【MUKBANG】 [High-Calorie] Extremely Sweet Turkish Pastry ![Baklava], 1kg, 4270kcal | Yuka [Oogui]

【MUKBANG】 [High-Calorie] Extremely Sweet Turkish Pastry ![Baklava], 1kg, 4270kcal | Yuka [Oogui]

Hello its Kinoshita Yuka So, Today! tadaa I’ll be eating something called Baklava
I believe its a Turkish treat a pastry popular among the middle east Balkan and northern
African areas alrighty lets dig in I’ll eat this with tea its so nice and girly (having a tea party) here we go ahh it smells so wonderful they’ve used a lot of
butter in this OISHII the green part is probably pistachios mmm its so sweet and amazingly OISHIII the crust is layered and this sweet ‘syrup’ just coats
the crust so nicely I love this its so sweet and I love it it tastes better than I ever imagined
I’ll try this guy out. is there more pistachios on this one? perhaps the only difference is how it looks its probably just
covered in ground pistachio next is this this is not as sweet and you can taste the pistachios more
with this one they go great with tea
Tea goes perfectly with sweet baked treats this one is made with walnut
there are walnuts inside here I ordered today’s food online from Has-El Foods.
they make a lot of middle eastern foods here in Japan I ordered this online
if you’re at all curious please find them online being able to eat foreign treats is so awesome
the internet is awesome the bottom part is walnut but the crust is a bit different
its almost like a cookie with a bit of syrup so yeah a walnut with a bunch of syrup drizzled over it
yup its walnut… its basically walnut with syrup on it so this one is pistachio covered in syrup and wrapped in a crust
maybe? I believe that’s what it is final one ITADAKIMASU gochisossamadeshita these Turkish treats.
Baklava were so OISHII they were so SWEEEEET if you give me sweets like these I just can’t help myself
I’m so happy right now they were about this big and
they were like a chocolate ?pantiana? like chocolates that filled this box like this well they weren’t chocolates at all but
what am I thinking? umm I’m talking about their general size yeah so uhhh my explanation may have served to
confuse you instead yep well.. it was very OISHIII
for anyone interested please give them a try and as always thanks for watching and if you liked this video
please hit the like and subscribe buttons BAI BAI

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  1. مادري انو قنا يابانية ومترجم عربي يا هلا بارض الانمي للعلم اصل البقلاوة سورية👌😉

  2. Annemin evde yaptığı baklavanın yarım tepsisini tek başıma yerim. Yediğim en güzel şey o incecik, antep fıstıklı baklava hmmmmmmm olsada yesem aşırı canım çekti

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