’30 Drinks in 30 Minutes’ | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

’30 Drinks in 30 Minutes’ | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

– Hey guys, how are we doing? Phil:
This is a difficult rescue because I haven’t even seen
the bartenders perform yet, so we can’t get too crazy
with the cocktails tonight. So part of today is not only
are we gonna be training
on new drinks, but I need to look and see
where you guys really live as far as your
bartending skills. – What are people always
drinking around here?
– Both: Margaritas. What we’re gonna do is
I’m gonna bring you back here. I just want you guys
to make the margarita that you guys
are used to making. I wanna see how fast
you guys make it. I wanna see what
it tastes like, all right? Your time is gonna start
in three, two, one. Come on. I feel weird. I do well under pressure. I mean, that’s my specialty
is high volume bartending. But it’s opening
six beer bottles at a time or pouring a whiskey coke. I mean, that’s
where my expertise lies. Ta-da. You guys all make margaritas
the same way? – You want me to tell you
what I put in it?
– Yeah. Sarah, Kym, I want you guys
to both come up here together. Three, two, one, go. Go, go, go, come on.
It’s a busy night. The band’s playing,
it’s cracking. Let’s go.
Pour those drinks. You guys have plenty
of bottles in there. Let’s go.
One, two, three, four– Okay, we got 3/4 ounce
of tequila in there. That’s gonna be
a tasty margarita. Let’s go, let’s go,
let’s go. Shake, shake, shake,
like you mean it. I don’t even wanna
drink that one. We got three margaritas.
Three totally different drinks. We need to make sure
that we are making
everything consistent. – We need to fix a lot of stuff.
– Yes, sir. You guys wanna see what drinks
you’re gonna be doing today? – You know we do.
– Okay. We’re gonna do a perfect
margarita for you guys, and we’re gonna change
the look of it and change the flavor
components of it just a little bit
to make it your own. We’re gonna use
the volcanic black lava salt. Half ounce of agave syrup
and one ounce of lime juice. And I’m gonna do a half ounce
of the blue curaçao and one and a half ounce
of tequila. And last but not least,
two dashes of orange bitters. Let’s do it. – That beautiful color
right there.
– That is awesome. – Looks cool.
– Nice little black rim. There you have it, guys. This is gonna be the margarita that Fort Worth Stockyards
are talking about. – Boom!
– It’s so good! – It looks good.
– It is very, very good. Our focus needs to be to get
these drinks out as quick
as we possibly can, so it is all about that speed. – All right, let’s do it.
– All right. – What’s happening, man?
How you doing?
– Holy cow. I’m at home chilling last night.
I get a call from Jon. Jon said,
“I need you out here, man.
I got this bar– No kitchen, no menu.
It’s gonna be a huge task.” We came in last night,
put a little kitchen in. – Wow. Yeah.
– Is it pretty cool? Jeremy: This room was more
of a storage junk pile. So now we’ve got
a great kitchen. I’m extremely excited. You gotta have
good food at a bar. And y’all got
a lot of competition
around here, okay? This is a nice area.
Lot of barbecue in this area. So we gotta come up
with something good so they can compete with
the barbecue around this place. So what we’re gonna do first is some mac and cheese
pulled pork, okay? And it’s real quick.
You can get it out quick. Throw a little mac on there. Throw some pulled pork on there. – A little barbecue sauce.
– Mm-hmm. Pinch of scallions. – That is delicious.
– Like we say in the South, – that make me
wanna slap your mama.
– Don’t slap my mama, though. I ain’t slapping
( bleep ) my mama neither. – Y’all ready
to do this tonight?
– Let’s do it. Cool. Let’s do it. Jon:
So what I wanna do tonight is run our stress test
for 30 minutes. So here’s
what we’re gonna do. We’re going to test how
the food is received tonight, and I’m gonna put these
straws next to each
of your work stations. Every time you make a drink, yll just take one of these
straws and drop it in the jar. I want each
of our bartenders to sell 30 drinks
in 30 minutes. – Fair? Reasonable number?
– Fair. – Yes, sir.
– We have to maximize
our potential. If we can’t get 90 drinks out
in that amount of time, the stress test will
be a failure. – You guys ready to do this?
– Ready. – Yes, sir.
– Okay, let’s get together.
We open in about 15 minutes. For tonight, I need to see Keith
and Fred step up as owners. I expect them to get
their business together and be organized
for the stress test. I also wanna see Luke
contribute in some fashion to prove that he’s a positive,
equal partner. Hello.
How are y’all doing? – This is what we are
offering this evening.
– Okay. Two market batch and one
of the tequila drinks. One, two, three, four. Jon: Guys,
you make ’em one at a time,
we’ll never get there. You make ’em four,
five at a time–
piece of cake, right? – Let’s go, let’s go.
– Let’s go, ladies. – Unh-uh.
– No? That’s all blue curaçao.
Nobody wants that. Let’s make it right,
ladies, come on. – How many drinks, Kym?
– Three. – Man: I’m hungry!
– Who wants barbecue?
Raise your hand. ( cheering ) Get the orders, okay?
Let’s go! – What you need?
– Two mac and cheese. – Two mac and cheese.
– What you got, Luke? – What you got?
– I got one mac and cheese. Three mac and cheese,
two taco. Two mac and cheese.
Two mac and cheese. I need at least ten
mac and cheeses, brother. Jon: All right,
we got food coming out! Six-seven, six-eight. – Y’all have 67?
– No. Dang it. ( sighs ) This is ridiculous. Goes this way,
then he goes that way. Then he goes this way,
then he goes that way. You know why he doesn’t
know which way to go?
’Cause he’s lost! – Jeremy, do you know
where that goes?
– I have no idea. – 67.
– Well, give it to somebody
so it doesn’t go cold. Do you have a card or
you wanna pay cash? Okay. Thank you very much.
We appreciate it. All right,
what do we got here? All right, we got 12 over here.
What do we got, Phil? 11, 12, 13! – What do we got in the middle?
– Two, four, five, six. – ( mimics buzzer )
– Come on, Cece! Let’s go! At least you’re making
the drinks right. Clearly our weak link
is in the middle, right? Phil: Oh, yes. She’s at 15.
She’s halfway there. She’s sloppy, too.
They’re just slopping
the drinks together. – You have to make them right.
– And are Keith or Fred
watching the drinks? – They don’t even know.
– Thank you for coming out.
Hi, baby. How are you? Keith, what can you do?
Fred, let’s see what you got! – Jump down and help Kym.
Jump down and help Kym.
– All right, let’s go. Hey, start separating cups.
They’re sticking. We’re done to ten minutes.
Ten minutes they have, and they’ve got about 20 drinks
to make in ten minutes. – We’re running out of time.
– One, two, three, four. – What is this?
– Vodkas. Put it away.
Five minutes left! – Five minutes.
– Five minutes. Come on! Jon: You’re at 27.
You’re gonna make your 30. Let’s go.
Get these last three out. – ( cheering )
– I got 24. Get those last six.
Two minutes! There you go.
Pour it. 30 seconds! – Come on!
– Come on! Five, four, three, two, one! ( bleep )

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  1. I love this show but I have never been to a bar that had all them customers walk through the door at once and wanted alll fancy mixed drinks and ordered food all at one time. I mean some people want just a beer. but then again Im from the Country. and Ive been to big bars but people come in groups at a time not 50 at once really lol come on

  2. the 'mixology expert' paperboy hat and collared shirt are spot on, the facial hair compensating for the bald head is a dead ringer as well. Bravo, costume department gets a 5/5

  3. “You know why he doesn’t know which way to go? BECAUSE HE’S LOST !!!!”

    Almost the definition of being lost.

  4. The "prettiest" one there looks downwards and you see she has no fucking chin, she looks fucking BUSTED. if that's your BEST bartender, you got some shot to work on.

  5. It seems like these types restaurant programs and other programs focused on businesses exist as a means of culturally reinforcing and normalizing the poor treatment the millions of the underemployed within the service industry. It functions as a means of propaganda to continue a cycle of fly-by-night capitalism that ultimately does nothing for society but compound upon itself in and endless, unproductive loop.

  6. Why do none of these bars have bar backs lIke a normal bar? I know someone at the tonic lounge at Portland and they hired actors to play the staff. This is a show about embarrassing people I think Jon Taffer doesn't care he just wants money

  7. Could have done a bit better with the kitchen, but I guess since its only a stress test that doesn't matter much. Hopefully in the final reveal they gave them somewhat of a kitchen.

  8. They using Real Liquor….If so why…Just to throw it down a Drain to teach them to make a Drink..?…Kinda waste of money if u ask me

  9. Why do some many bartenders wear shirts that show their tummys? Last thing in the world i want to see when your mixing my drink is your soft fat little tummy jiggling around 🤢🤮

  10. the lower your IQ is the worse your general motor coordination is actuallyl ol. When you see this girls on these shows are just boobs with rocks for brains, it is difficult to teach some one to replicate something the lower their IQ is.:3 The biggest indicator of your IQ is your education level. The amount of time you spent developing the mind improves it dramatically… if you barely get out of high school or get your GED you're likely already falling into the bottom half of the curve and these dumb girls u see on this show are a prime example of this sort of thing.

  11. the lower your IQ is the worse your general motor coordination is actuallyl ol. When you see this girls on these shows are just boobs with rocks for brains, it is difficult to teach some one to replicate something the lower their IQ is.:3 The biggest indicator of your IQ is your education level. The amount of time you spent developing the mind improves it dramatically… if you barely get out of high school or get your GED you're likely already falling into the bottom half of the curve and these dumb girls u see on this show are a prime example of this sort of thing.

  12. Opening six beers and pouring jacks and coke isn’t expertise. The average teenager has that handled you waste of space.

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  14. Okay, so I'd heard of this show but never watched it, I thought it was like some HGTV shit but now I'm hooked on Jon Taffer and bingeing on these clips when, 3 days ago, it popped up in my YT feed (I guess because I was revisiting Ramsey). I say this on practically every clip but I always thought Dana Synder (voice of Master Shake/Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell) was in a league of his own with that aggressive, "if an angry duck could yell" voice until I saw JT. Mind. Blown. Not really but I wonder if they grew up in similar areas (I'm about to hit google up and find out)

  15. What television personalities like Taffer and countless others (Gordan Ramsey) sell to the public through these types of programs is a normalization of punitive and castigating attitudes toward the working poor, particularly in the service industry. Whether or not this is done on purpose, is irrelevant. They are subtly but effectively propagating the materialist caste system.

  16. The fact you free pour gives me anxiety, America what are you doing! such a waste! a cocktail is meant to have time taken into it not just slammed together 30 mins to make 30 drinks that's a min a drink! that's crazy

  17. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people with long hair, work in the food and beverage industry and don’t pull their hair up. Even when I cook for my family at home I always pull my hair up. Nobody wants to take a drink and pull out a 2 ft long blonde hair 🤢 her hair is so long it drags on the counters, it touches her butt, and it dips in the drinks. Disgusting

  18. I use to work a restaurant, the inspector came in and gave us shit for serving food with Aluminum foil, he said something about the contamination? Idk I was 18 and didn’t know shit

  19. I have seen a couple of comments stating that it is impossible to make 30 drinks in 30 minutes. I have graduated from bartending school and taken 2 refresher courses. In order to graduate a mixology class, you have to make 12 different drinks in 5 minutes. 1 of those 12 might be a shot and, chances are, it's served in a snifter.

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