๐ŸŒˆ How to make a Rainbow Cake!

๐ŸŒˆ How to make a Rainbow Cake!

– Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s Justine. And today in my kitchen we
are making a rainbow cake. This has been such a
highly-requested video, I think ever since I started
first making baking videos, probably like four or five
years ago, so finally, today, this is the cake that
we are going to make. Well this isn’t just any cake. This icon is from the
game Cookie Jam Blast. So if you guys have
ever played Cookie Jam, this is the newest game in the franchise. So if you guys liked Cookie Jam, then you’re gonna absolutely
love Cookie Jam Blast. So you go to the game and you match each of the candy pieces, so they’re all color-coordinated. So I gotta get this red heart into here so that I can show you guys the cake, which I think… This is it! Here we go! So as soon as I move this heart up, there’s the cake! – Bravo! – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Okay, look close at
the picture of the cake that we’re making. This game is free to play. It’s available on iOS and
the Google Play store. So when you switch pieces
with the rainbow cake, it’ll remove all of those
colors from the board. Pretty much one of the most
iconic icons in the game. What I love most about this cake is that it has chocolate icing. Most of the rainbow cakes online, they all all have vanilla. A cookie jam! It’s so cute. These types of games are my weakness. – Bravo! – So now I have everything
prepped and ready in front of me, just like magic. This is the icon. And I’ve got this all printed
out so that I can know what colors I need to bake. So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna make three cakes. And I’m not sure if I can fit three cakes inside of this mixer, but you better believe we’re gonna try it. (water pouring) This is a very bad idea. I can already tell this is
not gonna be the best thing that I’ve ever done. One and a half cups of
oil, and eight eggs. Oh gosh! – Hi!
(Justine laughs) – [Justine] Here we go. (electronic music) – Are we gonna be able to– I don’t know what’s gonna happen. (egg cracks)
– No! – Oh no! – [Justine] Gotta get it. Get it! – That was disgusting. (electronic music) – This is where it’s
gonna get a little iffy. (packages rustling) (mixer whirring) Oh my gosh. I haven’t even put the oil in yet. (package tearing) Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I have something. I have something. Yes! This will alleviate messes. Oh my god, this is perfect. (package tearing) You see what I’ve got here? I dump it in, and it goes right in. That’s a lot of oil. (mixer whirring) Alright, well! It’s in, it’s all in. Now what happens if we go a little faster. (mixer whirring intensifies) I’m so nervous that this
is just gonna go crazy, but I think it’s okay. If you asked me if this
was gonna actually work, I would have said, nope! (mixer button clicks) That is so much cake. Oh, oh my gosh. This is ridiculously heavy. So we’re gonna start with
all of our color guys here. And all of our bowls. (bowls clinking) So what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna portion out all of this batter into each
one of these little bowls, and then we’re going to dye them. (playful music) So heavy! (laughs) (mixer whirring) The color wheel is so cool! (mixer whirring) Whoa, I got that everywhere. And now we only have one
more to go, the purple. (mixer whirring) The next step is to get all of your pans. I’m using these little circular ones. Don’t forget to spray them, because if you do forget to spray, you’re gonna be really sorry later. (pans clinking) (electronic music) We’ve got all of our different colors, and I forgot to preheat the oven. So let’s preheat. I’m gonna try to bake
three at the same time, so I’m not sure how that’s gonna work out, but I don’t wanna be
baking cakes all day long. Let’s put three in, and
then when those are done, I’ll bake the other three. So we’ve got our chocolate icing, and of course I’m not gonna
make the icing myself, so I’ve got some wonderful
store-bought icing, and we’re gonna need a lot of icing, because each layer has
chocolate inside of it. Gonna probably have to do a
taste-test, cause, you know, I just wanna make sure
that it’s satisfactory. Oh, there’s only 130 calories in this can, per 14 servings. Well that just ruined everything. I planned on eating the whole container. (mixer whirring) Let’s boost it up to 11. Whoa, whoa, whoa. ♪ Now watch me mix.
Now watch me nay-nay. ♪ This is just what we were looking for. (mixer whirring) I think that’s good. Okay, so the first color we’re gonna need is our purple cake, and all of our cakes are
looking so beautiful, let me show them to you. We’re just gonna shave this down, so that the top of it
will be nice and level. Look how beautiful and purple
this looks. Can you even? Flop this bad boy right onto here. And this is the start of a
beautiful, beautiful creation. I’m pretty proud already, like this is already looking pretty good. (upbeat electronic music) So this is our last layer, the
red layer is the top layer. You get to use all the icing. (upbeat electronic music) This is insane. There’s so much much icing. I’m gonna get this thing cleaned up, and then we’ll do our final
presentation and taste-test. It weighs like 700 pounds, holy moly. (upbeat electronic music) There’s so much cake. We’re cutting through
three different cakes, six different layers, and
four containers of icing. Ready? Look at this! I am blown away with how
incredible this looks. Jenna, look! – Oh my god. Oh!
– Are you impressed or what? – Did you actually do this?
– Yes! – You did this yourself?
– Me! – I’ll believe it when I watch the tape. I kinda like all the icing in the back. – [Justine] Oh my gosh,
look how pretty it is. – Mmm!
– Oh boy! – (muffled speaking with
mouth full) Oh, that’s nice. – This is really good. – There’s a lot of icing on here. – Definitely the most
effort I put into a cake. – Yeah, it took you a lot. I had to wait so long for
her to finish this cake. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. I had so much fun making
this and I am so surprised that this actually turned
out absolutely incredible. It turned out way better than
I thought it was going to. Make sure you guys check out
the link in the description if you wanna check out Cookie Jam Blast, and I will see you guys in my next video. Also, leave me some comments on what you’d like to see me make next, because this, again, has been
such a highly-requested video, so thank you guys for the inspiration. And I’ll see you later. Now I can go eat this
in peace and in private. (upbeat electronic music)

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  1. How many people watched this video a billion times cause when Justine cuts it it's sooooooooooo satisfying!!!๐Ÿ˜ฑ


  3. Justine a little tip to get your cakes out of the pan line the bottem of the pan with parchment paper and the sides with butter

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  10. Has no one noticed June is the month she posted this? She made a rainbow cake in Pride month. Or she just made a rainbow cake.

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