5 Tips for Icing & Frosting a Cake for Beginners

5 Tips for Icing & Frosting a Cake for Beginners

Hi YouTubers welcome to my ever-popular
top 5 tips videos. In this third episode I’ll show you how to ice a multi-layered
cake and get as professional with it as you want to be. If you like these kind of
videos please subscribe to my channel to see a few more of them in the next
couple of months. I’ll be showing you the tools I use, and give you a few
suggestions you may not have heard before. When I first started icing
layered cakes it blew my mind that people could get cake to look so
straight and perfect. All of my attempts were like lopsided melting disasters
that had a laughable hashtag of…nailed it Not! But over the years I learnt
different techniques that I used on a daily basis. Some icings require
different application methods so for example if you’re icing with cream cheese
as opposed to a soft chantilly cream, they just react differently to the palette
knife. But by the end of this top 5 list on how to ice a cake I hope to make you
better icers and froster. Okay so let’s go. (music) Actually it’s probably the best option Tip number one now these first two tips
are not about the actual icing it’s about your equipment and your prep work
here’s a quick look at the tools of my trade when preparing to ice a cake I
have at the ready my cake layers nonstick square in my
case I use a wet paper towel it works just as well as cheaper a cake board the
serrated edged knife turntable so this is a very basic one probably the least
expensive what’s good about this one is that it has a button on it that allows
you to tilt okay now this is the rolls-royce I think it’s what we use in
the cake shop but the good thing about it is that it’s really heavy
and it turns quite well if you don’t have a proper cake turntable you can
easily make do with a round lazy susan or even an overturned bowl with a plate
over the top just make sure that the base of the bowl is flat and wide enough
to allow you to turn the plate without making your cake wobble a palette knife
now I’ve been using one since the beginning of my career and her name is
Gertrude as you can see she’s falling apart but I’ll not abandon her after
what she’s given me an ice-cream scoop a piping bag and a clean wet cloth wipe if
you have all of these tools you’re ready to go
tip number two in my video titled the best red velvet cake recipe I mentioned
how to get the straight layers on your cake before even thinking about applying
the icing you must make sure that each layer is both equal in thickness and
completely level using your serrated edge knife slice off any uneven sides
this is the best way to start a successful icing job wasteful you say I
think not there are two things you can do with it to ensure it doesn’t go to
waste you can bake it off and crumble it to
use for garnishing the cake or you can add a few scrumptious spoonfuls of icing
and turn that waste into cake balls tip number three have your
icing as airy and pliable as possible without being too worn what I mean by
that is the icing has to be able to spread easily and cover the cake crumbs
immediately without too much back and forth effort of your palette knife
otherwise you risk ripping the cake to pieces if the icing is too cold it’ll be
impossible to achieve a smooth cake finish to warm and the icing will drip
and droop and melt everywhere you can’t achieve crisp smooth corners like that
it’s better to put the icing back in the fridge wait until it cools down and
start over completely tip number four now that your icing is the perfect
temperature you’ll need to decide which icing technique to use now these terms
are highly technical so I’ll explain each one of them very clearly technique
number one is called the scoop and spread method this is done by taking an
ice cream scoop and measuring out your desired amount of icing then spreading
the icing outward in tiny wide swooshing motions until your icing works its way
to the outer edges of the cake layer this is the way we ice cakes at the
Cakery because it’s fast and we know we will always have the same amount of
icing in each layer technique number two is called the squeeze and spiral booboo
this is done by taking a piping bag with chosen round tip filling it with icing
about half full no more otherwise you’ll lose control of
the bag and it’ll come right back out you twist your bag and loop it around
your thumb for the ultimate control so starting from the middle point of
your cake squeeze a continuous length of icing and gradually rotating the
turntable to create a spiral that goes outward until you reach the outer edge
of the cake then you smooth it with a palette knife I usually find that this
is a good method when I’m decorating big tall layered cakes for weddings because
they demand perfection and each layer of cake and filling must be exactly the
same when you cut into it however this way does take a little bit more time
because you’re going to need to refill your piping bag several times if your
cake is really large okay folks last but not least is tip number five now that
you’ve got what I call an Oreo cake you’ll need to do what’s called in the
cake world as a crumb coat this essentially seals and protects your
lovely moist cake from its natural predators at the outside world it also
makes it much easier to apply your final finishing of icing if it’s really hot in
the Cakery then at this stage we chill the crumb cake for up to 30 minutes to
allow the cake to set then we finish it the cakes get a chance to settle in
their skins so to speak have their crumbs knit properly together therefore
making it easier to handle so there you have it folks my top five tips on how to
ice a cake hey you thanks for watching almost to
the end I’m going to reward you with a bonus how I finished the cake in the next few weeks we’ll be posting
the video that a lot of you peeps have been dying for and that’s my recipe for
the devil’s food chocolate cake featured in my video 5 moist cake tips that work
every time if you have any questions on icing please post them in the comments
below and I will reply as soon as I can if you like the video please click on
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later bye $1,000,000

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  1. Hi Jillian…
    Thank you for sharing your tips and trics. I have a question. The bowl you have the icing in for crumbcoating, with me gets under some crumbs getting of the cake! But I see all bakers on you tube using the same icing for the end topping/coating? Don’t you use a clean bowl with clean icing?😅
    Bigg hug for you from this Dutchie

  2. Hi Jillian…..the chocolate icing you used in this video looks Amazon…. May I have the recipie please.

  3. Love the tips on how to keep the cake moist and to apply the icing. I always have issues with my cake being a bit too dry. I've heard that when you insert the pick a crumb should come out.

  4. Thank you so much for your til videos. They ate a life saver.
    One question:
    How do you prevent the middle of a chocolate cake from sinking in?

  5. Hey Jillian….i really liked the chocolate cake in ur above video….it looks so soft moist and frosting looks amazing…..can u please share the recipe…i am a big fan of chocolate cakes….

  6. Hi Jillian
    I am a begginer in baking I love to make eggless pastry’s but failing in making vanilla sponge cake plz give me suggestions

  7. Thanks for sharing your tips. I hope you can help me, I am abt to bake my son's bday cake and he wants a “hulk” cake. I am thinking of making green velvet cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting, my questions is can I just use any red velvet cake recipe and just substitute red with green food coloring? Also, I live in a tropical country, no a/c in the kitchen, what tips can you give me since I will be using the said type of icing. Thanks! 🙂

  8. Why aren’t you posting more videos?? I even had forgotten your name to look it up but I was so looking forward to your channel but no new videos have been posted since the last three months!!

  9. Hi Jillian! Tried out your chocolate cake. It was awesome and well appreciated. Extremely moist and soft so much so that the crumbs can be mistaken for melted pieces of chocolate.😋 Thank you for this recipe. I didn't use the same frosting though. I'm going to do that the next time.

  10. Hi Jillian, fantastic videos and tips. Your cakes look lovely. Do you prepare eggless cakes as well? It would be great to have a video on eggless cakes.

  11. So passionate. If you love what you are doing then you are usually going to be really good at what you do. Youbare, so well done.

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