샤인머스켓💚 롤케이크 만들기 : Shine Muscat Roll Cake Recipe | Cooking tree

샤인머스켓💚 롤케이크 만들기 : Shine Muscat Roll Cake Recipe | Cooking tree

Put the eggs on top a pot of hot water (use a heatproof bowl) Add sugar, honey and vanilla extract and stir slowly until it reaches 40 degrees Remove the bowl and put a bowl containing milk and butter in the pan to melt (about 60 degrees) Whip the eggs and give them plenty of volume Whip it up until it becomes a fine foam in order of high speed->medium speed->low speed (about 6-7 minutes total) If you lift the beater, a trail should remain like this Sift in the flour and mix gently If you mix too much, the batter will deflate Mix some of the batter with the milk and butter Add to the rest of the batter and mix gently Be gentle and don’t overmix or it will deflate Pour the batter into the cake pan and bake for 13 minutes in a 170 degree oven. Take it out of the oven, tap it on the counter and put it on the cooling rack Please move it carefully as the sheet is soft While the sheet cools, trim the shine musk and make the cream to put inside Add sugar to the cold cream cheese and beat it with a hand mixer Add fresh cream and whip to make cream Scrape the sides of the bowl with a spatula to mix fully Transfer the sheet cake to another piece of baking paper I cut the end on an angle Trim the browned parts on the side of the cake I cut the beginning of the roll 3 ~ 4 time shallowly so that it can dry well Spread out cream evenly Don’t fill all the way to the edge Place the shine muscat Cover with cream Roll it using the baking paper Add more shine muscat (sliced in half lengthwise) Apply cream and dry completely Please chill it in the fridge for 2-3 hours (I left it in the fridge overnight) Cut off both ends Pipe the cream on the top Start by piping it near the bottom of the roll Neatly finished ^^ Putting two shine musks came out a funny shape that looks like laughing ^^ I really like the combination of soft and moist cake, fresh shine muscat and dense cream. Thank you for watching ^^

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  1. *자세한 레시피 설명은 유튜브 자막 기능을 켜서 확인해주세요~

    상큼한 샤인머스켓을 넣은 롤케이크를 만들었어요~

    롤케이크 시트를 공립법으로 만들어 더 촉촉하게 만들어져서 먹을 때도 부드럽고 맛있더라구요~

    샤인머스켓을 통으로 넣고 반으로도 잘라 넣어 자르니 단면이 더 재미있게 나온 것 같아요~~

    생크림을 사용해도 좋지만 크림치즈 크림을 사용하니 잘 굳고 맛도 더 풍성해서 고급스러운 것 같아요~

    롤케이크 위에 크림을 직선으로 길게 짜서 깔끔하게 마무리했는데 깔끔한 장식이 포도를 돋보이게 해주네요~

    시트 + 크림 + 샤인머스켓의 조합이 정말 좋아서 계속 생각나는 롤케이크인 것 같아요~

    시청해주셔서 감사합니다~♥

    Thank you for watching~

    ▶영상을 좋게 봐주시고 좋은 마음으로 제안을 주시는 건 감사하지만

    자유로운 영상 제작을 위해 광고와 협찬 등은 받지 않고 있습니다~^^

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  2. the way you've iced is so unique! roll cakes are light and yummy, one of my favourites. Making a white sesame blueberry roll cake for my channel this week <3

  3. 쿠킹트리님 케이크들 특징:다 만들고 나면 조금잘라서 먹다가 안자른 부분도 한입드심

  4. 샤인 머스켓을 먹으면서 보고있는데 롤케이크도 먹고싶어지는 제가 밉네요ㅠㅠㅠ너무 맛있어보여요!!!😍

  5. Nossa! Que perfeição gente! Isso só pode ser O Mundo Encantado de
    Cooking tree 쿠킹트리 Amo tudo isso!!! #amazing

  6. I'll give it a try, maybe I'll replace the shine muscat (I don't know what fruit is that) with some green grapes. The roll cake is amazing, as always. Thanks for the recipe 😍😍

  7. Ah yes. My stomach is full by only watching this…✨❤
    Edit: I really love the sound when they cut the grape.

  8. 와 맛있는거+맛있는거=분명히 맛있는 거 일거에요..과즙 팡팡 터질 것 같아요ㅜ기회되면 꼭 해보고싶네용 머스캣 가격이 더 떨어지면..ㅋㅋㅜ

  9. 쿠킹트리님 구독자가 많으신 이유1. 영상을 자주올려 주심2.하는것마다 다 맛있어보이고 진짜 너무너무 먹고 싶음3.그냥 좋음

  10. Cooking Tree, I love this channel and the desserts are so beautiful! Who loves this channel as much as I do?! Like this comment if you agree!

  11. In order to fold the sponge cake easily, you make a light streak with a knife on the inside. That part is cut in half in the video. The whole sponge cake is scratched or half of the sponge cake.

  12. There are two kinds of people: the ones who say that this video made them hungry, and the liars who say they are full just from seeing the video

  13. Se ve delicioso, la próxima semana es el cumpleaños de mi abuelita, le gustan las uvas, así que voy a prepararle este rico postre! Gracias por compartir!!

  14. This is my favorite bedtime channel. Food that is art, no yakking, no music, just beautiful creation – and I love the little animals.

  15. как же прекрасно, что автор заглушает громкие и неприятные звуки вроде миксера! рай для ушей🌺

  16. You aren't a human.you are a alien from a baking planet.🙄 From where do you get different ideas for presenting, baking,decorating.
    God bless you girl.somewhere your talent will be used for Jesus.All glory to the lord.ypu should always praise lord for this talent which is unique.

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