4 Fun Ways to Decorate a Cake! Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 34

4 Fun Ways to Decorate a Cake! Gemma’s Bold Baking Basics Ep 34

Hi Bold Bakers! Now I am all about easy when it comes to decorating
that is why I am going to show you 4 simple ways to decorate a cake using just a fork
and a spoon. So the first technique I am going to show
you is how to make strips with a spoon. Now all you want to do is just dip it in some
hot water then dry your spoon off. And then simply take your spoon and then gently
drag it through your frosting to create a straight line. And then as you can see you start to see these
rustic lines form. Really pretty. So now if you don’t have a spoon you can always
use a knife to create this effect. And if you have seen my fun fete cake video. You will see me use the some technique in
that video. So there you go. Beautiful rustic looking lines that will look
great on a cake. So out next technique is how you can create
a beautiful basket weave using a simple fork. So all you have to do is go along a little
bit one way and then down the next way. Along and down the whole way to cover the
top of your cake. Just keep on going. Now usually when you see this technique on
a cake it is done with a special nozzle, but not here. We are going to use a simple fork to get a
beautiful effect. So now we have done two different techniques
to decorate a cake and they look amazing our next technique is to do a wave effect. So like before we are going to use a nice
warm spoon. And then you want to rub it into your frosting
waving back and forth, and back and forth. As you can see this creates a rustic and unique
looking frosting. Also there is really no wrong way to do this
regardless. It is going to look beautiful. Okay lovely there is lots of great texture
here. Now these cake decorating tips are for beginners
to advanced they are really for everyone to try. Okay so now that is three techniques down
now we are going to move onto our fourth. Okay so we are going to take our fork again
and then we are going to put it into the frosting. And all you want to do is drag it along a
little bit and then up. Drag it along and up. Now you see this lovely texture that we are
creating? It is really gadgety, but it looks great. Just keep on doing this technique all over
the surface of your cake. So that is it four fun ways to decorate a
cake using simple forks and spoons. Who knew it was that easy. I have lots more Bold Baking Basics videos
just like this one so make sure you tap that subscribe button and check on my other videos.

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  1. Hi Gemma!! Thanks a ton for this video. I was planning to bake a cake with icing for my dad's birthday day after tomorrow but I don't have any clue about how to decorate it. I found this video at the right time 🙂 And I do have a request if yu could please make a single giant eggless cookies video or if you could mention substitute for eggs in ur recipe description box that will be a lot helpful. And last but not the least yu are my inspiration. Love!

  2. Hi Gemma I watch ur videos all the time I made two cakes last year (really sorry it was not ur recipe) but i did not frost because buttercream needs a lot of things so i left but next time i am make i will definitely frost it

  3. I've used a fork to do waves before, looks cool, especially if your cake is in a platter that turns!! (Mine was :).

  4. don't make fun of her!! some people are allergic to spoons!! I'm allergic to spoons so all my family can't use them. we use forks for everything, even soup.
    I appreciate her including me.

  5. Gemma ur ice cream recipes are one among my favorite of all time ….ur are soo amazing …could u please make some healthy snacks ??

  6. Gemma, I have a request. Could you do a video on how to make lady's fingers biscuits? I've tried a few recipes but they always come out soggy in the middle and only crisp on the edges. Hope you can help.

  7. Gemma, I have a request. Could you do a video on how to make lady's fingers biscuits? I've tried a few recipes but they always come out soggy in the middle and only crisp on the edges. Hope you can help.

  8. I like your channel, Gemma, but I can say that I preferred the types of videos you used to make in the beginning. It seems that now the recipes are either too simple or variations of videos you have already done several times (mug meals, ice creams, etc.). With your vast knowledge and experience with baking, it would be great to see the types of creative and new recipes like the ones you used to make before.

  9. I actually like the four techniques on that cake you made. Together they add a very pretty, yet fun, top, especially all one colour. 🙂 I'll have to give these a try. Thank you for sharing how. 🙂

  10. URGENT…hey gemma yesterday i made eggless sttawberry cheesecake without gelatin..but it has still not set…its very runny…so i added lemon juice n blended it again…still no results…then i added gelatin…still no results…its been more than 24 hrs…what should i do now.

  11. Gemma: Speaking of decorating cakes, do you have a trick of the trade when it comes to adding chopped pecans to the sides of a cake (red velvet)? I usually get pecans everywhere, but it's so pretty having pecans around the cake. Help! Any tricks?

  12. Well, I`m not trying to burst anyone's bubble or anything but these "4 fun ways to decorate a cake" has been around for quite some time now. It pops up on my Pinterest page all the time. Anywho, I guess some people might find it more helpful to watch a video tutorial than just reading instructions on a blog x

  13. İ saw only two videos from this channel not this one i just choosed the newest to see if she will replay anyway the two videos (microwave mug meals the pizza one and the other video was the potato chips) were soooooo AMAZİNG she is so creative and i really like her videos

  14. It's so irritating when I don't get a response to my question/comments. I take the time to subscribe, watch, and like videos. Why the courtesy of responding is not returned. I'm I being dramatic?

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