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Hi Bold Bakers! So we all know you can make a cake in a mug
in the microwave, that is nothing new around here. But did you know you can actually make an
entire cake in the microwave? I’m talking full-size, three layers, the whole
shebang. It is really easy to make and the best thing
about it is it takes less than 10 minutes to cook! I can’t wait to show you so let’s get started. So now everyone has access to an oven, but
that’s okay, we don’t let that stop us here at Bigger Bolder Baking. Micro-baking, or baking in a microwave is
a really fun and easy thing to do, and you get to make all the sweet treats that you
like. Now the recipe for this cake can be found
on BiggerBolderBaking.com and as always, tap that subscribe button on YouTube so you don’t
miss out on any of my upcoming videos. Okay, so let’s get stuck into our cake. In a large bowl, add all of your dry ingredients. Flour, white sugar, brown sugar, baking powder,
baking soda, and salt, and then whisk all these ingredients together. Now this recipe is one of my absolute favorites
for yellow cake, so it’s a really soft and moist cake, and it’s just so good, it’s
like a vanilla cake. Okay, that’s all our dry ingredients, now
we’re gonna mix our wet separately. Into a separate bowl add your eggs, buttermilk,
and vanilla extract, and then whisk all these together. If you don’t have buttermilk, you can always
use just regular milk, or you can make your own buttermilk, because I’ve got a video
of how to do that, it is really simple to do, and buttermilk makes cakes really lovely
and moist, so it’s a really important ingredient. And on another note, if you don’t eat eggs,
you can always check my egg substitute chart of what you can substitute the eggs in this
recipe for. Okay, lovely. We’re gonna add our wet into our dry ingredients
now. So here I have my dry ingredients and I’m
going to pour in my buttermilk-egg mix. The next thing we’re going to add is our
melted butter, now what I like to do is melt the butter when I start to make the cake so
it’s nice and room temperature to add it into the rest of the mix. You don’t want it to be hot when you’re adding
it in there. So go ahead and our him in. lovely. And then last but not least, sprinkles, because
this is going to be a Funfetti cake. So in you guys go. I love me some sprinkles. Then I’m gonna take my whisk and then gently
mix this cake together. Now the same rules apply to all my cake making. Make sure you don’t over-mix, you don’t
want to toughen the flour at all, so a quick mix up until all the flour is combined, and
then stop. So as you can see this makes a very big cake,
it’ll probably feed around 8-10 people happily. It’s nice and big which is the way we like
our cakes around here. Okay, perfect, this is all mixed up. Now, let’s talk tins. So not technically tins, but silicone molds. Now these have to be microwave safe, whatever
you put in there and these are perfect and they’re food safe. Now I got these online, they’re very inexpensive,
and I’m gonna put a link on my website of where you can buy them directly. You can use any kind of silicone mold that
you have, if you have a different shape at home that is totally fine too, and if you
don’t have silicone molds and don’t want to buy them, that’s totally fine, get a casserole
bowl, or something that is nice and round, that will go in the microwave and you’ll cook
your cake in there, and it will be lovely. So our molds are ready to go, you can grease
them if you want to, but you don’t need to because with silicone it just pops right out,
it’s one of the beauties of them. So I’m not gonna butter mine, I’m just gonna
go ahead and divide my cake batter evenly between the three. When you’re dividing your cake, just eyeball
it as best you can, to get them as evenly as possible. Fantastic! Now this is where the magic happens. One by one we’re going to put each of these
molds into the microwave, and you’re not going to believe the results. Now this is where the magic happens, each
layer takes less than three minutes to cook! I know it’s absolutely crazy, and here we
were baking cakes in the oven like a chump the whole time we could have been making it
in the microwave in minutes. So the timing is based on my microwave, which
is 1200 watts. Okay I think I just heard a ping so let’s
check on our first layer. Oh my god, this turned out even better than
expected, it’s insane! It rose up, it’s lovely, light and fluffy,
and you can tell when it’s done, if you push down in the middle and it’s firm on
underneath and there’s no wetness on the top of your cake. So this is perfectly cooked. Okay, we’re gonna set him aside and let
him cool down and we’re gonna pop in our next layer. So while the second layer is cooking I’ve
got three minutes to tell you a little story, here’s a little bit of trivia about Bigger
Bolder Baking, around three years ago my first mug cake recipe I ever made went viral. That was the first video that ever went viral. We made rainbow cake, red velvet, cookies
and cream, it absolutely blew the lid off my channel and brought me in like a huge big
audience and this whole idea of making cakes without an oven. So thanks to those recipes, that’s where
we are right now. And I think this cake in a microwave is a
whole other level of baking, I mean I just can’t even believe it. Okay, I heard another ping, so let’s check
on our second layer. Okay, our second layer is looking great, it
smells insane in my kitchen right now, okay, I’m gonna pop in my last layer. So now when it comes to putting the cake in
the microwave, don’t put in multiple layers at one time, you want to do one layer at a
time, so they all bake evenly. And just so you know, I’m gonna decorate my
cake in my best-ever buttercream frosting recipe, which is on my website, there’s
a video, there’s a whole tutorial about how you can get the best ever frosting, because
I know it’s something that people really struggle with. So I’m gonna cover my cake in that. There we go again, our last layer is done. So here’s the crazy part, it took less than
10 minutes to cook off three layers of cake, I mean that is madness, and you see they rose
up really thick and they’re light and fluffy, I mean this is absolutely insane. This microwave cake, I’m telling you, is a
serious game-changer. Okay, I’m gonna set these guys aside, let
them go totally cold before I decorate them. So I left my cakes cooling for around half
an hour, and they’re ready to be decorated, but the beauty of this cake is you can make
it two days in advance, and then decorate it whenever you need it, it will keep perfectly
fresh. Now some simple things about cake decorating,
if the top of your cake is a little bit bumpy, take a knife and just cut that bit off until
you have a nice flat surface just like this one. Then I’m gonna take my pink buttercream, and
I’m going to go and frost in between the layers of my cake. Spread a nice generous layer of buttercream
frosting on the surface of your cake. I have this handy little cake stand, which
really helps me decorate cakes, because I’ve said before, I’m not the best cake decorator
in the world, but these kinds of tools help. There you go, that’s one layer, then we’re
going to take the next layer, and continue frosting. In case you haven’t seem them already, I’ve
got other videos about cake decorating that go into much more detail, and just gives you
tips and tricks of how to decorate a cake really well and easily, so make sure you check
those out. Okay, lovely, now we’re going to go on with
our last layer. So for the last layer, turn your cake upside-down
so you have a nice flat surface, and then pop him on top. Then take some more buttercream frosting,
a nice big scoop for the top, and then we’re going to take our spatula, and just work the
frosting over the top of the cake, and then down the sides. And what we’re going to do here is create
a crumb layer. So the reason we’re doing a crumb layer
is to catch any loose crumbs of cake, so you just want to do a nice thin layer of frosting,
it does not have to be thick, and just go on the top, and all along the sides and just
catch any crumbs. I’m actually not seeing a whole lot of crumbs
on this cake, which is awesome considering we just cooked it, it’s nice and fresh,
gorgeous. Now if you’re like me, you’ve made many
a cake and it starts to lean, don’t worry about it, you can fix that, just kind of push
it back when you’re frosting it, and make it all line up, not all cakes are perfect,
and they can be a bit knobbly and bobbly, so just like give it a little bit of a push
in the right direction, that’s what I do. Okay, perfect, this is my crumb layer now
I’m gonna pop this in the fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes, let it set and go nice and
cold and then we can decorate on top of this. So it’s been half an hour and crumb layer
is set, so now it’s time to decorate on top of this. Now all you need is a little thin layer of
frosting, and just cover over any bits of the cake you can see. Once you have your crumb layer done, decorating
the cake actually happens really fast, so it’s great. Wherever you think needs more frosting, just
put on a little bit more. Just keep on spreading frosting around the
outside until the whole cake is covered. Just like that. Perfect. Now I’ve got a few finishing touches that
I want to do to this cake. So with a bit of frosting that I have, I’m
going to pipe some nice big rosettes along the top of the cake, just to give it a little
bit of different texture as well on top, lovely. You can never have too much buttercream frosting
if you ask me. And then, I have some sprinkles here, gorgeous
little ones, and I’m gonna sprinkle these all over the top, just a few on top of the
rosettes, for a little bit of extra color, just look at how pretty they are. Then I’m actually gonna take a few, and I’m
gonna place it along the side of the cake. Just around the bottom. Just to make a nice finishing touch. And there you have it, not in a million years
would anybody guess that this whole cake was made in the microwave, it’s incredible. Now I’m going to cut it open because I just
want you to see how soft and fluffy the cake is on the inside. I knew I was doing three layers but I just
didn’t think the cake was gonna be this big. There you go, check that out. Fluffy, soft cake, made in the microwave,
that is mind-blowing. This is fantastic. This cake is perfect for any celebration,
whether you have an oven or not. I really hope you try it. Oh my gosh this cake is so soft. So here’s the thing, if you don’t have an
oven to bake a cake, you do not have to be left out, you can make one in the microwave,
you saw under 10 minutes, really, really fast, and the results— are absolutely amazing. Mm. you guys are gonna love this recipe, I
really hope you try it, do not forget to subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you back here
really soon, for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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