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  1. I would recommend putting chocolate chips in the batter so that it's creamy IN the cake. It also gives more chocolate flavor

  2. I followed your recipe except for 1 thing. I used Wheat Flour instead of All purpose and used orange zest and some nuts. it tasted good but it turned out to be very dry. I don't know if that was cause of the wheat flour or 2minutes were too much for this. 😥😖😖

  3. I cook this in a small bowl (much easier) I used Galaxy Chocolate powder(from Poundland) and sprinkled some Chocolate chips into the mix before I microwaved it(they melt).Once cooked,I drizzled some Asda`s Chocolate sauce over the top and sprinkled some more Chocolate chips over and it was as good as any premium brand hot chocolate sponge pudding=Lovely.

  4. OMG this man doesnt know how to make a REAL chocolate mugcake -___-
    WHY IS HE USING CHOCOLATE POWDER WHEN HE COULD USE SOME REAL CHOCOLATE ???!!!! This recipe could taste good for some british or american mouths but believe me, for a french mouth, this taste awful. If u want a REAL advice here, just use REAL chocolate.

  5. Are you 100% sure that these mug cake recipes are safe because they have eggs and I am not sure if the egg cooks all the way threw in a microwave so I don't want to get sick. So please answer me as soon as possible because I want to make it with my friend. Thanks!

  6. Tried it 😀 taste really good and was very moist
    I have tried another recipe but this one is the best so far

  7. i made this exackly as u did but it came out tasting like cat piss all the ingredients were in date i did use virgin olive oil maybe thats why plz someone explain?

  8. Omg this is amazing I'm craving for it so much know btw could u make a video on how to make a red velvet mug cake (like if u like red velvet cake

  9. It turned out good, it was a little dry tho, but when I got to the bottle there was still some flower at the bottom

  10. i thought it u could use nestlie instedad of coco powder and i did it for 2 mins and it didnt taste good at all it was all giggly

  11. I made it too and it tured out great! I used olive oil instead of vegetable and was super surprised that i couldnt tell it was in there… cuz i wasnt sure how powerful my microwave was i checked it every 20 seconds or so

  12. I just made this after I watched the video (now I'm eating it while writing this) it was okay. but it didn't rly smell good tho when it came out xD

  13. If you replace the chocolate powder, with 1/2 of a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and add chocolate chips it’s heaven

  14. I just made it and it was delicious.. only thing I did was putting it a little longer in the microwave. I regret that now because it turned out a little spongie. But very good recipe and taste. Next time just 2 minutes like the recipe says 😂

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