1 Minute Mug Cookies: 3 Different Cookies Made in the Microwave – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking 59

(Music) We’re running all the time. We’re running all the time. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Hi Bold Bakers! So I know how much you love my
1 Minute Mug Cakes bud did you know you can make a Cookie in a mug? And, yes we are going
to make them BIG & BOLD! So let’s get baking! If you’ve made my mug cakes then you’ll know that
they’re easy. And these cookies are even easier! But make sure you stay tuned throughout the
video because I’ll give you little tips and tricks on how to make successful Mug Cookies.
Also, the recipes for all of these cookies can be found below the video on YouTube. Our first flavor up is a peanut butter cookie!
In a microwaveable mug, we’re going to add in our room temperature butter, our white
sugar, and our brown sugar. And then we’re going to mix them all together. It’s important that
your butter is at room temperature because it makes it much easier to mix in. To this,
we’re going to add in our egg yolk and our peanut butter and then mix them all together.
Next add in your flour and continue to mix until combined. When it’s done, just scrape
down the sides and smooth out the top of your cookie. These mug cookies don’t rise as much as the
Mug Cakes do because they don’t contain any raising agent. But they do cook a little bit
faster than the Mug Cakes so that’s great! But I want you to keep a close eye on them
when they’re in the microwave because if you overcook them they might dry out a little
bit. My recommended cooking times are based on
my 1200 Watt microwave so yours might vary. Our first Mug Cookie is out of the microwave
and it looks and smells fantastic. And it cooked SO fast! Now in true Bigger Bolder Baking
style, I’m going to decorate the top of this and then we can dig in. I’m serving mine with a swirl of buttercream
mixed with raspberry jam. And for added effect, sprinkle on some crushed peanuts. If you like
peanut butter and jelly, you are going to love this Mug Cookie! Ok, I’m going to stop
eating this and we’re going to move on to the next cookie. Ok, one more bite… Our next cookie up is one of my favorites which is
Oatmeal & Raisin. Now this cookie happens to be gluten-free and vegan. For this cookie
you need oats because it’s oatmeal and raisin. But you also need a gluten-free flour. But
did you know you can make gluten-free flour out of oats. It’s perfect! I’m going to show
you how. All you need to do is put your oats in a food
processor and grind them up until they’re like a fine flour and that’s it! I processed
this for around 15 seconds and the reason I love this flour is because you almost always have
oats in your house. In a microwaveable mug, we’re going to add
in our flavorless oil: you can use coconut or vegetable, brown sugar, white sugar, apple
puree, which will replace the eggs, your oat flour, some whole oats, vanilla extract, cinnamon and
of course, raisins. And then mix them all together. I can already smell all the lovely warm
flavors. And then just smooth out the top like you did before. Another quick and easy Cookie ready for
the microwave. Did you ever think you could make cookies this fast? Another Mug Cookie
is done and it looks lovely. Just like the Mug Cakes, the cookies are best eaten straight
away but we have to decorate it first and then we can try it out. I piped on some whipped coconut cream and
then finished it off with a little bit of cinnamon. I’m really excited to try this one. I don’t know anybody who would not love this
Mug Cookie, but we can’t stop here so on to our next one. If you’re enjoying this recipe, and would
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every Thursday. Our next Mug Cookie is everyone’s favorite
and a classic: it’s Chocolate Chip Cookie! In a microwaveable mug, we’re going to add
in our room temperature butter, our white sugar, and our brown sugar. And then mix them
well together. To this add your egg yolk and continue mixing. Next add in your vanilla
extract, a pinch of salt, flour and chocolate chips. And then mix these all together until
just combined. One thing I love about these mug cookies is
that they’re portion controlled. So when I want a little something sweet, I will eat
one of these rather than eating a whole tray of cookies. We’re only seconds away from another amazing
Mug Cookie. Our cookie is done and it smells incredible. Can you see how good this looks?
I’m really excited to try it. Now while this is still warm, I’m going to serve
it with one of your favorites and mine: my No Machine Ice Cream. Scoop on your No Machine Ice Cream–I’m having
Vanilla Bean! And then drizzle on some chocolate sauce for the ultimate Mug Cookie Sundae! If you want to see another Mug Cookie recipe,
then head on over to my Facebook page where I posted a video on how to make a Double Chocolate
Mug Cookie. Now when you’re craving something sweet in
a hurry, you have my BIG & BOLD Mug Cookies and Cakes! Don’t forget to head over to my Facebook page
where I have a bonus cookie flavor waiting for you. Thank you so much for subscribing
to my channel and I’ll see you back here again next Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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