anything you like. But if you want to do like little swoops,
very fun. Kind of all-around just big swoopy motions. And then my favorite is the star tip what
these are called are shells. I never get to put frosting on the table. This is like every fantasy come true. Again you could kind of push and pull towards
you make little shells. Or this is great for little rosettes or a
hundred other things really. Always just have fun with it. If you wanted to do a little lace I could
go back to my circle tip this is great also for little dots kind of all over. Or if I wanted to do a big squiggly, it’s
going to look crazy but once it’s all over your cake, imagine how kind of cool that could
look like all around the edge like very avante garde. We can get very whatever we want to do. But remember whatever you’re doing whatever
you’re piping it’s just frosting in a bag. So as long as your pushing in a nice even
motion and getting a nice clean design in the way that you want it you’ll always be
a success.

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  1. Her piping isn't cold enough, her star tips aren't working at all because of it, and it's all coming out gloopy. Gotta keep your piping cold!

  2. Was this for her benefit or ours? The contrast was way off in this video and with all the junk she had around her, it was very distracting. Then you have the crappy angle.

    If this had been the average home Youtuber, that could be excused. But this video failed on so many fronts.

  3. Jeez…seriously the internet really shows us how many idiots are born every day. If you don't have anything interesting things to comment STFU!

  4. What kind of moron doesn't decorate a cake she has in front of her for a piping demonstration? (though everything is white) Terrible tutorial and video quality. 

  5. I really need to work on my piping skills. I don't do it very often, so when I do, it just doesn't look as good as I want it to.

  6. You should give the exact name of the tips you are using, i.e. M1, etc. Remember we are begiinners

  7. Use can use any brand like a Wilton #27 star tip for shells. But u can also use the round tips that makes dots. She used both. The star tip had the jagged edges. Round tips did not.

  8. I disagree, the first tip of partially filling the pastry bag was very helpful for a beginner. I appreciate the information in this video and thank you for taking the time. Remember what mom use to say., “If you’d no’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all”
    Thank you for your time and the tips, ignore the haters ❤️

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