레몬 파운드 케이크 만들기 : Lemon Pound Cake Recipe | Cooking tree

레몬 파운드 케이크 만들기 : Lemon Pound Cake Recipe | Cooking tree

Grease the cake pan using butter Lightly whisk the eggs Add the sugar and vanilla extract Place the bowl on top of a pot of hot water until the mixture reaches about 40C Remove the bowl and melt butter in a small bowl in the hot water Add sour cream to the butter Please also add a zest of lemon Whip the eggs at high speed to create a rich foam (approximately 4-5 minutes) To finish, whip at low speed for 2 minutes It’s ready when you lift the beaters and it leaves a trail like this Add the flour and baking powder and mix Take out the butter and sour cream and mix it with a little batter Add this back into the rest of the batter and mix Pour it into the mold and tap it on the counter to remove large bubbles Pipe a long line of butter at room temperature This creates a natural crack and you don’t have to open the oven during baking Bake 35-40 minutes at 170C Cool to room temperature, wrap it up and chill overnight in the fridge Please prepare lemon juice (half a lemon, about 20 g) Sieve lemon juice and mix with powdered sugar Glaze with lemon icing, then decorate with lemon and powdered sugar Glaze seems to harden after about 30 minutes The cake is very light and fluffy Soft with lemon scent ^^ Thank you for watching ^^

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  2. 바나나 파운드 케이크만 만들어봤었는데 저도 이거보고 레몬 파운드도 도전해봅니다😍
    7:22 레몬 한조각씩 올릴때 너무 예뻐요 ㅠㅠ

  3. Who is better??😍

    Like – White Chocolate

    Com – Dark Chocolate

    Like&Com – All

    👇🏻Gifting next 319 subs💕🎁🎊






  4. Hi
    Can I find all the ingredients in Korea? I've been living here for a year and a half but couldn't find any thing for baking 😅

  5. 파운드케이크 레시피에 샤워크림이 들어가는건 처음봐요~!! 샤워크림은 어떤역할을하는건가요🤔?

  6. 감성적이고 아름다운 베이킹 영상이네요!! 이런거 보면 왠지 나도 할 수 있을 것 같은 근자감이 막 뿜뿜 ㅋㅋ

  7. 파운드 케이크 만들어보려고 찾다가 왔더니 보느라 시간이 훅 가버렸네요!😄 다른 영상도 잘보고 있습니닷!! 그런데 중력분이 아니라 박력분을 넣어서 만들면 차이가 큰가요? 별로 만들어본 적이 없어서 잘 모르겠어요ㅠㅠ

  8. I really love your videos a lot… I always hope for you to post your videos soon… Can you please also show us some savoury food videos of yours… A few vegetarian ones… Thank you 😊

  9. когда американцы смотрят это в два часа ночи, а у тебя только пять часов дня😎 славяне вперёд

  10. lemon pound cake is one of my very favorites and the recipe i normally use doesn't have sour cream. can't wait to try this out!

  11. Never had this till now but but but right now I'm literally craving for some chilled icecream cake even my tummy is also saying yes for some chilled 🍰❤️❤️❤️😋😋❤️

  12. 보기만 해도 산뜻!! 파운드 케이크는 우유 없이 먹으면 뻑뻑한데 레몬과 만나니 상큼하고 촉촉한 느낌이 드네요~ 짱짱 조합!!

  13. 우와!레몬파운드라니!ㅠㅠㅠ저 레몬 좋아하는건 어찌아시구ㅠㅠㅠ(?뭐래)
    잘보고 갑니다ㅜㅜ

  14. Me when i bake: washes hands in molten lava water to get butter off hands after greasing the pan

    Me after seeing them butter the pan: b*TcH wTf

  15. Haven't been a long time watcher but so far I've tried at least 7 recipes with my best friend from this channel and they're all amazing ❤ Made the brownie cookies for mother's day Sunday last week and everyone loved them 😊

  16. Yay finally! My husband bought me a scale so now I can make your recipes. And this one is the first one I have copied! Cheers! 👍

  17. I cant do it :(, my problem is when i mix the flour and eggs ,i try to not over mix but when its all finished and baked it has a small hard chunk at the bottom:(

  18. I do have my own lemon pound cake recipe, but I just love to watch your versions cause I always have to learn something new. Like I've never tried to seal it and let to rest overnight to get that moist and soft touch. Thanks for sharing this simple, but amazing recipe! 🙌😍

  19. 레몬향이 상큼한 케이크일 것 같네요. ^^
    쿠킹트리님 영상을 보면 잘 따라할 수 있을 것 같기도 하지만
    막상 엄두는 안나는 거 있죠. ㅋㅋ

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