483* Receta San Valentin Pastel de Merengue // Meringue Cake Valentine’s Day Recipe

483* Receta San Valentin Pastel de Merengue // Meringue Cake Valentine’s Day Recipe

Hello Robarecetillas you want to know how we make a delicious cake for Valentine’s Day, then take paper and pen, point the ingredients and cook INGREDIENTS

200gr of flour
4 eggs
50gr of sugar
15gr of walnuts
3 tablespoons olive oil
5 tablespoons smoothie
1 sachet of yeast
6 biscuits
2 ounces of chocolate
Red Fruit Jam
Essence of orange
Orange zest We put in the bowl of the kneader, the eggs the sugar and the essence. Beat well until you get a cream. 2. Add the olive oil, whipped cheese and zest and beat again. 3. Finally we put the flour and yeast and mix again. 4. In a mold add the mixture and put in the oven (160ºC / 35min). 5. On the other hand we make the meringue with the egg whites and sugar, until it is well mounted. Test passed 6. Remove the cake from the oven, let cool and cut a rectangle, which we leave ready to decorate. We decorate it as we want, with the meringue, the red fruit jam, the snout and the chooclte and ready to eat. Well, we have the cake ready. It is very easy as you have seen. We mix all the ingredients. We put them in a mold and bake. We make the meringue and there will only be decoration. If you liked the recipe, give me a like, subscribe to the channel! Below I leave all the information and you can leave me all the comments you want. You know you can follow me on the different social networks. Remember Robarecetillas that cooking can be fun !!! Goodbye !!!

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  1. Que delicia de pastel!!!!!!!! Gran idea para el día de San Valentín! Pasando por aquí para dejarte un gran Like 👍🏼😋😋😋😋😀😀👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼

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